Self Belief, Drive and Ambition.

Imagine a light travelling down through the roof of your head, visualise this light absorbing into each nerve in your head and down through your face. This light strengthens and nourishes each nerve. Your nerves are strong and healthy. As this light flows into each and every nerve both large and small, they awaken with life. They feel good and work efficiently. Every nerve is cleansed from the effects of the past! you can heal! You will heal! You are healed! You love your nerves! You have great nerve force. You are an incredibly strong and powerful person, oozing confidence and self belief from every aspect of your being. Due to your healthy vibrant nervous system, you feel deeply relaxed at all times – in all situations. You imagine this possibilty. You imagine how nourished and calm you feel deep within your whole body. Your nerves are greatful for your kind and peaceful thoughts. You feel driven to acheive, to resolve to compete, to win, to stand up and fight for your rights, to be strong, to be real, to be true! You love this strength that you are connecting to. You feel so strong. You feel this inner strength taking you over. You are able to pass through your obstacles with ease and with grace. You have great power and great strength. You have the will to acheive your goals.

What are your goals. Now that you have filled your nervous system, mind and body with a powerful positive force, put your mind upon a personal goal. What would you like to manifest this week? What would you like to materialise into your reality? Decide upon one thing? Now make it happen!!! No complaining, no excuses, no negativite expectations. Insted of placing your belief in the obstascles and difficulties, you place all that wonderful energy and power upon acheiving your goal! You can do it! You will do it! You make it happen.

Your focus is sharper than it has ever been before. absolutely nothing can distract you from your goal. You feel great clarity in your mind. Imagine this. Feel it. Believe it. Every word that you read in this page – connect with it, feel it, and believe it. This is how you create. Imagine that all elements are perfectly in place for you to acheive your goal. Your will is strong. Your mind is clear with infinite focus! Whatever arises you will overcome. Whatever arises you have the tools and capabilities to pass through that space. You have absolute faith in yourself, in your ability to deal with everything, in your ability to pass through life experiences, growing a little more at every step of the way. You love your journey. You enjoy your life. You feel inspired, positive and alive!

This white light flows through the nerves in your neck, runs down your spine. All the stress and tension and pain from the years before are washed away and removed. this feels good. You love this feeling! You feel alive and free! The past is over. You feel wonderful. Life is good. Your nerves are cleansed and renewed. You feel this inner strength and force working for you in every situation. You imagine now that the words of others wash over you. You believe in the best in your self. There is nothing anyone external to you can say or do that will knock you. You believe in the best in yourself. You feel this power and strength which gives you the certainty that you can face any situation. This makes you feel safe. You know that you can handle and deal with anything. You can step forwards, take on new challenges, life becomes easier for you!

You have no fear, you are not afraid. You can push forwards!


Experiencing Honesty.

Focus your mind upon the word honesty – what does this mean to you? It indicates a willingness to share the truth that is within you and to experience the truth of another. Choose one person in your life who you would like to experience honesty with. Choose someone who you believe would benefit from sharing their truth, whilst also setting the intention to allow and accept whatever truth they share.

Take your mind into a visual experience. You are sat in beautiful surroundings. Your environment is peaceful, calm and yet inviting, You both feel comfortable in this place and you imagine you feel deeply relaxed. Your jaw is relaxed, your back is relaxed, your hips are relaxed, your whole body is loose and you feel calm. You like it here. You allow yourself to be open and receptive. You feel safe and secure so you can relax. Your breathe is natural and calm. The person you have chosen feels your inner calm and relaxation. They see your strength and emotional stability. They can feel your energy flowing and they begin to realise they are perfectly free. They recognise that they will not be judged, but accepted whatever they say or or do in this moment.

In this space, you allow them absolute freedom. You imagine them envelopped in a beautiful blue light that flows deep into the cells of their body. You know this person is completely protected, safe and secure. You sit with them in faith and acceptance. You connect with and feel these energies as much a you can, the more you feel them, the more you build them, the more the energies will manifest in your future life. This visualisation is as real as you can possibly make it. You can reach out and touch the other person, you can feel their warmth and hear their voice. You enjoy being with this person. You allow your heart to be fully open and extended towards them offering peace and genuine love.

