Projecting Positive Emotions and Expectations onto Others

Projecting Positive Emotions and Expectations onto Others

For each energy – choose a person who you see as the opposite to the desired energy and now project a new image onto that person. The people in your life are cinema screens – your mind is the projector. Your perception of others is coloured by your own emotional process. And remember whatever you project onto them is what you are creating within your self, so as you give, you receive!

Quote – If you cannot see god in all – You cannot see god at all – What you see is what you are. Clean up your projections and you clean up yourself!

Self Control
I see this person in absolute control of their emotional self – they are able to process their thoughts, understand clearly what is happening and let emotions go. I see this person as strong and disciplined. They have the ability to relax and let things go. I see them taking a deep breathe and allowing that breathe to loosen their body and free the restrictive thoughts from their mind. This person has control over the thoughts they choose to think. they are relaxed and confident. Their confidence and self belief is strengthened as they realise they are in control of their emotional self. I see this person as self controlled. I believe this person has the ability to choose their thoughts at will. I see this person taking control of their mind and focusing their thoughts in a constructive and positive manner. I see this person’s confidence growing in their ability to guide and focus their mind. This person is becoming deeply relaxed as they master their ability to control their emotional self.

Creative Power
This person understands how energy works. They recognise their ability to create their world and reactions in others through the thoughts they are thinking and the feelings they are vibrating. This person is wise and knowledgeable  They see things very clearly. They recognise their power to create their world. You see this person taking control of their mind and then harnessing their creative power to create the experiences they desire. You see this person stepping into the faith of their creative power. You see this person using their creative power to create positive results in their life. This person now feels incredibly empowered. They stand in their power and focus their mind to create their reality. This person is smiling at realisation of how things work. This person has incredible creative power and has the ability and personal power to use this power to their advantage. This person makes a choice of what to focus upon, of what to feel. They have the ability to choose the creations they desire. They have the power to channel their creative power in a positive and fulfilling manner that not only serves themselves, but those around them. You see how powerful this person is. You respect and honor their power. You are grateful for their wisdom and their ability to create light in your world. You see them thinking wonderful thoughts about you and expecting good things from you. You see this person creating and projecting and seeing light in you. This person knows they are creating through seeing what is already there. They like the feeling of creating so they spend more time focusing their mind in this way. They feel totally inspired within their creative power and are always able to see the light in all situations.

Self Belief
This person stands in absolute faith of their worth and value. You see that they believe in the best of themselves. They are capable, with great inner strength. You recognise in them the ability to deal with any and all situations. You see this person can handle their emotions. They are able to process their emotions in a way that releases them from pain and suffering. This person stands up for themselves and emits a powerful attractive energy. They are full of light and personal power. This person is wise and knowledgeable and they recognise these qualities within themselves  They see that they are full of light, full of positivity and they believe in the absolute best of themselves. They look to all their qualities and feel strong and powerful and capable. They know they are good enough and they stand in the strengths of their soul. You enjoy being around this person because they have such a powerful positive energy. They have faith that they can achieve whatever they have set out to do. They have faith in their body. They have faith in their actions and faith in the process of life. This is a strong and powerful person. You see that they have absolute faith in themselves, in their qualities and in their ability to grow a little lighter each and every day.


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