How to change what you attract from others!

As you read this be aware of your self. Look at yourself with honesty. You have within you all aspects of human nature. Which parts of yourself do you feed with your mind? Today look to your strengths, believe in your strengths, feel them, focus upon them, admire them and see yourself applying them.

Every time you act upon your weaknesses you strengthen your belief in them. Each time you act upon your strengths you strengthen your belief in them.

The greatest challenge in this area is when others see the worst in you, when they point the finger and feed your faults. They are literally projecting an image onto you with feeling and literally creating this in you. However, whatever they are giving I can assure you they are receiving. When someone projects onto you, it is only your doubt in yourself that stops you reflecting back your desired image and healing their perception. There are a few rules you must follow when manifesting positive feedback through others.

a) You must release your attachment to the outcome.

In manifesting, attaching yourself to a specific outcome is not accepting what is. You cannot create from a place of non acceptance. In attaching yourself to a desired behaviour in others you are giving your power to them by saying you cannot what you want to be unless they behave differently. You are allowing their thoughts to control your own perception of self. Your power is within you! not them! They have no power over you! Release your need for approval and acceptance and focus upon approving of and accepting the self.

c) Manifestation takes place in a space of allowing.

d) Place no time limit on your desired outcome.

You and others must pass through all the relevant lessons before arriving at the desired outcome. Any frustration with time is an indication of doubt, non acceptance and non allowing – So if you are not seeing results – you need to stand in more faith, work on accepting what is and allow things to unfold in their own time. Can you see anger in someone and instead see them (and beleive it!) at peace? Can you look upon hatred in someone and see them ‘in love’? This is what is expected of you as a manifester. You must see it and you must beleive it, you must feel it within yourself in order to be able to project it onto another. If its not there yet, you’ve not completed your own process – so get back to work!

b) You must allow energy to flow freely.

You must have power over the energy you want to remove. If you cannot embrace it, feel it and accept it, you cannot move through it. Remember – what you resist persists. As long as your feeling powerful reactive thoughts to someones behaviour or perception, then that is what you will continue to manifest from them. You are placing that expectation in them. The greater your emotion and focus, the more powerful your manifestation. Your emotions must be honoured, felt and released. In reacting to someones behaviour/perception you place faith it. If you have feelings you have got to flow through them. This may mean you react and express, but whilst this process occurs keep refocusing your mind and heart on seeing and believing what you want to see! Your true and honest reaction and expression can begin the process of changing their perception and your own. Whatever you place your faith in at this time is what will materialise at this time! This changes as you grow. Each time you express and react – you both learn something, you both grow, you both move closer to the light – keep going – keep believing, dont ever give up and get stuck in the energy. You cannot move forwards if you deny your own emotional process. When you are truly ready to be in peace it will occur naturally. You cannot force yourself to be something against your nature. Going through your emotional process teaches you the lessons you need to gain the understanding you need in order to finally let go in peace. Until then, you are in process and whatever you pass through you must learn to accept.

So how do you flow through a sticky situation.

a) Honour the other person. Each and everyone of us is entitled to choose our thoughts and feelings in freedom. If you are attached to wanting someone to behave in a speific manner, you are not allowing them freedom. You are not accepting and allowing.

b) Release them – Controlling another person will bring you fake results. It may make your life temporarily easier but will cause disease and frustration in the other person as they are having to surpress their emotions and live a lie.

c) Focus on what you would like to receive from them. Feel it, believe it…. Receive it.

When you begin to focus on receiving the best in someone else – you are giving the energy you want to receive and thus it must occcur. As you expect better from them – You expect better from yourself.

It may take some time for your new perception to materialise. You have to move through the phases of doubt, fear and frustration. It is your beliefs that manifest and if you act into your negative beliefs, you will simply keep manifesting them. You may say here: But that is what I see – that person is like that!!! Keep affirming it and you’ll keep manifesting it!!! You have to see beyond what is there. You have to beleive 100% in the positive to be able to remove the negative. What do you expect to receive through this person.

You may find yourself unwilling to see the light in another person. This brings you to forgiveness. Are you willing to set this person free from your negative projection (expectation)? Are you willing to set yourself free from their negative projection (expectations)? Do you want to feel good with this person? If the answer is no, there is no forgiveness, no allowing, no acceptance and no freedom. To remove your pain – you must remove theirs. it is law! You cannot receive without giving!


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