Self Appreciation

Look at your self right now in a positive light. Look to all the things you have done well this week. Look at everything you have achieved, however big or small. You are an amazing person who deserves to be both loved and appreciated. 

Now look at all the ways in which you feel you failed this week, let yourself or others down. Now imagine how much better you would have done in those moments if you had received more love, more appreciation and more support. Your failings are not your fault. When you look at yourself in a negative light you are beginning to cut off all the ways in which you could energetically receive more support love and care and thus making your challenges even harder. 

So, whatever mistakes you feel you have made, today, yesterday, this week, last week, last month, last year, in your whole life. You are going to let them go, you are going to forgive yourself, you are letting go, you are forgiving yourself. You cannot do better until you are better and you cannot be more and give more without allowing yourself to receive more. 

This is not a selfish game we play here. When you are angry or frustrated with yourself, it becomes a burden for those around you, whether you choose to internally or externally project your feelings onto them. By seeing the light in yourself you are able to see more light in others. When you think and believe you are good enough, you will stop berating others either with your thoughts or actions. 

So let us look upon ourselves and others in light. Let us see the best in ourselves and those around us. Lets play the appreciation game. Don’t fear, you don’t have to punish yourself and others so that lessons can be learnt – use the power of appreciation to draw out all the positive elements. In this way you are supporting and encouraging yourself and others. 

Lets start with you.

Look at yourself and tell yourself that you deserve to be loved, you deserve to receive. Imagine opening yourself up to receive and allow love to flow through you. See yourself relaxing, opening your heart. Your muscles soften as you relax your mind. You are going to allow yourself to receive more. you let go of any tension you hold in your body and relax the muscles on your face. You are relaxing, you feel relaxed, you see yourself as relaxed. You feel very comfortable in yourself. You are able to let go of any past hurts that you have both inflicted or received. Now is a new moment and you are going to start again in faith that you are worthy, that you are good enough. You look to all the positive aspects of yourself. You recognise how hard you try, how much you give and how willing you are, you see yourself as supportive caring and kind. You see that you think good thoughts about yourself and others. You see all the light there is within and around you.You feel better and better in every second the more you read and absorb these words into your consciousness. You see that you are intelligent. You are focused and disciplined. You see and recognise the times when you are emotionally stable, competent and forgiving. You recognise how much you have to give and how much others receive through you. You notice your individual gifts and pleasant personality traits. You see that you are a happy person. You have a wonderful smile and an open heart. You see yourself as open and welcoming, kind and generous. You love yourself. You can see what a deserving soul you are. You continue to appreciate yourself and look to all the qualities you have. You know that there are many people out there who would love to have many of your gifts, talents and qualities. So you are grateful for being you. You are a truly divine person who is a pleasure to be around. You imagine being around others and people love being around you.

Being around others

The people that connect with you feel comfortable and open in your present. You notice how the people around you are relaxed and peaceful. They feel protected in your energy and are able to open and share themselves freely. You see yourself as happy confident and relaxed. You are accepting of others and you see yourself as warm and welcoming. People are drawn towards you like flies to a light. They enjoy being in your presence and buzz of your positive vibe. This feels good. So you focus further and further upon your great social skills. You notice that you are seeing too the light in those around you. You are seeing them as relaxed, you are seeing them as open, you are seeing them as appreciative. So this is not a selfish or arrogant game. The light is shared and spread inwards and outwards. You are noticing that others are a pleasure to be around, that you feel relaxed and open in their company. You are able to be yourself and by this I mean the best of yourself. You are able to relax and be open. You are able to shine your light and your truth. And your truth is wonderful. You are able to shine. You are confident, generous and open. You are considerate towards others and understanding and respectful of there wishes. People love being around you because you love being around them . Your heart is glowing generating the power and warmth of a fire. The openess and warmth of your heart fills your entire body with light. You feel this warmth spreading through your body bringing wonderful healing and relaxing energy to every cell in your body. You love feeling like this. You recognise and see very clearly that you are creating this experience by making a choice on what to think and thus how to feel. You notice that negative thoughts about yourself and others serve only to cripple and destroy. You do have the power to be in the light. You do have the power to see the light! You are the light. You CAN be the light. You ARE the light. And as you become the light, as you accept the light, you see it in others. You see how much light is flowing within them. Everyone in your world brings you warmth and energy.