This person cannot help but feel loved, cannot help but feel safe and secure. They open their heart to you. You can feel their heart opening. You know this is a good thing. You also know that as they open their heart and share their truth you are able to accept and flow with whatever is inside – no expectations. This person needs your strength, compassion and kindness in order to open their heart. You are literally allowing this person space to breathe as you create a safe space for them to reveal their truth and let go of the burdens they carry. In this space you listen, you listen without judgement and each response is formed with great care and consideration of their needs. You imagine yourself being this kind of person, being loving, kind and compassionate.You have all these qualities, You are able to support and heal another, you are willing to take these steps. You visualise it. How you feel during the visualisation is an indication of how much personal power you have to manifest those energies in this situation.

You are able to be a strength and support and perhaps a shoulder to cry upon. You are able to experience other peoples pain and struggle and allow those energies to flow freely in order to be released. You feel so much love in your heart that these energies simply flow though you. You allow them to flow through you. Generate in your heart the feeling of love – Visualise your chosen person surrounded in love and pure acceptance. This person is loved and accepted by you and this allows them space to heal, space to open, space to let go! You allow them this freedom. They are able to express and share their emotions. This person is capable of feeling, capable of sharing of being open and honest. You experience honesty with this person and you feel connected. This is a good feeling. x

Feeling Secure….. Imagine – Dream it – Create it!

To feel secure is to know that you are safe around others and to trust that you are loved. Imagine being surrounded by only love. People think loving thoughts and take loving actions towards you. The world is gentle towards you and you are treated with compassion and kindness. Take yourself now into an inner fantasy. You are a child and in this vision everyone really cares about you, about your feelings, your heart and your soul. Your parents feel safe and secure. They are strong, confident and able. When you are with them you feel completely reassured. There is nothing to fear. you imagine being in a world where there is only love. All the adults are tender towards you and treat you only with compassion. How do you feel, to be consistently reassured that all is well. You are not judged, condemned or taught a better way. You are allowed freedom to explore in a space of trust honesty and openess.

You see that the people around you speak only truth, their words are in tune with the energy their thoughts are creating. There are no contradictions. You are not rushed, forced, pushed, bullied, coerced, blackmailed or tricked into doing or being anything. The people around you are 100% honest. In your world their is no fear. You can feel the energy generated by the thoughts and actions of those around you is pure, clean and vibrating only to the frequency of love.

What a wonderful place. You take yourself deeper into the vision. you explore your senses within this place. how does it feel to be surrounded with such love, acceptance and compassion. how do you feel? What does your body want to do? You feel your body becoming open, relaxing deeply. A smile spreads accross your face and there is a deep warmth in your heart. You visualise this and feel it in every cell of your body. You like this feeling so you take yourself deeper into the vision. You love the way you feel. you like it here in this place – It feels good to be here! Everyone takes such good care of you. People really care!

Now draw into your mind your present reality and apply the energy from your fantasy into it! See the people you are connected to in the here and now. Imagine all those qualities pouring into them. Your fantasy is your reality. Everyone around you is honest, open, loving and kind. They are generous towards you and have only good loving thoughts about you. They completely accept you as you are and this makes you feel so good. You like it here in this place where your family and friends are filled with only love and compassion for you. There are no worries in this place. Your family and friends trust you, they have absolute faith in you. They see you! Imagine this connection. You feel secure in this place because you are certain that you are loved. No one closes their heart off to you. The people around you are continuously open. Nothing is held back. You feel the love they have for you. You know you are safe. You feel secure. You feel loved. This is a good feeling. So you focus upon it further. You focus upon feeling loved. This love flows deep into your soul. It nourishes you and you feel secure. You are loved.

You are certain that the love you receive from others is truly genuine, so you allow yourself to open. As your body fills with trust it relaxes, your posture becomes open and your mind receptive. The energy around your ears relaxes and you are willing to listen to what others have to say. You know you cannot be hurt, because you are in a wonderful cocoon of love. You feel so secure that you can allow yourself to open, to give and to share a little more of yourself. Your body feels warm, your heart softens and you allow yourself to consder a new way of seeing things and perhaps even doing things.

