Energies to work with – Kindness, Compassion and Health.

Goddess Oracle Card – You are Called Upon to Help.

First choose someone you would like to help. Choose someone who is currently suffering with a health problem. Bring this person into your mind. In your mind, imagine every detail of their face. Imagine the colour, the texture, how their hair falls. In your mind feel as tho if you reached out to touch them you could feel the temperature and texture of their skin on yours. Notice how they hold there body, there posture, the expression on their face.

Now surround them in a beautiful green light. This light removes all harshness, punishment and pain. Now see that green light flowing into the skin, into the muscles, the veins and the nerves. It flows right the way through every organ and bone.

Now feel great compassion for this person – In this vision, this person is kind to themselves, they listen to their inner guidance and take good care of their body. They nurture themselves and allow themselves to be nurtured by others. You see this person as someone who allows themselves to receive compassion. This person is someone who is very forgiving and very kind and in this moment they are open to healing. You set the intention to see and believe that all the people in this persons world are helpful and supportive, understanding and kind. This person allows themselves to receive the kindness and support of others. They allow energy to flow into them and through them. They ask for help and support and are compassionate towards themselves by allowing themselves to receive. You see yourself now in this visualisation interacting with this person. In this vision you treat this person with great care and compassion. Your thoughts and actions towards this soul are gentle and nourishing. You only speak kind words and your heart remains at all times open and forgiving.

When this person makes mistakes, you are able to let them go. Instead of focusing on what is wrong and hurtful, you find yourself understanding and feeling grateful. You recognise how much this person gives, how much love this person has for you and how much THEY need YOUR help! You feel great love for them and would like to shower them in affection and blessings. You would like them to feel at comfort and ease. You would like to create a haven of peace and comfort around them. The love in your heart flows freely and you are able to fully embrace their energy and mindset. You release all expectations and allow them to be whoever they are in this moment. You FEEL great compassion for them. You are able to see and understand their suffering and thus you are able to keep your heart open and support and heal them. You take great care forming your words, taking your actions and choosing your thoughts about this person. You see their vulnerability and their need for love.

As your heart, mind and soul fills with compassion for this person, your hard heart is released, your judgements are removed and all you want to do is be open, be reassuring, create security, bring blessings and make peace. Due to your compassion, all your intentions are good. You have this person’s best interest at heart and in all your desicions you take their sensitivities into consideration.

You are kind toward this person. You choose kindness over any other thoughts. You allow your mind to flow with this energy and to care deeply for their well being. You keep your heart open at all times and allow their energy into your space. Whenever there is a choice to make in relation to this person you see yourself taking the kinder option. The option that gives them space to breathe, allows them to unfold at their own pace and be who they are in this moment. You allow this person to be themselves and you let go of your judgements and analytical projections. Your only intention right now is to be kind, to consider this person’s needs, to listen to their voice and honour their feelings.

This person feels your kindness and you imagine this whole scenario as if it were real as if it were happening right now. This person is absorbing your kind thoughts and feelings. They are taking into their body and mind the compassionate energy that you are now projecting and they feel nourished by it. You imagine them experiencing this nourishment, the contented smile on their face as they absorb the positive energy that you project, the relaxation of their entire body as your kind thoughts melt into the depths of their soul. They feel a deep sense of peace, of reassurement and the energy flows unrestricted through their entire body.

At this point bring into your mind the place in their body that needs to receive healing, visualise this part of their body relaxing. It does relax, you see and you feel it relaxing. You can see the tension and the harsh thoughts releasing and evaporating into nothing. You now see in this space a warm loving green light that removes all pain, all sorrow, all sickness. This space is filled with the compassion and kindness that you have created. Healing takes place.

You now see this person experiencing great health. Their body feels nurtured and strong, freed from the binds that were placed upon it. This body is set free. This person is set free, from your demands, expectations and judgements. As you release them you create space for them to heal. You heart is wide open and theirs is too. There is connection, understanding and relief. You see this person is greatly inspired by your compassion and kindness and that their thoughts and actions towards themselves are now much more gentle and nurturing. This person begins to make better choices, choices that attract kind and compassionate people into their world, choices that create positive uplifting experiences and choices that generate great health and well being.

They are healed!

Affirm affirm affirm! Visualise, FEEL and above all, believe!!!! Keep seeing it, Keep intending it, See your thoughts manifest, gain more confidence, more faith, Visualise further, experience greater success, the cycle continues – never give up! Keep going! Keep moving through – Keep that focus in those foggy places – only love is real! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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