Choose one person.

Notice how open and loving this person. Think of and see this person in a positive light. Look at all their amazing qualities. This person is a true gift in your life. You love them and you CAN appreciate them. You want them to see their own light. You want them to feel good about themselves. You see them looking to all the best bits about themselves. You see them realising their worth and value. You see this approach strengthens them, makes them more able to give to you, to trust you, to open to you. They are a pleasure to be around. You see that they ARE relaxed, they DO feel comfortable. You like this person a lot. They are a pleasure to be around. You feel comfortable with each other. You relax yourself and allow things to be as they are. You can only see and notice things you appreciate when you are around this person. When you are around this person, your focus is 100% positive. If there are negatives – you dont see them, you don’t draw them into your reality through focusing upon them – you are able to let them go unnoticed. Your focus is upon the light, upon that which is positive! You love this moment that YOU are creating with your own mind! You are a gift to yourself and to this person. You are worthy of receiving their love. You are worthy of being loved. There is so much about you to love. You like being loved, you like smiling, you like being happy. You let all your conflict, dissapointents and frustrations go and you give this person the peace that they deserve, that you BOTH deserve. You relax – All is well. There is no need to discuss or resolve or talk out any issues. All you need to do to bring healing is to SEE and to FEEL the light, to step into the light in the faith that it is there, to welcome this person into your heart in absolute trust in their perfection. You are able to accept all that this person is, all that this person does. You LOVE this person with your whole heart and your love wraps around every difficulty, every moment of fear or indecision. Your energy is incredible. You notice it, you see it, you feel it, you create it! You believ in yourself. You believ in your light and you shine it out and share it with this person who IS worthy, who IS deserving. You see this person surrounded in light and you can see this person sees the best in you! They are noticing and seeing and feeling and enjoying all your positive qualities. They see you as a happy soul. They recognise who you are! They see the truth about you and the truth is that you are perfect – just the way you are! they accept you. They are able to make light of things, to laugh and be free within your relationship/friendship.

You believe that your relationship with this person can be easy. You see that it is easy. You believe in the best in yourself, in the other and in your relationship with them. You allow yourself to heal. You allow them to heal. You allow yourself to be happy. You allow them to be happy. You allow yourself to receive and oh boy – it feels good to receive! You allow them to receive through you. The relationship is filled with lightness, pleasure fun and happiness. The past is over, the past is irrelevant. It is this moment right here, right now that is important. And you have the discipline and focus to keep your mind, your heart and your emotions upon that which is light. You let faith carry you through. There is only light. You can continually focus upon the light in absolute faith that it is there. You have a true gift to do this. You see that this is easy to do. You like how easy it is to do. It is easy because iot feels good, because things are good. You keep your heart open and your mind light – You are FREE!!!!!

Be Happy!!!


Keeping your Heart Open

Whatever is happening in your external world you can make a choice to keep your heart open and thus support your health and maintain a positive vibration. So how can you do this? Focus upon keeping your heart open, feeling any pain and filling it with love and acceptance.

Bring your awareness to the back of you neck and visualise a deep green light flowing through the skin, feel this area relaxing and loosening as the light penetrates deep into the tissue. Imagine the light massaging and releasing any tension or tightness from this area and you allow yourself to relax, You let go of whatever thoughts and feelings you are holding onto by focusing upon your breathe. With each breath out you allow your body to relax deeper. Your whole body softens and you become open and receptive to seeing things clearly. The light travels through the the veins and the nerves in this area both strengthening and supporting. As this light travels through your neck, you feel the whole area loosening and relaxing. You allow yourself to accept whatever you are perceiving at this present time. You accept the way things are and continue to relax and soften this area of your body. The green light now travels through your vocal cords, voice box, windpipe and into the front part of your neck, flowing down through your chest and spreading out filling this space. 

You take a deep breath in and absorb this light into your lungs and heart. This feels good. Your heart is strengthened. Your capacity to love increases. You have a strong and powerful heart and the ability to love no matter what knocks you. Your heart beats powerfully, wanting to live, wanting to love. You recognise and see what a powerful heart you have. The green light fills every part of your healthy heart, soothing and healing. It flows through the walls and into your arteries. You allow love to flow freely though this space 

Creation of Conscience, Opportunity and Responsibility.