You feel as though you are in a safe space. You are loved. Keep visualising, keep imagining. This is real. Make it a real experience and it WILL manifest.

How to Create Miracles! x

So in order to get into this vibration, one needs to tune into what you would feel like if you experienced a miracle. So first of all you need to decide what experiences will generate the emotions that create this experience. What would constitute a miracle for YOU!?!

I would like to mention here that there is the human tendancy to focus on an external material experience as the desired miracle. In many cases this material experience will draw you further away from the actual internal transformational miracle that your heart desires. However, the irony is that once the internal transformation is complete, you then gain more power to manifest material experiences.

It is not important at this point to make a choice of what miracle you would like to manifest, but simply to generate the relevant feelings using visual and sensual triggers. So let us look both backwards and forwards in time to discover those triggers. Have you already experienced miraculous outcomes in your life that you can draw upon to generate those sensations? I certainly have!

Take your mind now into those experiences. Visually recreate them and take yourself sensually into the experience to connect with the emotions. What can you hear? What can you feel? What do you see? In your mind make contact with your vision through touch, sound and sight. Notice the colours, the shapes and the textures. How is your posture, who else is here? Make it as real as you possibly can!

Why is this experience a miracle for you, affirm in your mind why what happened to you is miraculous! Now, which emotions do you recognise in this picture. There is most probably joy, relief, satisfaction, contentment, fulfillment, recognition and value to name but a few. What do this emotions feel like? Where do they manifest in your body? How far from your body does this energy extend? How much can you connect with this feeling? There may also be excitement, clarity and confirmation of self belief. You may experience perfection, beauty and good fortune (luck!). Think about the phrases – I feel lucky, I feel wonder, I feel inspired, I feel imaginative, I feel sooooo haaaapppppy! Notice how you feel when you say these phrases. note the exact feeling. Build your picture, generating every emotional detail as powerfuly and intricately as you posibly can. This experience in this moment is emotionally real for you. Taking yourself into it promotes a reaction. These are good thoughts.

When you feel content that you have full power over these emotions in this space, it is time to choose your target. Now your choice of target greatly effects your success in manifesting. Are you choosing your target from your mind, from escapism, from a place of avoidance or hatred? Or is your choice made with honour from the heart. The closer your choice is to your heart the more powerful and immediate the manifestation. Your heart, in giving love, contains the power to receive. You can only receive your true desires with an open heart. So What do you desire to experience? What would fulfill your soul? What is it you TRULY want? What would set you free?

Once you have chosen your experience you need to gain an understanding of which emotions build the whole picture? Now focus your mind upon your target and create your experience, colouring it with all the necessary emotions. Just as you did previously, create the image by taking yourself fully into the experience and immersing yourself in every visual and sensory detail. Focus your whole heart and mind, dedicate yourself to being in this experience. See it, feel it, believe in it!

In every manifestation you need to affirm and see yourself truly believing. What does it feel like to believe. How would you be acting and behaving with this faith and certainty in your body and mind. How would you ‘feel’ in your body. Notice how you hold yourself, your posture – Imagine it!!! You also need to focus on an open heart that is ready and willing to receive the blessings you create.

So with every manifestation focus within your vision upon faith and love for actualisation. The more faith, the more love, the greater the power you apply to your creation. What does it feel like to truly believe? Again bring the feeling this emotional energy creates into your body. Sense and experience the feeling of faith. You need to feel it, to vibrate it, to attract it!

Once you have completed your visualisation, you can return to your world and go about your daily duties, those emotions should stay with you and begin to build.

As those energies manifest in your energy, old energies will resurface to be reviewed. These old emotions will resurface as actual experiences. You have to rest your eyes upon them in disbelief. They are happening, they are real, but you no longer believe this is who you are and what you create. You allow it to be, knowing that what is happening is the manifestation of old beliefs. You move through these experiences, dealing with the reality of them in a mature and responsible way, but keeping your mind and your heart upon your vision!

