Feeling Secure….. Imagine – Dream it – Create it!

To feel secure is to know that you are safe around others and to trust that you are loved. Imagine being surrounded by only love. People think loving thoughts and take loving actions towards you. The world is gentle towards you and you are treated with compassion and kindness. Take yourself now into an inner fantasy. You are a child and in this vision everyone really cares about you, about your feelings, your heart and your soul. Your parents feel safe and secure. They are strong, confident and able. When you are with them you feel completely reassured. There is nothing to fear. you imagine being in a world where there is only love. All the adults are tender towards you and treat you only with compassion. How do you feel, to be consistently reassured that all is well. You are not judged, condemned or taught a better way. You are allowed freedom to explore in a space of trust honesty and openess.

You see that the people around you speak only truth, their words are in tune with the energy their thoughts are creating. There are no contradictions. You are not rushed, forced, pushed, bullied, coerced, blackmailed or tricked into doing or being anything. The people around you are 100% honest. In your world their is no fear. You can feel the energy generated by the thoughts and actions of those around you is pure, clean and vibrating only to the frequency of love.

What a wonderful place. You take yourself deeper into the vision. you explore your senses within this place. how does it feel to be surrounded with such love, acceptance and compassion. how do you feel? What does your body want to do? You feel your body becoming open, relaxing deeply. A smile spreads accross your face and there is a deep warmth in your heart. You visualise this and feel it in every cell of your body. You like this feeling so you take yourself deeper into the vision. You love the way you feel. you like it here in this place – It feels good to be here! Everyone takes such good care of you. People really care!

Now draw into your mind your present reality and apply the energy from your fantasy into it! See the people you are connected to in the here and now. Imagine all those qualities pouring into them. Your fantasy is your reality. Everyone around you is honest, open, loving and kind. They are generous towards you and have only good loving thoughts about you. They completely accept you as you are and this makes you feel so good. You like it here in this place where your family and friends are filled with only love and compassion for you. There are no worries in this place. Your family and friends trust you, they have absolute faith in you. They see you! Imagine this connection. You feel secure in this place because you are certain that you are loved. No one closes their heart off to you. The people around you are continuously open. Nothing is held back. You feel the love they have for you. You know you are safe. You feel secure. You feel loved. This is a good feeling. So you focus upon it further. You focus upon feeling loved. This love flows deep into your soul. It nourishes you and you feel secure. You are loved.

You are certain that the love you receive from others is truly genuine, so you allow yourself to open. As your body fills with trust it relaxes, your posture becomes open and your mind receptive. The energy around your ears relaxes and you are willing to listen to what others have to say. You know you cannot be hurt, because you are in a wonderful cocoon of love. You feel so secure that you can allow yourself to open, to give and to share a little more of yourself. Your body feels warm, your heart softens and you allow yourself to consder a new way of seeing things and perhaps even doing things.

You feel as though you are in a safe space. You are loved. Keep visualising, keep imagining. This is real. Make it a real experience and it WILL manifest.


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