Making things work!

So what to do when things don’t go according to plan?

Everything always goes perfectly to plan in order teach everyone involved whatever they need to learn. So don’t blame anything external to yourself. Look within. If there are others involved, look deeper at them. Everyone is always trying their best with the awareness, capabilities and resources they have.

You can use your power to overthrow, squash or control others, which may get you results but if your actions don’t come from the right place it will lead to further suffering down the line. By taking responsibility for that which occurs in your life, you can learn to work with your soul lessons and thus transform your present moment and future events.

So what do you need to learn? This is going to be different for each of us at different times in different situations.

Step 1

Take full responsibility – Be aware of how you feel and take full responsibility for these feelings.

Step 2

Look at what positive emotions would build a better picture to create the outcome you desire.

Step 3

You need to have all the emotional elements in place in order for your desires to manifest. Focus on triggers that build these emotions and paint a visualisation in your mind of the desired outcome. Be aware when visualising which emotions you can connect with and feel powerfully and emotions that are weak in relation to your desired goal. This should give you a clear idea of which areas you need to work on.

Step 4 

As well as doing a full visualisation of your desired goal you can work upon visualisations that build the emotions you need to strengthen.

Continue this work and you will gain more awareness and personal power within your life lessons.


4 thoughts on “Making things work!

  1. hello:)

    I agree with a lot of these posts, yet I have a question. I work part time at a job with many young people who have autism, schizophrenia, etc. One of these is a boy with autism at 11 years old, also having diabetes and epilepsy. He physically hurts the people around him most of the time, every other weekend he is at our job, as a relief to his parents. The rest of the time, they are dealing with him plus working to pay the bills. This kid is self harming also, he hits his brother and is basically uncontrollable.

    I’m in deep fascination of the universe, I have experience multiple manifestations of my dreams – yet my example above is what confuses me. There is no way his parents will get relief any time soon. No way they can “get rid” of this problem. I feel so sorry for them, and cannot control my emotions either – I simply can’t comprehend how horrible it must be to have a child like that. I guess I’m writing this because I am curious about your take on it. Do you think e-v-e-r-y mental disorder can be healed? One thing is to accept our feelings and thoughts but it’s really quite another to go through physical pain and physical acting out 24/7. It really is!

    • Hi Katrine, Thank you for your comment. There are many circumstances in our world that severely test our beliefs and our faith in people and their ability to change. I do feel that change is possible and that no person should be denied the possibility of change or growth. However transformation comes from a place of acceptance followed by new expectations supported with absolute faith. Our ability to accept, allow and believe in certain circumstances seems beyond our current capabilities due to our conditioning. It is important for us to have a clear understanding of where we are and what IS possible and work in steps to move towards our desired space. His parents deserve Relief and that is an energy I would focus on manifesting and feeling around them. I do have answers coming through for this situation. Would you like me to email my answer personally or post on the blog? xxx

      • hello again, thank you for your answer. I feel I understand a bit more of what you mean! I would love for you to email me the answer – but if the answer is something that would benefit several people, then it’s up to you if you think it’s blog-worthy 😉

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