Creation of Conscience, Opportunity and Responsibility.

Creating the energies of Conscience, Opportunity and Responsibility in a Relationship with a Chosen Other.


This person has a very clear conscience because they take right action. You see this person knowing the difference between right and wrong. You see them caring about the way others feel and understanding the effects of their actions on others. This person thinks about their actions and makes positive choices in line with their thinking. You see them acting on their conscience. You see them choosing to act upon their strengths and positive qualities. You see this person choosing to share, choosing to be kind, loving and generous. You see this person as forgiving and able to let go. You see this person is motivated to do the right thing. They honor other people and are a pleasure to be around. This person sleeps peacefully because their conscience is so clear. They have the power and ability to honor their conscience and do the right thing. You imagine and viusualise this person surrounded by others who are willing to take right action so that this person feels inspired and guided towards the right path. You see that this person is taught right action and feeling by those around them. You asign no blame to this person’s choices, seeing that they are learning and can only do that which they have been taught by the choices of those around them. This person deserves to receive compassion and understanding teamed with guidance and direction. You imagine being a guide for this person by taking right action yourself, by not only acting upon your conscience but choosing the correct emotional reactions that are in line with your moral beliefs.You teach this person about conscience by being conscious, by knowing right from wrong and then acting upon that truth both internally and externally. You become this person’s guide as they become yours. They allow you to guide them to teach you and provide you with an opportunity of growth, understanding and learning,


When you are with this person and they behave ‘out of line’ with what you want or desire, you recognise the opportunity they have just provided you with. This person in their own way, in their own choices of error are guiding you, asking them to show you truth. This is an opportunity that you are grateful to have. You see this person as an opportunity. You see them as patient beneath the lesson they are teaching you. You see how THEY are guiding YOU through the error of their ways. They are asking you to show you the right path through emitting the right vibration and taking the right choices. You honor this opportunity and feel gratitude and generosity towards this person. You feel grateful for them in every cell of your body. You are in absolute appreciation of them and ALL of their actions and choices.


You see this person taking responsibility  They do not project blame or take things upon their shoulders. They recognise the error of their choices and perceptions and allow their emotions to flow freely within them. You notice that they are able to handle and deal with anything. They feel light and free. You can imagine this person experiencing an inner freedom as they realise that others possess no power over their inner world. They look relaxed, calm and confident.


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