Lets Sleep! x

So you have come to the end of your day and you are lying in bed. Time to sleep! Sleep is a wonderful thing that heals and regenerates your body and refreshes your mind. Take a deep breath in and allow that breath to travel deep into your belly, then as you let go of that breath, you allow your body to relax, you release the tension from your belly and allow your body to become calm. You visualise a white light spreading across your forhead and you set the intention to calm your thoughts and your mind. This is your time now to sleep and so you set the intention to sleep. You imagine that no thing exists outside of your room and that outside your four walls is filled with white space.

With this in mind you realise that there is nothing and no one in your world in this moment but you. You have no demands or pressures upon you at this moment in time. All there is is you and the bed in your room floating through space. In this reality many6 of your thoughts become redundant and irrelevant to this moment righ here right now. The only thing demanded of you at this moment is that you sleep and sleep well. However, there is no pressure upon you to be anything more than what you are in this moment. You let go of all demands and pressures and focus your mind on your body. You bring your awareness into your nervous system and imagine and visualise a purple light shining through every nerve in your body. This relaxes and calms and settles your nervous tension. Allow yourself to relax, consciously loosen your neck and jaw, and relax the muscles on your face, loosen your shoulders and bring your awareness through your body releasing the tension as you go.

Visualise that purple light spreading through your whole body and think of no other thing but this purple light. Let this purple light travel deep into evry cell in your body healing and regenerating and calming. you like the way this feels so you continue to focus upon it…. you begin to feel very calm and very sleepy, your eyes begin to droop. you imagine yourself falling to sleep, you visualise yourself as someone who sleeps well, what does it feel like to sleep well, you see yourself falling asleep, you feel sleepy. your body feels heavy, your eyes feel heavy. your breathing deepens. you are relaxed. You feel heavier and heavier and your eyes are wanting to close. You relax and take a deep breath and release any tension still left in your body. You feel the comfort of the bed beneath you relax your body into it. you feel the warmth of the duvet upon you and you appreciate and feel gratful for your room and your home, your duvet, your bed, your pillows. You imagine for a moment how uncomfortable and difficult it would be to sleep without these things and so you spend sometime in appreciation for your bed. Then you close your eyes. And imagine that outside of your body nothing exists. there is only your body in the whole world. you let go and surrender yourself to sleep. you allow sleep to take you and you feel yourself falling into sleep….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Meditation to strengthen your connection with your child.

First find a comfortable position and take a moment to relax your body into this position. Now take a deep breath in and then as you exhale focus on releasing the tension from your body. Relax the muscels on your face. Relax and loosen your shoulders. Take another deep breath and feel that breath tavel deep into your stomach, now as you let go, loosen your stomach muscles and relax your back, arms and legs. Place your awareness throughout your body, gradually relaxing and releasing tension from every muscle. Visualise a white light flowing from infront of you into your heart. Imagine your heart filling with this bright white light and imagine making a beautiful space in your heart for yourself and your child. The light continues to flow into your heart Completely filling this space. Imagine that there is no space for darkness, displeasure, disatisfaction or greivances.Surround your heart with a border of red light that makes a cocoon. Now with your mind imagine the rest of your body falling away as your whole awareness enters your heart. At this time you may become aware of deeper feelings. Try not to react or become attached to these feeling, but simply be with them, watch them, allow them to be.

You now see that this white space in your heart is filled with red cusions. You smile. It looks comfortabe and warm. You can see the walls of your heart filled with the red light, surrounding you at every angle, cocooning you in this peaceful and calm space. You like it here. You like the way you feel. You smile and you allow that smile to spread through your whole body. You notice that in this space there is plenty of room. You are relaxed and peaceful and calm. You sit down upon the cusions and take a deep breath in. At this point you release any further tension and fall back into the comfort beneath you. You are deeply relaxed and have a feeling of contentment throughout your body. You see now you child at the edges of the space, close to the walls. The child is uncertain and unsure of what to do and how to be, watching you, awaiting your direction and response. You bring your attention to your eyes and visualise them opening and seeing clearly that there is no danger for you or your child, that there is no need to protect yourself from your child or them from you. You allow the energy in your eyes to melt and relax. Again take a deep breath in and visualise your whole body softening, allowing the walls you have built to melt. As you do this you can feel the space around you opening and you watch and notice your child relaxing.

You look into your childs eyes and there is a strong and deep connection. You feel great love for this child and you allow that love to spread through your heart and into your eyes. Your aura is open and soft and welcoming. Imagine and visualise all these details as you continue to breathe and relax and loosen your body. Imagine now that your child begins to relax and soften and loosen their body. Imagine that this child becomes open and receptive and has a strong desire to connect with you. You want to feel close to this child and connecting. You want to hold this child close to you and feel what they feel and be with whatever they feel.

