Recognition of your Creative Power!

So here is how I would help you recognise your creative power… Read this to yourself and really try and connect to it and really feel the feelings associated with the words….

Here you are today. And this moment has never been lived before. You have the power to breath, the power to feel and the power to think. Every tiny little thing that has happened to you until this point is over. It is gone, finished. Now is a new moment. You take a new breath. You feel that breath relax and calm you. You see that all that is real is this moment right here right now. You let all yo…ur thoughts centre in this moment. You feel the earth beneath your feet, the temperature in the air around you, the clothes upon your skin and you focus on your breath. as you breath, your body relaxes. You loosen your shoulders and realx your face and your focus is on your breath. the world around you falls away, you let go of thoughts of the past and thoughts of the future and you are here in this moment right here right now! xxx

For this single moment, you find stillness. you feel still and allow yourself to be still. you relax your stomach and allow your hips and your legs to feel loose and light. you imagine and feel all the tension lifting from you as you let go of all the thoughts you are holding onto. Here is the moment right here right now and here lies your power. in this moment. and so in this space you see that y…ou are not on a track going forward from the back but you stand in a space with limitless ways all around you. you can move in any direction, you can think any thought, create any feeling. you stop….. what do you want? what do you want to create in this moment… each tiny thought rolls onto the next and the energy builds and builds, so drawing yourself into this space of calm and peace and quiet and stillness you halt creation and you have a divine moment of intervention of choice!!!!
So here you recognise your creative power. Here whatever thought you choose you are laying a foundation and can continue to lay those blocks and build upon them. so today how do you want to feel? do you want to experience good health, happiness and peace? lets create them…….!!!!!!
You are the divine intervention in your own life!!! x

How to Create ‘Creative Energy’

Todays first energy is ‘Creative Energy’ …. How do you create Creative Energy? your creative energy is in action 24/7. It never stops… every tiny thought, every breath you are feeling and those feelings are creating…. so your creative energy is already at full throttle, in full power, in motion…. the energy that is important here is recognition of your creative power and secondly self control (focus) …

Entering your Dreamspace.

There is a part of your mind that knows no limitations and no boundaries. You can enter this space through meditation and actually alter your current reality to receive more peace, fulfillment and joy.

To enter your dreamspace, you first of all must relax and clear your mind.

Then simply focus on how you want to feel. generate feelings through thinking certain thoughts and visualising certain situations.