Creating the energies of Conscience, Opportunity and Responsibility in a Relationship with a Chosen Other.


This person has a very clear conscience because they take right action. You see this person knowing the difference between right and wrong. You see them caring about the way others feel and understanding the effects of their actions on others. This person thinks about their actions and makes positive choices in line with their thinking. You see them acting on their conscience. You see them choosing to act upon their strengths and positive qualities. You see this person choosing to share, choosing to be kind, loving and generous. You see this person as forgiving and able to let go. You see this person is motivated to do the right thing. They honor other people and are a pleasure to be around. This person sleeps peacefully because their conscience is so clear. They have the power and ability to honor their conscience and do the right thing. You imagine and viusualise this person surrounded by others who are willing to take right action so that this person feels inspired and guided towards the right path. You see that this person is taught right action and feeling by those around them. You asign no blame to this person’s choices, seeing that they are learning and can only do that which they have been taught by the choices of those around them. This person deserves to receive compassion and understanding teamed with guidance and direction. You imagine being a guide for this person by taking right action yourself, by not only acting upon your conscience but choosing the correct emotional reactions that are in line with your moral beliefs.You teach this person about conscience by being conscious, by knowing right from wrong and then acting upon that truth both internally and externally. You become this person’s guide as they become yours. They allow you to guide them to teach you and provide you with an opportunity of growth, understanding and learning,


When you are with this person and they behave ‘out of line’ with what you want or desire, you recognise the opportunity they have just provided you with. This person in their own way, in their own choices of error are guiding you, asking them to show you truth. This is an opportunity that you are grateful to have. You see this person as an opportunity. You see them as patient beneath the lesson they are teaching you. You see how THEY are guiding YOU through the error of their ways. They are asking you to show you the right path through emitting the right vibration and taking the right choices. You honor this opportunity and feel gratitude and generosity towards this person. You feel grateful for them in every cell of your body. You are in absolute appreciation of them and ALL of their actions and choices.


You see this person taking responsibility  They do not project blame or take things upon their shoulders. They recognise the error of their choices and perceptions and allow their emotions to flow freely within them. You notice that they are able to handle and deal with anything. They feel light and free. You can imagine this person experiencing an inner freedom as they realise that others possess no power over their inner world. They look relaxed, calm and confident.

Projecting Positive Emotions and Expectations onto Others


Projecting Positive Emotions and Expectations onto Others

For each energy – choose a person who you see as the opposite to the desired energy and now project a new image onto that person. The people in your life are cinema screens – your mind is the projector. Your perception of others is coloured by your own emotional process. And remember whatever you project onto them is what you are creating within your self, so as you give, you receive!

Quote – If you cannot see god in all – You cannot see god at all – What you see is what you are. Clean up your projections and you clean up yourself!

Self Control
I see this person in absolute control of their emotional self – they are able to process their thoughts, understand clearly what is happening and let emotions go. I see this person as strong and disciplined. They have the ability to relax and let things go. I see them taking a deep breathe and allowing that breathe to loosen their body and free the restrictive thoughts from their mind. This person has control over the thoughts they choose to think. they are relaxed and confident. Their confidence and self belief is strengthened as they realise they are in control of their emotional self. I see this person as self controlled. I believe this person has the ability to choose their thoughts at will. I see this person taking control of their mind and focusing their thoughts in a constructive and positive manner. I see this person’s confidence growing in their ability to guide and focus their mind. This person is becoming deeply relaxed as they master their ability to control their emotional self.

Creative Power
This person understands how energy works. They recognise their ability to create their world and reactions in others through the thoughts they are thinking and the feelings they are vibrating. This person is wise and knowledgeable  They see things very clearly. They recognise their power to create their world. You see this person taking control of their mind and then harnessing their creative power to create the experiences they desire. You see this person stepping into the faith of their creative power. You see this person using their creative power to create positive results in their life. This person now feels incredibly empowered. They stand in their power and focus their mind to create their reality. This person is smiling at realisation of how things work. This person has incredible creative power and has the ability and personal power to use this power to their advantage. This person makes a choice of what to focus upon, of what to feel. They have the ability to choose the creations they desire. They have the power to channel their creative power in a positive and fulfilling manner that not only serves themselves, but those around them. You see how powerful this person is. You respect and honor their power. You are grateful for their wisdom and their ability to create light in your world. You see them thinking wonderful thoughts about you and expecting good things from you. You see this person creating and projecting and seeing light in you. This person knows they are creating through seeing what is already there. They like the feeling of creating so they spend more time focusing their mind in this way. They feel totally inspired within their creative power and are always able to see the light in all situations.