At this point you may notice any feelings that your child may be experiencing. Watch them, allow them to be, let them be. Focus on the love and light within your child. Watch them melt, watch them soften, watch them smile. See them asw happy and relaxed, peaceful and calm. You child smiles a huge smile that triggers your own smile and feelings of great joy and pride. You allow your heart to swell and feel the walls around you pulsate as your heart beats. You love to feel this connection and love for your child. You allow yourself to be open and receptive to their needs. The child runs towards you and as they do, their smile grows in intensity and so does yours. In this moment you feel deeply greatful for the blessing of this child, for their beauty, their health, their happiness. You feel blessed and allow yourself to be open and recptive. You allow yourself to melt and you allow this child into your space. The child leaps into your arms and this feels sooo goo, that your heart fills with joy! The walls of the heart swell again as your heart fills with this wonderful energy. As your bodies meet your energies merge together and you can feel the energies around you both entwining and dancing around you as you merge into one, allowing each other to feel and connect with the other. This feels good.

You look into each others eyes and all there is is pure contentment, feelings of great security and great love and you feel so blessed to have this deep and meaningful connection with your child. Your eyes are filled with joy and again you feel your heart swell and watch the walls expand as this space fills with wonderfill feelings. And you like it here. you roll around on the cusions with your child. You both feel free and totally relaxed and at ease with one another. there is no pressure for either of you to be anything at all. You are both peaceful and content calm and relaxed and yet completely filled with joy. And this feels so good. You like it here. You feel good. You enjoy this moment and feel gratitude and fulfillment and above all contentment.

There is so much space around you and yet the two of you are merged as one as close as possible and enjoying sharing this closeness. This feeling of togetherness. You share the space happily, calmly and you remain open to any feelings that happen to be there. However the main feeling is this swelling of pure joy in your heart and the more you relax the more you feel this joy and the more joy you feel the more joy comes to you. You allow that joy to fill your eyes to trigger your smile. You like it here. Your whole body begins to fill with joy and you relax. You are calm and still and open. You allow yourself to merge, to be together, to share each other. You enjoy this connecdtion and enjoy sharing this space and this time together.

Stay with the feelings and gradually return back to the here and now, bringing your awareness strongly into the moment. Being aware of your heary beating in your chest and the blood spreading through your veins. You become aware of the bones that make up your skeletal system. You bring your mind into your muscles and nerves, arms, legs feet and hands. Your focus is here in this moment right here and now and yet you still feel that swell of joy and pride in your heart and your whole body is filled with love and you allow that love to spread through your whole body, nurturing and healing every cell, with a deep and powerful force of love.  You enjoy this feeling and allow your heart to open further, melting your boundaries, surrendering your need for protection and seperation. You love spending time with this child and gain great pleasure through being with them. You like it here. You like the way you feel. You like the way you are. You like the person you are when with this child and they too like you.

Love. Love. Love. Focus on the love and light. See it feel it. Heal all. xxxx

About Me


Reiki Roxy is an experienced Reiki Healer, Law of Attraction Coach, Visualisation Therapist, Psychic and Meditation Leader. Each Therapy provides deep healing that will bring you closer to leading a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Reiki Healing: Reiki is the universal energy that flows through all living things. A Reiki Healer will activate and direct this energy to remove blocks within the system caused by tension, negative thinking and patterns of behaviour. The energy is channelled through the practitioners hands and stimulates your body’s ability to heal itself.

Law of Attraction Coach: Law of Attraction is the theory that you attract your life experiences according to your belief sytem, thought processes and emotional responses. In a Law of Attraction Coaching session Roxy will teach you how to take control of your reality by changing your internal processes. This is an incredibly powerful session that gives you a massive positive emotional and physical boost.

Visualisation Tharapist: Visualisation is a powerful healing tool. By focusing your mind on specific visuals one can trigger certain emotional states. A powerful visualization uses all the senses to make the experience as real as possible. Using this tool assists relaxation, increases pychic abilities and is a necessary tool when consciously creating your life using the Law of Attraction.

Psychic: Using Oracle Cards and a Pendulum Roxy connects with your subconscious to receive guidance on how to gain more fulfillment within your present circumstances. This is basically a guide to raise your awareness and encourage right action in line with your soul’s needs.

Meditation Leader: Roxy has been leading guided meditation classes for three years. Meditation is proven to assist relaxation and increase your energy levels. Through meditation you can gradually bring more clarity to your mind, becoming a more relaxed, stable, positive and healthy person.

Creation Parties: This is a fun group session, playing games that melt boundaries, increase connection and generate masses of positive energy. You also learn how to connect with your subconscious and harness your emotional power.