Lets Sleep! x

So you have come to the end of your day and you are lying in bed. Time to sleep! Sleep is a wonderful thing that heals and regenerates your body and refreshes your mind. Take a deep breath in and allow that breath to travel deep into your belly, then as you let go of that breath, you allow your body to relax, you release the tension from your belly and allow your body to become calm. You visualise a white light spreading across your forhead and you set the intention to calm your thoughts and your mind. This is your time now to sleep and so you set the intention to sleep. You imagine that no thing exists outside of your room and that outside your four walls is filled with white space.

With this in mind you realise that there is nothing and no one in your world in this moment but you. You have no demands or pressures upon you at this moment in time. All there is is you and the bed in your room floating through space. In this reality many6 of your thoughts become redundant and irrelevant to this moment righ here right now. The only thing demanded of you at this moment is that you sleep and sleep well. However, there is no pressure upon you to be anything more than what you are in this moment. You let go of all demands and pressures and focus your mind on your body. You bring your awareness into your nervous system and imagine and visualise a purple light shining through every nerve in your body. This relaxes and calms and settles your nervous tension. Allow yourself to relax, consciously loosen your neck and jaw, and relax the muscles on your face, loosen your shoulders and bring your awareness through your body releasing the tension as you go.

Visualise that purple light spreading through your whole body and think of no other thing but this purple light. Let this purple light travel deep into evry cell in your body healing and regenerating and calming. you like the way this feels so you continue to focus upon it…. you begin to feel very calm and very sleepy, your eyes begin to droop. you imagine yourself falling to sleep, you visualise yourself as someone who sleeps well, what does it feel like to sleep well, you see yourself falling asleep, you feel sleepy. your body feels heavy, your eyes feel heavy. your breathing deepens. you are relaxed. You feel heavier and heavier and your eyes are wanting to close. You relax and take a deep breath and release any tension still left in your body. You feel the comfort of the bed beneath you relax your body into it. you feel the warmth of the duvet upon you and you appreciate and feel gratful for your room and your home, your duvet, your bed, your pillows. You imagine for a moment how uncomfortable and difficult it would be to sleep without these things and so you spend sometime in appreciation for your bed. Then you close your eyes. And imagine that outside of your body nothing exists. there is only your body in the whole world. you let go and surrender yourself to sleep. you allow sleep to take you and you feel yourself falling into sleep….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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