Become a Conscious Creator of your own life!

Becoming a conscious creator means you are able to design your reality, literally Shape the world around you, fulfilling all your desires at will. These are godly powers and yet we do this in every moment of our life. Everything that happens in your life, comes to you from either a conscious or subconscious level of thinking. Every emotion is a vibration of energy and whatever emotional vibration you are emitting is deciding which vibrational situations you will then attract. There exists your surface vibration and then your inner vibration. Here just think of people you have met who are in complete denial of certain emotions. These are perfect examples of when people store a vibration at a cellular level. So every cell in our body is emmitting a vibration and your whole cellular vibration determines what you are attracting.

Every situation that comes to us simply shows us what our current vibration is. If you dont like what is coming to you, then it is within your power to change it.

In many life situations, we sometimes lack the emotional capacity to gain the best possible results from our circumstances. Some of us learn through difficult life experiences and make necessary changes to avoid further loss. Some habits, patterns and parts of our personality at times seem impossible to change. Sometimes we feel powerless in a situation because of the actions and choices of others. However, whatever others do, whatever happens, we can learn how to shape our own personality and transform and redirect our emotional power, sometimes to avoid repeating the same situations that have already happened and other times to actually transform those situations in that moment, or before the loss occurs. Many situations that are ongoing, like difficult relationships, financial status or mental health problems can begin to turn around once you take emotional responsibilty for them. Or you can use your emotional power to simply improve that which is already going well and move onto new levels of confidence, new levels of success, acheive even more fulfillment in personal relationships and so on.

Becoming a divine manifester means that you learn to harness your whole emotional spectrum – at will, in order to manifest the best possible results from all situations that occur in your life. The better you get at it, the more immediate the results. So, when a problem arises, you have the mental and emotional capacity to glide through it to greater things. The manifesting course I run teaches u how to generate each emotional experience at will so that when a situation arises, you can then choose an appropriate response.

Each of us have different levels of awareness, understanding, life situations and present capabilities. The course is tailored to suit all because it is totally applicable at any time in any place and can be used from any state of mind. The key is choosing the correct response for each situation.


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