The greatest way to use manifestation is to project it onto present moments of negativity. These negative experiences are simply your resistance to receiving. If you want to move forwards fast, it is the experiences that are happening NOW that need your attention. Your relationships, your attitudes, your responses and reactions.

Remember don’t wait for a miracle – Be the Miracle!

Energies to work with – Kindness, Compassion and Health.

Goddess Oracle Card – You are Called Upon to Help.

First choose someone you would like to help. Choose someone who is currently suffering with a health problem. Bring this person into your mind. In your mind, imagine every detail of their face. Imagine the colour, the texture, how their hair falls. In your mind feel as tho if you reached out to touch them you could feel the temperature and texture of their skin on yours. Notice how they hold there body, there posture, the expression on their face.

Now surround them in a beautiful green light. This light removes all harshness, punishment and pain. Now see that green light flowing into the skin, into the muscles, the veins and the nerves. It flows right the way through every organ and bone.

Now feel great compassion for this person – In this vision, this person is kind to themselves, they listen to their inner guidance and take good care of their body. They nurture themselves and allow themselves to be nurtured by others. You see this person as someone who allows themselves to receive compassion. This person is someone who is very forgiving and very kind and in this moment they are open to healing. You set the intention to see and believe that all the people in this persons world are helpful and supportive, understanding and kind. This person allows themselves to receive the kindness and support of others. They allow energy to flow into them and through them. They ask for help and support and are compassionate towards themselves by allowing themselves to receive. You see yourself now in this visualisation interacting with this person. In this vision you treat this person with great care and compassion. Your thoughts and actions towards this soul are gentle and nourishing. You only speak kind words and your heart remains at all times open and forgiving.

When this person makes mistakes, you are able to let them go. Instead of focusing on what is wrong and hurtful, you find yourself understanding and feeling grateful. You recognise how much this person gives, how much love this person has for you and how much THEY need YOUR help! You feel great love for them and would like to shower them in affection and blessings. You would like them to feel at comfort and ease. You would like to create a haven of peace and comfort around them. The love in your heart flows freely and you are able to fully embrace their energy and mindset. You release all expectations and allow them to be whoever they are in this moment. You FEEL great compassion for them. You are able to see and understand their suffering and thus you are able to keep your heart open and support and heal them. You take great care forming your words, taking your actions and choosing your thoughts about this person. You see their vulnerability and their need for love.

As your heart, mind and soul fills with compassion for this person, your hard heart is released, your judgements are removed and all you want to do is be open, be reassuring, create security, bring blessings and make peace. Due to your compassion, all your intentions are good. You have this person’s best interest at heart and in all your desicions you take their sensitivities into consideration.

You are kind toward this person. You choose kindness over any other thoughts. You allow your mind to flow with this energy and to care deeply for their well being. You keep your heart open at all times and allow their energy into your space. Whenever there is a choice to make in relation to this person you see yourself taking the kinder option. The option that gives them space to breathe, allows them to unfold at their own pace and be who they are in this moment. You allow this person to be themselves and you let go of your judgements and analytical projections. Your only intention right now is to be kind, to consider this person’s needs, to listen to their voice and honour their feelings.

This person feels your kindness and you imagine this whole scenario as if it were real as if it were happening right now. This person is absorbing your kind thoughts and feelings. They are taking into their body and mind the compassionate energy that you are now projecting and they feel nourished by it. You imagine them experiencing this nourishment, the contented smile on their face as they absorb the positive energy that you project, the relaxation of their entire body as your kind thoughts melt into the depths of their soul. They feel a deep sense of peace, of reassurement and the energy flows unrestricted through their entire body.

At this point bring into your mind the place in their body that needs to receive healing, visualise this part of their body relaxing. It does relax, you see and you feel it relaxing. You can see the tension and the harsh thoughts releasing and evaporating into nothing. You now see in this space a warm loving green light that removes all pain, all sorrow, all sickness. This space is filled with the compassion and kindness that you have created. Healing takes place.