Self Belief
This person stands in absolute faith of their worth and value. You see that they believe in the best of themselves. They are capable, with great inner strength. You recognise in them the ability to deal with any and all situations. You see this person can handle their emotions. They are able to process their emotions in a way that releases them from pain and suffering. This person stands up for themselves and emits a powerful attractive energy. They are full of light and personal power. This person is wise and knowledgeable and they recognise these qualities within themselves  They see that they are full of light, full of positivity and they believe in the absolute best of themselves. They look to all their qualities and feel strong and powerful and capable. They know they are good enough and they stand in the strengths of their soul. You enjoy being around this person because they have such a powerful positive energy. They have faith that they can achieve whatever they have set out to do. They have faith in their body. They have faith in their actions and faith in the process of life. This is a strong and powerful person. You see that they have absolute faith in themselves, in their qualities and in their ability to grow a little lighter each and every day.

Perception of Reality in Relationships.

How do you change your perception of reality? Every part of your emotional reality is a projection. Your emotions colour every experience. Your emotional reaction to what happens projects that very energy onto the very thing you are reacting to. This perception is what creates your relationship with others and your environment. Let us focus on our relationships with others and how we perceive them.

If someone continually behaves in a certain manner towards you, you form a perception of them based upon your experience with them. You come to believe them to be a certain way. This belief will manifest certain internal or external emotional reactions within yourself. Every time you react – you strengthen your belief in this perception of them and you also either energetically or actually strengthen their belief in their perception of themselves. In relationships patterns begin to form between people and these patterns once they become ingrained may reach out into other relationships as that particular energy begins to build. 

You can change what you receive from other people, by seeing beyond the surface reactions. So, how do you do this? Here I would like to note our aim is not to ‘change’ people, but to inspire the best in them to experience a more fulfilling and connected relationship. Your emotional projections and expectations have power! You can choose what image you would like to project onto the people in your life. I find it best to create these projections during meditation, when I can center my mind and place my full emotional focus upon creating the desired image, however with more awareness and personal power you can do this whilst interacting with these people. It is wise to accept situations as they occur and focus upon creating a new projection in your meditation space. If someone has a firmly ingrained emotional reaction then it will take time to change.

The idea is that you present other people with a new image of self, a new mirror, by perceiving them differently. I find that by creating the energies in meditation before relating with a specific person, I literally put energy behind me. The key to the process is really believing in what you are projecting. This appears to be easy when working with negatives, but proves difficult at times when you are continually tested with a certain behavior in another person. 

So what do you want to experience with people? 

Step One

Choose someone you would like to work with.

Step Two

Note which behavior you would most like to change in them and what instead you would like to experience through them.

Step Three

Mentally take yourself into that space where they are playing out the negative behavior. Now in this space take your attention off their behavior and into your own self. How do you feel? What is your reaction? What is your ‘behavior’ in return. Feel your emotions, honor them and accept responsibility for them. Why does their behavior produce this reaction? Can you come to understand yourself? What is happening? What thoughts, beliefs and feelings are you holding onto that is preventing you from flowing freely through this situation in acceptance? Step Four involves taking responsibility for your emotions and processing them yourself without projecting blame onto the other person and defining and colouring them in a particular light. Step Four is about beginning to change yourself as opposed to the other person. 

Step Five

Look at the other person. Look at their behavior  Ask yourself, what energy is behind that behavior? Why do they react in that way? Is it through a lack of trust, feelings of insecurity or self doubt. Self punishment through lack of self worth or do they feel ugly or undeserving. Are they lonely, disconnected or suffering some illness? Is there fear, an inability to communicate or share? Here there is no right or wrong answer as what you see is what you project and it is your projection/perception that we are wanting to change. So choose to work with the projection you see most clearly in this other person.

