Todays Affirmation!

I look within to find my truth. I know myself and understand my actions. Today good things will come to me as I relax into being myself. x


Wednesday 20th July. Meditation to receive blessings!

This weeks meditation I will be focusing on discovering where you feel most bloked and how you can release this block through self love and acceptance. I will help you discover how you can create some space to receive more of what you want in your life. If you still confused at the end of the session I will offer guidance on how you can move forwards x

Meditation Classes, Ilkley.

Every wednesday at The Happiness Centre, Ilkley, there is a ‘free of charge’ guided meditation. Stepping into the Meditation room itself, brings a sense of calm with its beautiful eastern decor plus bountiful cushions and blankets to sink into. This is a place where you can allow your self to rest, let go of worries, find peace and solutions to problems.

I start the session by talking you through relaxing the physical body and letting go of the chatter in your mind. Once everyone is relaxed and calm, I guide you into your inner world for a journey of discovery. Here you will have the opportunity to; search the depths of your soul for answers, make internal changes, face fears and connect with your true emotional self. At the beginnning of the session each person will choose an oracle card which will give a little guidance for their journey inwards.

After the session everyone has the opportunity to share or ask questions if they so wish. It is a warm and friendly atmosphere With lots of smiley faces :o) x

The purpose of these sessions is for me to empower you to make changes in your life, teach relaxation and offer guidance and support.

Check out the link for details:


Ground and Protect yourself for the day ahead!

Take some time in the morning to energetically prepare yourself for the day ahead. When you go out there into your day you will interact with all kinds of energy. If you are correctly grounded and protected you will be be able to handle things well. Try the following exercise to prepare yourself.

Connecting to Mother Earth.


Lie down or sit down in a comfortable position. Make sure you are comfortable. Consciously relax the muscles on your face and bring your awareness down through your body, releasing tension from your neck, shoulders, chest and back. Bring your awareness into your body. Connecting with how it feels in every area. Work down from your chest relaxing your arms, hands and stomach. Allow the energy to flow freely in the space between your hips and then release your legs, allowing your whole body to relax. do not worry if you still feel tense. Just go through this process as a simple preparation and accept what you are able to acheive as enough. Concentrate on your breathe. feel it passing through your lips and nose. notice the rise and fall of your chest as your lungs contract and expand. Listen to your heart beating and feel the blood passing through your veins. Now you are ready.

Grounding Exercise

Imagine your awareness stretching out from your body to take in your imediate surroundings and gradually expand your mind outwards. Be aware of the earth beneath. the sky above and your geaographical location. Allow yourself to feel the immense size and energy of the Mother Earth. Imagine all the countries, the oceans, the open spaces, deserts and mountains. Feel your connection to these powerful energies. You now see how small you are and how she holds you within her aura. 

At this point imagine that Mother Earth has a personality and feel your mind connect with hers. Ask if she will take away the negativity that you carry. Feel a sheet of white light that moves from the top of your head working down through your whole body removing any darkness in its path. The white light pushes through your body, releasing blockages working towards the earth. You feel yourself relaxing and tension releasing. Your stromach bubbles as you let go and release your hold on things and people. You allow yourself to be cleansed. In this moment, you recognise that you have no power to resist this cleansing. You feel her waves crashing through your body, her wind blowing around you, her sun burning upon you, her rain pouring through you and her magnetic power beneath you pulling you, holding you close to her. You are small, so small. Her power is immense. You cannot hold on to your negativity. It slips through you and you find that the energy moves freely through your entire body. You feel her magnetic power pulling the energy through you from the heavens and into the earth. You allow this energy to flow freely through you.

You are grounded. You are safe. You are clensed. Express your gratitude and remember at any time you feel affected by the polluting energy of other’s minds (and your own!) that you are connected at all times to this immense power and she holds you in her aura. Allow yourself at once to be protected, cleansed and grounded.




Welcome to my blog. Here I will be posting all kinds of information surrounding healing, inspirational words and quotes, channelled information and updates on my workshops, healings and products. Enjoy and feel free to share! :o) x

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