Self Appreciation

Look at your self right now in a positive light. Look to all the things you have done well this week. Look at everything you have achieved, however big or small. You are an amazing person who deserves to be both loved and appreciated. 

Now look at all the ways in which you feel you failed this week, let yourself or others down. Now imagine how much better you would have done in those moments if you had received more love, more appreciation and more support. Your failings are not your fault. When you look at yourself in a negative light you are beginning to cut off all the ways in which you could energetically receive more support love and care and thus making your challenges even harder. 

So, whatever mistakes you feel you have made, today, yesterday, this week, last week, last month, last year, in your whole life. You are going to let them go, you are going to forgive yourself, you are letting go, you are forgiving yourself. You cannot do better until you are better and you cannot be more and give more without allowing yourself to receive more. 

This is not a selfish game we play here. When you are angry or frustrated with yourself, it becomes a burden for those around you, whether you choose to internally or externally project your feelings onto them. By seeing the light in yourself you are able to see more light in others. When you think and believe you are good enough, you will stop berating others either with your thoughts or actions. 

So let us look upon ourselves and others in light. Let us see the best in ourselves and those around us. Lets play the appreciation game. Don’t fear, you don’t have to punish yourself and others so that lessons can be learnt – use the power of appreciation to draw out all the positive elements. In this way you are supporting and encouraging yourself and others. 

Lets start with you.

Look at yourself and tell yourself that you deserve to be loved, you deserve to receive. Imagine opening yourself up to receive and allow love to flow through you. See yourself relaxing, opening your heart. Your muscles soften as you relax your mind. You are going to allow yourself to receive more. you let go of any tension you hold in your body and relax the muscles on your face. You are relaxing, you feel relaxed, you see yourself as relaxed. You feel very comfortable in yourself. You are able to let go of any past hurts that you have both inflicted or received. Now is a new moment and you are going to start again in faith that you are worthy, that you are good enough. You look to all the positive aspects of yourself. You recognise how hard you try, how much you give and how willing you are, you see yourself as supportive caring and kind. You see that you think good thoughts about yourself and others. You see all the light there is within and around you.You feel better and better in every second the more you read and absorb these words into your consciousness. You see that you are intelligent. You are focused and disciplined. You see and recognise the times when you are emotionally stable, competent and forgiving. You recognise how much you have to give and how much others receive through you. You notice your individual gifts and pleasant personality traits. You see that you are a happy person. You have a wonderful smile and an open heart. You see yourself as open and welcoming, kind and generous. You love yourself. You can see what a deserving soul you are. You continue to appreciate yourself and look to all the qualities you have. You know that there are many people out there who would love to have many of your gifts, talents and qualities. So you are grateful for being you. You are a truly divine person who is a pleasure to be around. You imagine being around others and people love being around you.

Being around others

The people that connect with you feel comfortable and open in your present. You notice how the people around you are relaxed and peaceful. They feel protected in your energy and are able to open and share themselves freely. You see yourself as happy confident and relaxed. You are accepting of others and you see yourself as warm and welcoming. People are drawn towards you like flies to a light. They enjoy being in your presence and buzz of your positive vibe. This feels good. So you focus further and further upon your great social skills. You notice that you are seeing too the light in those around you. You are seeing them as relaxed, you are seeing them as open, you are seeing them as appreciative. So this is not a selfish or arrogant game. The light is shared and spread inwards and outwards. You are noticing that others are a pleasure to be around, that you feel relaxed and open in their company. You are able to be yourself and by this I mean the best of yourself. You are able to relax and be open. You are able to shine your light and your truth. And your truth is wonderful. You are able to shine. You are confident, generous and open. You are considerate towards others and understanding and respectful of there wishes. People love being around you because you love being around them . Your heart is glowing generating the power and warmth of a fire. The openess and warmth of your heart fills your entire body with light. You feel this warmth spreading through your body bringing wonderful healing and relaxing energy to every cell in your body. You love feeling like this. You recognise and see very clearly that you are creating this experience by making a choice on what to think and thus how to feel. You notice that negative thoughts about yourself and others serve only to cripple and destroy. You do have the power to be in the light. You do have the power to see the light! You are the light. You CAN be the light. You ARE the light. And as you become the light, as you accept the light, you see it in others. You see how much light is flowing within them. Everyone in your world brings you warmth and energy.

Choose one person.

Notice how open and loving this person. Think of and see this person in a positive light. Look at all their amazing qualities. This person is a true gift in your life. You love them and you CAN appreciate them. You want them to see their own light. You want them to feel good about themselves. You see them looking to all the best bits about themselves. You see them realising their worth and value. You see this approach strengthens them, makes them more able to give to you, to trust you, to open to you. They are a pleasure to be around. You see that they ARE relaxed, they DO feel comfortable. You like this person a lot. They are a pleasure to be around. You feel comfortable with each other. You relax yourself and allow things to be as they are. You can only see and notice things you appreciate when you are around this person. When you are around this person, your focus is 100% positive. If there are negatives – you dont see them, you don’t draw them into your reality through focusing upon them – you are able to let them go unnoticed. Your focus is upon the light, upon that which is positive! You love this moment that YOU are creating with your own mind! You are a gift to yourself and to this person. You are worthy of receiving their love. You are worthy of being loved. There is so much about you to love. You like being loved, you like smiling, you like being happy. You let all your conflict, dissapointents and frustrations go and you give this person the peace that they deserve, that you BOTH deserve. You relax – All is well. There is no need to discuss or resolve or talk out any issues. All you need to do to bring healing is to SEE and to FEEL the light, to step into the light in the faith that it is there, to welcome this person into your heart in absolute trust in their perfection. You are able to accept all that this person is, all that this person does. You LOVE this person with your whole heart and your love wraps around every difficulty, every moment of fear or indecision. Your energy is incredible. You notice it, you see it, you feel it, you create it! You believ in yourself. You believ in your light and you shine it out and share it with this person who IS worthy, who IS deserving. You see this person surrounded in light and you can see this person sees the best in you! They are noticing and seeing and feeling and enjoying all your positive qualities. They see you as a happy soul. They recognise who you are! They see the truth about you and the truth is that you are perfect – just the way you are! they accept you. They are able to make light of things, to laugh and be free within your relationship/friendship.

You believe that your relationship with this person can be easy. You see that it is easy. You believe in the best in yourself, in the other and in your relationship with them. You allow yourself to heal. You allow them to heal. You allow yourself to be happy. You allow them to be happy. You allow yourself to receive and oh boy – it feels good to receive! You allow them to receive through you. The relationship is filled with lightness, pleasure fun and happiness. The past is over, the past is irrelevant. It is this moment right here, right now that is important. And you have the discipline and focus to keep your mind, your heart and your emotions upon that which is light. You let faith carry you through. There is only light. You can continually focus upon the light in absolute faith that it is there. You have a true gift to do this. You see that this is easy to do. You like how easy it is to do. It is easy because iot feels good, because things are good. You keep your heart open and your mind light – You are FREE!!!!!

Be Happy!!!


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