Creating and Attracting the Energy of Kindness.

Look at yourself and see yourself as kind. Look to areas of your life where you treat people with tender care, where you choose to love, honour and appreciate. Take your mind into tomorrow. Who will you be with? Imagine yourself with these people. In this vision, your energy is loving and kind, your posture is open and relaxed, your face calm and your mind still. You are gentle and feel your thoughts filled with compassion. You are completely in the present moment and apply absolute focus and attention to that which you are doing. Visualise a bubble of pink light around yourself. Your world feels soft and wonderful. You can see that you are completely safe, well and your world is gentle and loving towards you.

There is an air of absolute calm acceptance around you. This feeling fills your entire body and radiates all around you. Whoever you are with connects with this energy and allows it into their heart. See the people that are around you are kind and loving towards you. How does this feel to be treated with such care, love and compassion. You feel so safe, so nurtured, so loved and cared for. This is a really nice feeling. You can tell that the kind energy from those around you is genuine and heartfelt. You feel no seperation.

You like this feeling so you continue to focus upon it. You imagine taking great care to love the people in your life. Bring one person to mind. Focus on this person with all your heart. You open your heart to them. There is a smile upon your face as you visualise the image of the two of you together. You can see this person smiling, their heart is open. This person feels genuine love for you and you feel that love fill your whole body. You are careful with this person. you speak gentle words in a soothing and kind voice. You place no pressure, force, control or opinion upon them. You allow them to be free and to unfold in freedom. In your vision you see that you are capable of accepting this person and of embracing each and every part of their individual character, because quite simply you love them and you care. You take great care to be kind to this person. You listen to the their words and consider their feelings. You imagine being very aware of what they are feeling and how they need to be treated. you heart opens wider and wider and fills with a fluffy pink light. You are enjoying being kind and gentle and loving towards this person because you genuinely care about them.

You imagine how this person begins to feel around you. They trust you, they feel incredibly safe and secure. They allow themselves to open and to trust and to flow. They speak with great honesty and excitement. This person feels nurtured. They recognise and see that you care and that fills them with hope, with optimism with joyful thoughts of the future. This person begins to feel excitred and optimistic about your time together. They love being around you and enjoy being in your compassionate energy. This person embraces you and there is a deep and meaningful connection. This person speaks highly of you to others, they explain how kind, gentle and loving you are. They speak of how much you care and love them, how compassionate your actions and choices have become. They are filled with such love and warmth that whenever they bring your image to mind they are immediately filled with the feeling of kindness, they immediately feel safe and secure. They loose all sight of illness sickness or disease, they forget fearful thoughts of the future and allow themselves to breathe. This person begins to open their heart, love and embrace life to the full. they love being around you. They feel so good in your energy. This person becomes stronger and stronger. They become physically and emotionally stable and every day their is visible improvement and a clear sign that life is moving forwards. There is relief in the air and all is well, all things feel good. There are only positive expectations of the future because the world is a kind and loving place. you imagine the world wants to take care of you as you take care of it and others. you imagine caring for everything, taking care with each thought, feeling and action becoming more aware each day.

You are kind, loving and generous and above all your heart is wide open and all encompassing! You feel good. Life is good to you! xxxxx


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