You now see this person experiencing great health. Their body feels nurtured and strong, freed from the binds that were placed upon it. This body is set free. This person is set free, from your demands, expectations and judgements. As you release them you create space for them to heal. You heart is wide open and theirs is too. There is connection, understanding and relief. You see this person is greatly inspired by your compassion and kindness and that their thoughts and actions towards themselves are now much more gentle and nurturing. This person begins to make better choices, choices that attract kind and compassionate people into their world, choices that create positive uplifting experiences and choices that generate great health and well being.

They are healed!

Affirm affirm affirm! Visualise, FEEL and above all, believe!!!! Keep seeing it, Keep intending it, See your thoughts manifest, gain more confidence, more faith, Visualise further, experience greater success, the cycle continues – never give up! Keep going! Keep moving through – Keep that focus in those foggy places – only love is real! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Creating and Attracting the Energy of Kindness.

Look at yourself and see yourself as kind. Look to areas of your life where you treat people with tender care, where you choose to love, honour and appreciate. Take your mind into tomorrow. Who will you be with? Imagine yourself with these people. In this vision, your energy is loving and kind, your posture is open and relaxed, your face calm and your mind still. You are gentle and feel your thoughts filled with compassion. You are completely in the present moment and apply absolute focus and attention to that which you are doing. Visualise a bubble of pink light around yourself. Your world feels soft and wonderful. You can see that you are completely safe, well and your world is gentle and loving towards you.

There is an air of absolute calm acceptance around you. This feeling fills your entire body and radiates all around you. Whoever you are with connects with this energy and allows it into their heart. See the people that are around you are kind and loving towards you. How does this feel to be treated with such care, love and compassion. You feel so safe, so nurtured, so loved and cared for. This is a really nice feeling. You can tell that the kind energy from those around you is genuine and heartfelt. You feel no seperation.

You like this feeling so you continue to focus upon it. You imagine taking great care to love the people in your life. Bring one person to mind. Focus on this person with all your heart. You open your heart to them. There is a smile upon your face as you visualise the image of the two of you together. You can see this person smiling, their heart is open. This person feels genuine love for you and you feel that love fill your whole body. You are careful with this person. you speak gentle words in a soothing and kind voice. You place no pressure, force, control or opinion upon them. You allow them to be free and to unfold in freedom. In your vision you see that you are capable of accepting this person and of embracing each and every part of their individual character, because quite simply you love them and you care. You take great care to be kind to this person. You listen to the their words and consider their feelings. You imagine being very aware of what they are feeling and how they need to be treated. you heart opens wider and wider and fills with a fluffy pink light. You are enjoying being kind and gentle and loving towards this person because you genuinely care about them.

You imagine how this person begins to feel around you. They trust you, they feel incredibly safe and secure. They allow themselves to open and to trust and to flow. They speak with great honesty and excitement. This person feels nurtured. They recognise and see that you care and that fills them with hope, with optimism with joyful thoughts of the future. This person begins to feel excitred and optimistic about your time together. They love being around you and enjoy being in your compassionate energy. This person embraces you and there is a deep and meaningful connection. This person speaks highly of you to others, they explain how kind, gentle and loving you are. They speak of how much you care and love them, how compassionate your actions and choices have become. They are filled with such love and warmth that whenever they bring your image to mind they are immediately filled with the feeling of kindness, they immediately feel safe and secure. They loose all sight of illness sickness or disease, they forget fearful thoughts of the future and allow themselves to breathe. This person begins to open their heart, love and embrace life to the full. they love being around you. They feel so good in your energy. This person becomes stronger and stronger. They become physically and emotionally stable and every day their is visible improvement and a clear sign that life is moving forwards. There is relief in the air and all is well, all things feel good. There are only positive expectations of the future because the world is a kind and loving place. you imagine the world wants to take care of you as you take care of it and others. you imagine caring for everything, taking care with each thought, feeling and action becoming more aware each day.

You are kind, loving and generous and above all your heart is wide open and all encompassing! You feel good. Life is good to you! xxxxx

How to attract the energy of Good Luck.

Take yourself into a visual image of your life, begin to focus on any areas of misfortune or lack. Now stand in these areas, in the energies that are creating the experiences and begin to transform your perception from within. Imagine events unfolding in a positively miraculous manner that is beyond your current expectations. Fortunate events occuring all around you.

