How to Create Miracles! x

So in order to get into this vibration, one needs to tune into what you would feel like if you experienced a miracle. So first of all you need to decide what experiences will generate the emotions that create this experience. What would constitute a miracle for YOU!?!

I would like to mention here that there is the human tendancy to focus on an external material experience as the desired miracle. In many cases this material experience will draw you further away from the actual internal transformational miracle that your heart desires. However, the irony is that once the internal transformation is complete, you then gain more power to manifest material experiences.

It is not important at this point to make a choice of what miracle you would like to manifest, but simply to generate the relevant feelings using visual and sensual triggers. So let us look both backwards and forwards in time to discover those triggers. Have you already experienced miraculous outcomes in your life that you can draw upon to generate those sensations? I certainly have!

Take your mind now into those experiences. Visually recreate them and take yourself sensually into the experience to connect with the emotions. What can you hear? What can you feel? What do you see? In your mind make contact with your vision through touch, sound and sight. Notice the colours, the shapes and the textures. How is your posture, who else is here? Make it as real as you possibly can!

Why is this experience a miracle for you, affirm in your mind why what happened to you is miraculous! Now, which emotions do you recognise in this picture. There is most probably joy, relief, satisfaction, contentment, fulfillment, recognition and value to name but a few. What do this emotions feel like? Where do they manifest in your body? How far from your body does this energy extend? How much can you connect with this feeling? There may also be excitement, clarity and confirmation of self belief. You may experience perfection, beauty and good fortune (luck!). Think about the phrases – I feel lucky, I feel wonder, I feel inspired, I feel imaginative, I feel sooooo haaaapppppy! Notice how you feel when you say these phrases. note the exact feeling. Build your picture, generating every emotional detail as powerfuly and intricately as you posibly can. This experience in this moment is emotionally real for you. Taking yourself into it promotes a reaction. These are good thoughts.

When you feel content that you have full power over these emotions in this space, it is time to choose your target. Now your choice of target greatly effects your success in manifesting. Are you choosing your target from your mind, from escapism, from a place of avoidance or hatred? Or is your choice made with honour from the heart. The closer your choice is to your heart the more powerful and immediate the manifestation. Your heart, in giving love, contains the power to receive. You can only receive your true desires with an open heart. So What do you desire to experience? What would fulfill your soul? What is it you TRULY want? What would set you free?

Once you have chosen your experience you need to gain an understanding of which emotions build the whole picture? Now focus your mind upon your target and create your experience, colouring it with all the necessary emotions. Just as you did previously, create the image by taking yourself fully into the experience and immersing yourself in every visual and sensory detail. Focus your whole heart and mind, dedicate yourself to being in this experience. See it, feel it, believe in it!

In every manifestation you need to affirm and see yourself truly believing. What does it feel like to believe. How would you be acting and behaving with this faith and certainty in your body and mind. How would you ‘feel’ in your body. Notice how you hold yourself, your posture – Imagine it!!! You also need to focus on an open heart that is ready and willing to receive the blessings you create.

So with every manifestation focus within your vision upon faith and love for actualisation. The more faith, the more love, the greater the power you apply to your creation. What does it feel like to truly believe? Again bring the feeling this emotional energy creates into your body. Sense and experience the feeling of faith. You need to feel it, to vibrate it, to attract it!

Once you have completed your visualisation, you can return to your world and go about your daily duties, those emotions should stay with you and begin to build.

As those energies manifest in your energy, old energies will resurface to be reviewed. These old emotions will resurface as actual experiences. You have to rest your eyes upon them in disbelief. They are happening, they are real, but you no longer believe this is who you are and what you create. You allow it to be, knowing that what is happening is the manifestation of old beliefs. You move through these experiences, dealing with the reality of them in a mature and responsible way, but keeping your mind and your heart upon your vision!

The greatest way to use manifestation is to project it onto present moments of negativity. These negative experiences are simply your resistance to receiving. If you want to move forwards fast, it is the experiences that are happening NOW that need your attention. Your relationships, your attitudes, your responses and reactions.

Remember don’t wait for a miracle – Be the Miracle!


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