Understanding and Creating your Reality.

Through focusing upon the reality that you would like to experience you draw that reality into your existence. Each of your thoughts holds great power and creates an emotional reaction within your body. This emotional reaction sets up a point of attraction that begins to flow into your world. Therefor how you feel is everything! When you react negatively to a situation you send out a signal that says – This is how this experience makes me feel, Then depending on how much emotion you powered into that specific situation, every time that situation comes to you, you feel the same reaction. This reaction usually promotes an equal and opposite reaction and every time it manifests, your emotional experience intensifies.

So what do you do? You take emotional responsibilty within the situation. You ACCEPT how you feel. Once you can allow yourself to feel that feeling without projecting outward blame for your chosen emotional reaction, you allow that emotion to flow through you. When you can BE with an emotion you empower yourself to make a choice. When you can make an emotional choice – You become a manifestor! You empower yourself to choose which energy you would like to channel into parts of your life.

You can apply this idea to every aspect of your life. You create your internal world all by yourself, so whatever is happening externally you can ALWAYS choose what emotion you would like to create within. So how do you choose these emotions when often they appear to arise out of nowhere? It is important to note here that your emotions are triggered by your thoughts and your thoughts, which are reactions and perceptions of reality arise from the beliefs you have formed through your life. A belief is formed through a continuation of experiences.

We must take ourselves into our beliefs and challenge them by beginning to look at our external world from a different angle. This process takes time (or so I believe – lol!) Here I will give you an example.

You have a child. Your child behaves badly. You see them whining and complaining and feeling bad. Because you beleive what you see, you may react to this situation and try to manage or control it. You may emotionally react into it. All of these choices affirm that your child is a particular way and you believe they are this way because this is what you SEE! However, what you see is upon the surface, what you see is a manifestation of your reality of your energy of your expectations and your beleifs. What is really going on here? The energy that you cannot allow to flow through yourself is manifesting in your external world. The first step is to BE with this energy, to ACCEPT it and ALLOW it to come into you and to flow through you. Allow yourself to FEEL this ENERGY, to accept this energy as part of yourself. Then, LET IT GO. Now, depending on how much resistance and personal power you have is how long this process will take.

At this point if you find it difficult to FEEL and ACCEPT this emotion, then you need to focus upon strengthening aspects of your personality that will enable you to remain fluid and peaceful within this energy. If you cannot HANDLE the emotion, your perception, your reality, your belief is this – I AM WEAK

So here you recognise that it is YOU who is WEAK who is complaining, who is whining – You dont like and resist what you see because you are not strong enough to accept what is happening, allow energy to flow and empower youself to take the action and feel the feeling that will assist your mirror in ACCEPTING and FLOWING.

Here, you are now looking to change yourself and not the other person. This other person can be a whining child, an angry lover, a selfish spouse… etc, Can you ACCEPT and BE with these energies and if not, why not? How does it feel to allow these energies to flow to you? Can you handle it? Looking at the truth of what is really happening right here, right now, is the first step towards changing it. So let us first work with ourselves. Let us begin to see ourselves differently and thus experience new emotions in those around us.

So with this in mind, when you emotionalyl react to someone else’s behaviour you can follow these steps:

Step One

How do you feel? Attempt to look at your own feelings honestly. Instead of looking at what is wrong in the other person, find the weakness in yourself that blocks you from supporting, understanding and experiencing their behaviour in peace. What feelings are you holding onto, experiencing or beleiving in yourself that are disabling you from feeling peace with this person.

Step Two

Decide which emotions you need to strengthen within yourself in order to reach an understanding within this situation with this person.

examples of personality traits (emotional energies) that may need working on:

Communication and expression – building confidence in these areas.

Self beleif – Beleiving in the validity of your feelings and words.

Self Belief – Beleiving in your ability to simply let go.

Feeling safe and secure.

Feeling loved and supported.

Removing fear of standing up for oneself.

Having the courage to face things.

Removing fear of confrontation

Accepting another and removing inner judgement to choose peace.

Recognising your own self worth, beauty, qualities.

Allowing yourself to feel, emotional release.

Being honest and open

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Acceptance of self.

There are so many examples here I could go on forever. It is your job to look honestly within yourself and decide which aspect of self you need to focus on in order to move through the behaviour of the other person towards peace.

Step 3

Visualise and manifest your desired reality. Imagine your new self with the desired qualities in this situation with the other person. Take yourself into the experience and connect with it emotionally as if it were real. Imagine yourself acting out your desired emotional strengths and experiencing them with this other person. Visualise the other person being receptive, listening, understanding, being open, compassionate and kind. You really do have creative license here. It is your reality! What would you like to experience? Create it.



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