The Body!

When you look at your body with dissatisfaction or with disgust or with dissapointment, you are manifesting more of those energies that you will then have to take action against! Today look at your body with love! If a part of your body is struggling, take some time out to give it some love and appreciation. When your body is struggling assist with gentle kind thoughts that lead to positive action, dont condemn it!!!

So for example if you have an ache or a pain somewhere and because of it your body cannot perfrom to your desired expectations – then recognise that it is your actions and choices that has led your body to react in this way – your body is simply communicating with you to make changes!!!

Even if your body is injured or damaged by accident or event – you can still recognise the message and the lesson that changes in your thinking are needed!

love your body, nurture your body, respect your body….. if you are not doing these three things yourself then you will attract people and situations that will build upon the energy you are feeding into your body already!

Can you look upon your body with love?????

So today – you may have a few aches n pains that are doing your head in!!! First step – Acceptance. Acceptance of actions and choices taken. Second step – Recognition – Of the growth that you have probably experienced – or recognition of the lesson within the experience and therefor the opportunity for growth within the experience… with growth you can eliminate the need to repeat the experience – so this is massively positive!!!!!

Third step – Gratitude – The defining difference between ‘Lucky People’ and ‘Unlucky People’ is wether you look at a situation positively or negatively….. if you take on the negative – you fall imediately into complaining and disatisfaction and manifest more negativity through negative experiences and negative situations…. if you are willing to see the positive as in ‘things could have been a lot lot worse – look at what i still have – look at the opportunity to grow – look at how worse things could have been and how i still am ok in this way and this way and this way……..’

So if there is something wrong with your body – perhaps you have massive problems or perhaps your fortunate to only have a headache or be a little bit overweight….. or have pulled a muscle or have a slight skin complaint – whatever your situation – first step – get things into perspective….. if you have four limbs, can walk and handle things – your pretty fortunate – as many people dont have that – oh blessed how we are and it can be so so hard to see that and even harder to feel it….

… this is because we know deep inside that we dont need to be in a state of suffering becauise there are and always is things that can be done to improve a situation! so when it comes to the body if we’ve mistreated it – we just have to start from wherever we are right know and start loving it!!!!

if you cannot see beauty in your body – you will never experience it!
if you cannot see and appreciate the health that is already there you will never truly improve….. everything improves by focusing upon the the appreciation of what you want
So how do you focus on health when you feel unhealthy! how do you appreciate your body when it is not functioning correcty – come to my meditation this wednesday and you will learn how to love, respect and honour your bodies needs!!!!!! xxxx
Thank you thank you thank you body! your body is trying to be healthy at all times its aim and focus is health!

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