Meditation Classes, Ilkley.

Every wednesday at The Happiness Centre, Ilkley, there is a ‘free of charge’ guided meditation. Stepping into the Meditation room itself, brings a sense of calm with its beautiful eastern decor plus bountiful cushions and blankets to sink into. This is a place where you can allow your self to rest, let go of worries, find peace and solutions to problems.

I start the session by talking you through relaxing the physical body and letting go of the chatter in your mind. Once everyone is relaxed and calm, I guide you into your inner world for a journey of discovery. Here you will have the opportunity to; search the depths of your soul for answers, make internal changes, face fears and connect with your true emotional self. At the beginnning of the session each person will choose an oracle card which will give a little guidance for their journey inwards.

After the session everyone has the opportunity to share or ask questions if they so wish. It is a warm and friendly atmosphere With lots of smiley faces :o) x

The purpose of these sessions is for me to empower you to make changes in your life, teach relaxation and offer guidance and support.

Check out the link for details:



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