Step Six

Self Awareness – Do you see that energy, not the behavior, but the energy behind the behavior, in yourself? In what way does it manifest in you?

Step Seven

Decide what new energy you would like to project. This is a gift that you offer to the other person and as you create it and experience it you receive it also within yourself. So choose an energy – Self worth, receptivity, trust, surrender, peace, love, openness, forgiveness. Or choose an image and note the emotions that build the whole picture. Note here that you are not interfering with another person – you are healing your perception of them!

Step Eight.

Enter meditation and begin to visualise this person in a new light. Imagine them as this new strong person, see them experience the new emotions, imagine how they would feel, how they would act and behave. Visualise their posture, how they relate to their world and other people. Take the full force of your emotional power into this situation. If you are creating confidence, feel that confidence in yourself and project it onto the other person, seeing them in your mind as a confident strong person, imagining them taking new decisive actions and behaving in a manner that displays that confidence. Or if you want them to be more accepting, you imagine their body softening and their posture becoming open and receptive, you see them loving and embracing you, you see them in a state of acceptance and experience your reaction to this new behavior as if it were real. The Key to this is to really believe and really feel your projection. If you don’t, then see yourself believing, see your body acting as if it believes, Imagine yourself really feeling and connecting with the process and being good at it. 

Step Nine

What do you do if your negative feelings are so strong that you cannot create and expect the positive? Keep at it and work from where you are at. Honestly look at the steps you need to take in order to change yourself and experience a better relationship with this chosen other. Choose an energy you can work with. Use your emotional strengths to take you closer to the energy you would like to experience. For example in a love relationship, there may be a need to focus on forgiveness and patience before you can create romance. Or you may need to create romance in order to focus on forgiveness. You may need to focus on creating emotional release, connection and communication to create harmony and peace, But you can also create harmony and peace to create release and communication. You may need to create support, security and stability before creating freedom and pleasure. Or you may focus on Freedom and Spontaneity to encourage a belief in security. You may need to create personal space and boundaries, before creating personal power, communication and understanding. There are no set rules or emotional formula, you simply have to work from where you are at and build your new picture of self gradually. Over time your perception of self and other will change as your meditations manifest and your expectations and beliefs alter.

Step Ten

Notice the changes in your reality and take every opportunity to act in faith of that which you are creating. Your action confirms your beliefs and accelerates your manifestations. However, there is no need to rush or force the process, your patience is also an action that confirms your trust in the process.

Understanding and Creating your Reality.

Through focusing upon the reality that you would like to experience you draw that reality into your existence. Each of your thoughts holds great power and creates an emotional reaction within your body. This emotional reaction sets up a point of attraction that begins to flow into your world. Therefor how you feel is everything! When you react negatively to a situation you send out a signal that says – This is how this experience makes me feel, Then depending on how much emotion you powered into that specific situation, every time that situation comes to you, you feel the same reaction. This reaction usually promotes an equal and opposite reaction and every time it manifests, your emotional experience intensifies.

So what do you do? You take emotional responsibilty within the situation. You ACCEPT how you feel. Once you can allow yourself to feel that feeling without projecting outward blame for your chosen emotional reaction, you allow that emotion to flow through you. When you can BE with an emotion you empower yourself to make a choice. When you can make an emotional choice – You become a manifestor! You empower yourself to choose which energy you would like to channel into parts of your life.

You can apply this idea to every aspect of your life. You create your internal world all by yourself, so whatever is happening externally you can ALWAYS choose what emotion you would like to create within. So how do you choose these emotions when often they appear to arise out of nowhere? It is important to note here that your emotions are triggered by your thoughts and your thoughts, which are reactions and perceptions of reality arise from the beliefs you have formed through your life. A belief is formed through a continuation of experiences.

We must take ourselves into our beliefs and challenge them by beginning to look at our external world from a different angle. This process takes time (or so I believe – lol!) Here I will give you an example.

