Self Belief, Drive and Ambition.

Imagine a light travelling down through the roof of your head, visualise this light absorbing into each nerve in your head and down through your face. This light strengthens and nourishes each nerve. Your nerves are strong and healthy. As this light flows into each and every nerve both large and small, they awaken with life. They feel good and work efficiently. Every nerve is cleansed from the effects of the past! you can heal! You will heal! You are healed! You love your nerves! You have great nerve force. You are an incredibly strong and powerful person, oozing confidence and self belief from every aspect of your being. Due to your healthy vibrant nervous system, you feel deeply relaxed at all times – in all situations. You imagine this possibilty. You imagine how nourished and calm you feel deep within your whole body. Your nerves are greatful for your kind and peaceful thoughts. You feel driven to acheive, to resolve to compete, to win, to stand up and fight for your rights, to be strong, to be real, to be true! You love this strength that you are connecting to. You feel so strong. You feel this inner strength taking you over. You are able to pass through your obstacles with ease and with grace. You have great power and great strength. You have the will to acheive your goals.

What are your goals. Now that you have filled your nervous system, mind and body with a powerful positive force, put your mind upon a personal goal. What would you like to manifest this week? What would you like to materialise into your reality? Decide upon one thing? Now make it happen!!! No complaining, no excuses, no negativite expectations. Insted of placing your belief in the obstascles and difficulties, you place all that wonderful energy and power upon acheiving your goal! You can do it! You will do it! You make it happen.

Your focus is sharper than it has ever been before. absolutely nothing can distract you from your goal. You feel great clarity in your mind. Imagine this. Feel it. Believe it. Every word that you read in this page – connect with it, feel it, and believe it. This is how you create. Imagine that all elements are perfectly in place for you to acheive your goal. Your will is strong. Your mind is clear with infinite focus! Whatever arises you will overcome. Whatever arises you have the tools and capabilities to pass through that space. You have absolute faith in yourself, in your ability to deal with everything, in your ability to pass through life experiences, growing a little more at every step of the way. You love your journey. You enjoy your life. You feel inspired, positive and alive!

This white light flows through the nerves in your neck, runs down your spine. All the stress and tension and pain from the years before are washed away and removed. this feels good. You love this feeling! You feel alive and free! The past is over. You feel wonderful. Life is good. Your nerves are cleansed and renewed. You feel this inner strength and force working for you in every situation. You imagine now that the words of others wash over you. You believe in the best in your self. There is nothing anyone external to you can say or do that will knock you. You believe in the best in yourself. You feel this power and strength which gives you the certainty that you can face any situation. This makes you feel safe. You know that you can handle and deal with anything. You can step forwards, take on new challenges, life becomes easier for you!

You have no fear, you are not afraid. You can push forwards!


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