How to attract the energy of Good Luck.

Take yourself into a visual image of your life, begin to focus on any areas of misfortune or lack. Now stand in these areas, in the energies that are creating the experiences and begin to transform your perception from within. Imagine events unfolding in a positively miraculous manner that is beyond your current expectations. Fortunate events occuring all around you.

Imagine yourself receiving unexpected money from various sources.In this inner vision, you seem to bump into people who assist you with your life purpose and add energy to acheiving your goals. Unexpected solutions to your problems arrive without you even thinking or asking. You seem to be very very lucky! You get into this feeling and notice it everywhere you go. You find small treasures on your path as you walk around, money, business cards connecting you to interesting and inspiring people, opportunities, signs and clear messages.

You buy scratch cards and you seem to be winning on every one that you buy. You are winning large amounts of money without even trying. You are very very lucky. Your body miraculously improves in health fitness and stamina. Opportunities seem to miraculously appear right infront of you. All doors appear to be open and welcoming you in!

Your business seems to attract more and more customers by the day and you are feeling so grateful and fortunate at the interest in your gifts and services. You are very very lucky. You see friends and family transforming their attitudes and judgements towards you, opening their hearts and sharing deep truths.

You seem to always be in the right place at the right time creating and experiencing wonderful opportunities. You choose the lottery numbers for this weeks lotto and every single number comes out. You feel like the luckiest person alive. Your winning at everything that you do, your creating and spreading and seeing luck all around you.

Every endevour is successful, you appear to always come out on top. The best possible outcome always occurs. You are very very lucky. You are loved and forgiven by all those in your life. You feel so fortunate to be here and to be who you are. You feel incredibly fortunate to be in the place you are in in this moment. You love your life and you feel so lucky. Dreams that you have been focusing upon come into fruition and your hearts desires manifest all around you. You feel so LUCKY! x

When your energy drops and things seem to fall or decay, someone or something shows up in your life and turns your thoughts and feelings around. The people that enter your life all bring great love and blessngs. Everyone seems to want to use your business or shower you in gifts. You really feel like this is a wonderful wonderful life and you are soooooo LUCKY! You love this feeling of luck. You feel inspired, you feel free. Any personality issue you have been working upon miraculously transforms. You ARE lucky! you have all the luck in the world.

Wherever you go fortunate events keep happening. you happen upon funny situations that make you smile. You bump into happy people who share their joy. Every life situation lifts your energy higher and higher and every day you are feeling more and more lucky. You imagine things happening to you that you consider lucky! You imagine meeting your idol and having an opportunity to chat and share with this person. You were totally in the right place at the right time! You feel soooo lucky! How truly fortunate you are! You keep building this image in your mind and immerse yourself in this feeling of good fortune. So many good things are happening to YOU! you imagine it! You create it! It feels real, it becomes real.

All the things you have been wishing for begin to materialise into your reality. You make secure connections with people who have a lot to offer you. You are very very lucky! What a fortunate soul you are. You can feel your smile growing as all these fortunate events keep occuiring.

You suddenly find inner peace and acceptance. How lucky are you! This is all happening to you. you are the lucky one! You are the one experiencing all these amazing and fortunate things and you feel soooooooooo blessed, so lucky, so fortunate. So healed! How lucky you are. There is a bounce in your step, there is a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eyes. Everyone you meet is touched by your good feeling, you spread your good fortune everywhere you go. Life is so good. You are sooooo happy to be here. Fortunate things keep happening to you.

Again you play the lottery, You choose 6 numbers, you see yourself checking your numbers and every single number is a perfect match. You feel very very lucky. Your a lottery winner. You know that you are lucky. You can feel the luck in your body heart, mind and soul.

You imagine buying a scratch card and as you scratch of the numbers a surge of excitement rushes through you. You’ve won, you’ve won. You imagine the amount that you have won and you cant stop grinning. You simply feel lucky. You love this feeling of luck and you know that you are lucky!!!!

Imagine meeting the love of your life and experiencing a totally blissful harmonious relationship, how lucky are you!

Whatever makes you feel lucky imagine it, visualise it and feel it! We all have differenet desires and needs. I have picked what I believe to be typical examples of luck. I have taken them to the extreme to build the energy. As you focus on the feeling these thoughts create it generates that energy within you and attracts more of it! 

Good Luck with your manifesting! Feel it, believe it and then live it!!!!! xxxx


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