Imagine yourself receiving unexpected money from various sources.In this inner vision, you seem to bump into people who assist you with your life purpose and add energy to acheiving your goals. Unexpected solutions to your problems arrive without you even thinking or asking. You seem to be very very lucky! You get into this feeling and notice it everywhere you go. You find small treasures on your path as you walk around, money, business cards connecting you to interesting and inspiring people, opportunities, signs and clear messages.

You buy scratch cards and you seem to be winning on every one that you buy. You are winning large amounts of money without even trying. You are very very lucky. Your body miraculously improves in health fitness and stamina. Opportunities seem to miraculously appear right infront of you. All doors appear to be open and welcoming you in!

Your business seems to attract more and more customers by the day and you are feeling so grateful and fortunate at the interest in your gifts and services. You are very very lucky. You see friends and family transforming their attitudes and judgements towards you, opening their hearts and sharing deep truths.

You seem to always be in the right place at the right time creating and experiencing wonderful opportunities. You choose the lottery numbers for this weeks lotto and every single number comes out. You feel like the luckiest person alive. Your winning at everything that you do, your creating and spreading and seeing luck all around you.

Every endevour is successful, you appear to always come out on top. The best possible outcome always occurs. You are very very lucky. You are loved and forgiven by all those in your life. You feel so fortunate to be here and to be who you are. You feel incredibly fortunate to be in the place you are in in this moment. You love your life and you feel so lucky. Dreams that you have been focusing upon come into fruition and your hearts desires manifest all around you. You feel so LUCKY! x

When your energy drops and things seem to fall or decay, someone or something shows up in your life and turns your thoughts and feelings around. The people that enter your life all bring great love and blessngs. Everyone seems to want to use your business or shower you in gifts. You really feel like this is a wonderful wonderful life and you are soooooo LUCKY! You love this feeling of luck. You feel inspired, you feel free. Any personality issue you have been working upon miraculously transforms. You ARE lucky! you have all the luck in the world.

Wherever you go fortunate events keep happening. you happen upon funny situations that make you smile. You bump into happy people who share their joy. Every life situation lifts your energy higher and higher and every day you are feeling more and more lucky. You imagine things happening to you that you consider lucky! You imagine meeting your idol and having an opportunity to chat and share with this person. You were totally in the right place at the right time! You feel soooo lucky! How truly fortunate you are! You keep building this image in your mind and immerse yourself in this feeling of good fortune. So many good things are happening to YOU! you imagine it! You create it! It feels real, it becomes real.

All the things you have been wishing for begin to materialise into your reality. You make secure connections with people who have a lot to offer you. You are very very lucky! What a fortunate soul you are. You can feel your smile growing as all these fortunate events keep occuiring.

You suddenly find inner peace and acceptance. How lucky are you! This is all happening to you. you are the lucky one! You are the one experiencing all these amazing and fortunate things and you feel soooooooooo blessed, so lucky, so fortunate. So healed! How lucky you are. There is a bounce in your step, there is a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eyes. Everyone you meet is touched by your good feeling, you spread your good fortune everywhere you go. Life is so good. You are sooooo happy to be here. Fortunate things keep happening to you.

Again you play the lottery, You choose 6 numbers, you see yourself checking your numbers and every single number is a perfect match. You feel very very lucky. Your a lottery winner. You know that you are lucky. You can feel the luck in your body heart, mind and soul.

You imagine buying a scratch card and as you scratch of the numbers a surge of excitement rushes through you. You’ve won, you’ve won. You imagine the amount that you have won and you cant stop grinning. You simply feel lucky. You love this feeling of luck and you know that you are lucky!!!!

Imagine meeting the love of your life and experiencing a totally blissful harmonious relationship, how lucky are you!

Whatever makes you feel lucky imagine it, visualise it and feel it! We all have differenet desires and needs. I have picked what I believe to be typical examples of luck. I have taken them to the extreme to build the energy. As you focus on the feeling these thoughts create it generates that energy within you and attracts more of it! 

Good Luck with your manifesting! Feel it, believe it and then live it!!!!! xxxx