How to Attract Compassion.

In order to attract this energy from others we must be vibrating it within our system, we must not only be feeling compassion towards others, but also feeling compassion for ourselves. Our inner world must vibrate the experience that others are compassionate towards us in order to attract this in our outer world. So let us visualise that those in our lives treat us with great compassion. Imagine people genuinely caring about how you feel and what you say and choose to do. See in your mind’s eye that others are listening and understanding and really connecting with who you are and what you communicate.

Visualise yourself as someone who is deserving of compassion, who deserves a little peace and tenderness from the external world. Imagine letting go of any need to struggle and visualise your heart opening and love pouring in. Now choose one person who you would like to attract compassion from, visualise yourself sitting with this person, in your vision your are opening your heart, speaking honestly and openly. You are courageous and you are true and there is a genuine connection between you and the chosen person. They see your sincerity, they see your honesty and they believe in your ability. This generates trusts and allows them to feel compassion for you.

Look at a specific area where you would like to receive compassion. Where in your life do you force yourself to move through struggle, deny your needs and make things difficult for yourself? Take yourself into this situation visually and see that you are worthy of love and compassion and healing, you take time to rest, to eat, to nurture and love yourself. You see others wanting you to be well, showering you with love and genuinely caring for your needs. Immerse yourself fully in this experience of receiving compassion.

Envision a second person. Visualise every detail of this situation and see a blue light flowing through their throat, removing all judgemnt of you and generating an attitude of acceptance and understanding. In your vision this person is able to release their judgement, they feel great compassion for your situation and are overwhelmed with a desire to help you acheive your goals.

As this person lets go of their judgement, the connection between the two of you becomes deeper and the words that flow are more genuine. All past mistakes are released and you are both freed from any previous binds of resentment. This person feels great compassion for you. You can feel it! Keep building the picture in your mind, feel every part of it as if it were a truly real experience. Imagine the care in this persons eyes, the love and tenderness in their voice. Imagine them opening their heart to you and offering you blessings they are able to share.

Make sure that you are thinking compassionate thoughts towards yourself. See that you are forgiving of your errors and kind towards you body. Take action upon those thoughts and treat yourself with love and with care. Enter in your mind into this delicious experience of compassion. Imagine yourself surrounded by this energy in a soft and nurturing bubble that enfolds you and keeps you safely away from harm. Visualise the people around you feeling compassion towards you, imagine that you only see compassion wherever you go, that everyone you meet treats you with compassion and tenderness. Your world is brimming with compassion.

Create the vision – You WILL experience it! It is law! xxxxx


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