You have a child. Your child behaves badly. You see them whining and complaining and feeling bad. Because you beleive what you see, you may react to this situation and try to manage or control it. You may emotionally react into it. All of these choices affirm that your child is a particular way and you believe they are this way because this is what you SEE! However, what you see is upon the surface, what you see is a manifestation of your reality of your energy of your expectations and your beleifs. What is really going on here? The energy that you cannot allow to flow through yourself is manifesting in your external world. The first step is to BE with this energy, to ACCEPT it and ALLOW it to come into you and to flow through you. Allow yourself to FEEL this ENERGY, to accept this energy as part of yourself. Then, LET IT GO. Now, depending on how much resistance and personal power you have is how long this process will take.

At this point if you find it difficult to FEEL and ACCEPT this emotion, then you need to focus upon strengthening aspects of your personality that will enable you to remain fluid and peaceful within this energy. If you cannot HANDLE the emotion, your perception, your reality, your belief is this – I AM WEAK

So here you recognise that it is YOU who is WEAK who is complaining, who is whining – You dont like and resist what you see because you are not strong enough to accept what is happening, allow energy to flow and empower youself to take the action and feel the feeling that will assist your mirror in ACCEPTING and FLOWING.

Here, you are now looking to change yourself and not the other person. This other person can be a whining child, an angry lover, a selfish spouse… etc, Can you ACCEPT and BE with these energies and if not, why not? How does it feel to allow these energies to flow to you? Can you handle it? Looking at the truth of what is really happening right here, right now, is the first step towards changing it. So let us first work with ourselves. Let us begin to see ourselves differently and thus experience new emotions in those around us.

So with this in mind, when you emotionalyl react to someone else’s behaviour you can follow these steps:

Step One

How do you feel? Attempt to look at your own feelings honestly. Instead of looking at what is wrong in the other person, find the weakness in yourself that blocks you from supporting, understanding and experiencing their behaviour in peace. What feelings are you holding onto, experiencing or beleiving in yourself that are disabling you from feeling peace with this person.

Step Two

Decide which emotions you need to strengthen within yourself in order to reach an understanding within this situation with this person.

examples of personality traits (emotional energies) that may need working on:

Communication and expression – building confidence in these areas.

Self beleif – Beleiving in the validity of your feelings and words.

Self Belief – Beleiving in your ability to simply let go.

Feeling safe and secure.

Feeling loved and supported.

Removing fear of standing up for oneself.

Having the courage to face things.

Removing fear of confrontation

Accepting another and removing inner judgement to choose peace.

Recognising your own self worth, beauty, qualities.

Allowing yourself to feel, emotional release.

Being honest and open

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Acceptance of self.

There are so many examples here I could go on forever. It is your job to look honestly within yourself and decide which aspect of self you need to focus on in order to move through the behaviour of the other person towards peace.

Step 3

Visualise and manifest your desired reality. Imagine your new self with the desired qualities in this situation with the other person. Take yourself into the experience and connect with it emotionally as if it were real. Imagine yourself acting out your desired emotional strengths and experiencing them with this other person. Visualise the other person being receptive, listening, understanding, being open, compassionate and kind. You really do have creative license here. It is your reality! What would you like to experience? Create it.


Making things work!

So what to do when things don’t go according to plan?

Everything always goes perfectly to plan in order teach everyone involved whatever they need to learn. So don’t blame anything external to yourself. Look within. If there are others involved, look deeper at them. Everyone is always trying their best with the awareness, capabilities and resources they have.

You can use your power to overthrow, squash or control others, which may get you results but if your actions don’t come from the right place it will lead to further suffering down the line. By taking responsibility for that which occurs in your life, you can learn to work with your soul lessons and thus transform your present moment and future events.

So what do you need to learn? This is going to be different for each of us at different times in different situations.

Step 1

Take full responsibility – Be aware of how you feel and take full responsibility for these feelings.

Step 2

Look at what positive emotions would build a better picture to create the outcome you desire.

Step 3

You need to have all the emotional elements in place in order for your desires to manifest. Focus on triggers that build these emotions and paint a visualisation in your mind of the desired outcome. Be aware when visualising which emotions you can connect with and feel powerfully and emotions that are weak in relation to your desired goal. This should give you a clear idea of which areas you need to work on.

Step 4 

As well as doing a full visualisation of your desired goal you can work upon visualisations that build the emotions you need to strengthen.

Continue this work and you will gain more awareness and personal power within your life lessons.