So how do you become a conscious creator?

First of all you must free your mind from distractions difficulties, blocks, limiting beliefs and habitual or complusive thoughts. Through meditation you can become centred calm and clear and bring yourself ‘into the moment’ After centring yourself and connecting to source you then connect with your inner wisdom and refocus your mind positively upon the desired subject. There are two things that usually happen here. One is that as you attempt to focus positively, negative emotion arises. The other is that you begin to experience that positive energy filling your entire body and mind making you feel great!

The second option is preferable, the first is your resistance, fear or doubt rising to the surface. However it is better to be aware of this negativity. Both of these experiences are correct and manifestation working effectively. It depends where you are in relation to the subject. The negative emotion will arise if there is something for you too face and move through before you can actually manifest your desires.

This is often where people become stuck within the manifestation process as there is a need to ‘pass through’ an undesirable experience. The truth is that the undesirable experience is the creation of your previous thoughts and feelings generated from beliefs. At this point acceptance and talking responsibilty for your creation/experience is a key element to moving forward and through to greater things.

Here it is important to mention that manifestation requires that ALL your emotional energies are flowing, both positive and negative. If there is an experience you cannot pass through or an emotion that you cannot express or ‘be with’ you hold onto the vibration of that energy in your system and simply cannot truly attract the opposite positive experience from that situation. If you hold onto an emotional belief you will continue to manifest the hurt or pain generated by that belief.

You will also find that these blocks that we mentally hold onto create blocks in other seemingly unconnected areas of our life. Thus, One door can block many other doors. A bad relationship or difficult experience can affect us so strongly that it closes all other doors in our life, and one tiny positive experience can effect us so greatly that it begins to open everything else up for us.

There are things that happen in our life that we react to. The key is not to deny how you feel but experience your feelings, let them go and move forward! You can do this in several ways. the most powerful way is to experience your feelings though meditation, facing your darkness and being with it. Another way is through expression, which you can do alone or with those you trust. It is important here to note that one must not get stuck in expression, but learn to release and move on. If neither of these options are taken, then the universe will eventually bring along an experience that will unstick that blocked energy and it may or may not be to your liking! Facing things as they arise is always a good option but we have to work from where we are at and often you will find past experiences stored in your system that need to be released.


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