Keeping your Heart Open

Whatever is happening in your external world you can make a choice to keep your heart open and thus support your health and maintain a positive vibration. So how can you do this? Focus upon keeping your heart open, feeling any pain and filling it with love and acceptance.

Bring your awareness to the back of you neck and visualise a deep green light flowing through the skin, feel this area relaxing and loosening as the light penetrates deep into the tissue. Imagine the light massaging and releasing any tension or tightness from this area and you allow yourself to relax, You let go of whatever thoughts and feelings you are holding onto by focusing upon your breathe. With each breath out you allow your body to relax deeper. Your whole body softens and you become open and receptive to seeing things clearly. The light travels through the the veins and the nerves in this area both strengthening and supporting. As this light travels through your neck, you feel the whole area loosening and relaxing. You allow yourself to accept whatever you are perceiving at this present time. You accept the way things are and continue to relax and soften this area of your body. The green light now travels through your vocal cords, voice box, windpipe and into the front part of your neck, flowing down through your chest and spreading out filling this space. 

You take a deep breath in and absorb this light into your lungs and heart. This feels good. Your heart is strengthened. Your capacity to love increases. You have a strong and powerful heart and the ability to love no matter what knocks you. Your heart beats powerfully, wanting to live, wanting to love. You recognise and see what a powerful heart you have. The green light fills every part of your healthy heart, soothing and healing. It flows through the walls and into your arteries. You allow love to flow freely though this space 


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