Experiencing Honesty.

Focus your mind upon the word honesty – what does this mean to you? It indicates a willingness to share the truth that is within you and to experience the truth of another. Choose one person in your life who you would like to experience honesty with. Choose someone who you believe would benefit from sharing their truth, whilst also setting the intention to allow and accept whatever truth they share.

Take your mind into a visual experience. You are sat in beautiful surroundings. Your environment is peaceful, calm and yet inviting, You both feel comfortable in this place and you imagine you feel deeply relaxed. Your jaw is relaxed, your back is relaxed, your hips are relaxed, your whole body is loose and you feel calm. You like it here. You allow yourself to be open and receptive. You feel safe and secure so you can relax. Your breathe is natural and calm. The person you have chosen feels your inner calm and relaxation. They see your strength and emotional stability. They can feel your energy flowing and they begin to realise they are perfectly free. They recognise that they will not be judged, but accepted whatever they say or or do in this moment.

In this space, you allow them absolute freedom. You imagine them envelopped in a beautiful blue light that flows deep into the cells of their body. You know this person is completely protected, safe and secure. You sit with them in faith and acceptance. You connect with and feel these energies as much a you can, the more you feel them, the more you build them, the more the energies will manifest in your future life. This visualisation is as real as you can possibly make it. You can reach out and touch the other person, you can feel their warmth and hear their voice. You enjoy being with this person. You allow your heart to be fully open and extended towards them offering peace and genuine love.

This person cannot help but feel loved, cannot help but feel safe and secure. They open their heart to you. You can feel their heart opening. You know this is a good thing. You also know that as they open their heart and share their truth you are able to accept and flow with whatever is inside – no expectations. This person needs your strength, compassion and kindness in order to open their heart. You are literally allowing this person space to breathe as you create a safe space for them to reveal their truth and let go of the burdens they carry. In this space you listen, you listen without judgement and each response is formed with great care and consideration of their needs. You imagine yourself being this kind of person, being loving, kind and compassionate.You have all these qualities, You are able to support and heal another, you are willing to take these steps. You visualise it. How you feel during the visualisation is an indication of how much personal power you have to manifest those energies in this situation.

You are able to be a strength and support and perhaps a shoulder to cry upon. You are able to experience other peoples pain and struggle and allow those energies to flow freely in order to be released. You feel so much love in your heart that these energies simply flow though you. You allow them to flow through you. Generate in your heart the feeling of love – Visualise your chosen person surrounded in love and pure acceptance. This person is loved and accepted by you and this allows them space to heal, space to open, space to let go! You allow them this freedom. They are able to express and share their emotions. This person is capable of feeling, capable of sharing of being open and honest. You experience honesty with this person and you feel connected. This is a good feeling. x


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