Appreciating your partner, spouse, lover!

You look upon your partner with eyes of love and care. You are now going to appreciate everything that you love about your partner. Bring this person into your mind and lay your eyes upon them. Appreciate what you like about the way they look and dress. You notice and recognise how attractive and desirable you find them. Let these thoughts make you feel good. You like the way this person looks.

You now rest your eyes and mind upon all the attractive aspects of their personality and think about their qualities gifts and talents. What do you like so much about them – Focus upon this now. Focus upon feeling good whilst being around them because you are seeing all the things you like about this person. Your looking to all their positive attributes and recognising the good that is within them.

You have chosen to be with this person and you are going to believe in the best in them, see the best and attract the best from them. You think about all the things that inspire romance and love within you. What does this person say or do that makes you feel all warm and tingly inside. How do they make you giggle and smile and go weak at the knees. You allow yourself to receive, to be loved and to be open. You are receptive to teir gestures of love and you believe in their words when they say kind things. You have faith in this person. You feel this sense of faith and certainty as you look to all their strengths and positive traits. You love this person. In your mind you shower this person with your love and thoughts of appreciation.

You are 100 percent focused upon the things you like about this person. You run through your mind and focus upon each aspect, connecting with it emotionally, feeling it in your heart and allowing it to inspire that warm light in your chest. Your feeling romantic. You feeling generous and giving, You want to give your love freely and abundantly to this person. You feel as though this person deserves to receive, they deserve to be valued, loved and appreciated. You cherish this person as being precious to you. You are gentle with their heart and kind with your words.

You imagine surrounding them in a bubble of love and of light. You see they have great value and worth and you honor this in your actions, choices and words. You allow your self to fall in love, or deeper in love. You imagine now your eyes glazing over as you dream about the romance and love between you. This feels good, so you allow yourself to fall deeper. You trust this person. You see this person is trustworthy, honorable and deeply lovable. You cannot help but love this person, you cannot help but appreciate and desire them.

Your love for them washes over anything that stands in between you. You become blind to their faults and you feed energy into their strengths, choosing in this moment to simply love and appreciate them fully. You feel great passion and care for this person. You want them to feel loved and you enjoy sharing your love with them. This feels good.

You stand in the faith of your love for them and their love for you. Passion is ignited between you and you feel fortunate and happy to be together, to be sharing your life and to be connected. You allow love to open all doors inside and outside your relationship. You allow this love to spread into all areas of your life to inspire joy, connection and positive experiences. You enjoy being in love. When your in love, you feel good. When your appreciating this person, recognising their strengths and adoring their actions, you feel good. So you choose to feel good!

Stay connected!


The Possibility of Miracles!

Today is a new day. Each day follows on from the next and yet each day is individual in itself. Today does not determine and define tomorrow.Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is full of possibilities. Anything could happen. You set the intention to open your mind to new possibilities, the possibility of adventure and magic. You relax your mind now and allow your self to smile as you let your mind dream…

As you allow your mind to rest it’s attention on new possibilities, you let go of what is set out in your mind as your day tomorrow.You think for a moment of your emotional expectations, of your actual commitments and responsibilities,of plans you have made and definitions you have set. In your mind now you are going to let go of this and allow this part of your mind to empty and fill with space.

You now think of the day you have just experienced, all the actions and expressions that you and those around you have taken, you think of the days previous and decide that the way things have been do not define the way things will be. You realise that you can start afresh. You can let go. You can be free and you can expect your deepest dreams to materialise. 

Tomorrow is full of possibilities. Now imagine what those possibilities could be! Stretch your mind and explore your senses as you focus your vision upon creating an image of your desires. You are visualising that which you want to attract into your life without expectation of how it will arrive. You are simply exploring the possibility. You visualise every detail. You let time fall away. You allow your past and your present to detach as you focus your full attention upon the moment of your desire. You enjoy being in that moment. You enjoy receiving that moment. That moment is this moment. It is here and now – you feel this deeply,strongly, perfectly!

Tomorrow is a new day full of possibility! 

You are in this moment completely free of all restrictions and limitations. There is space all around you as you relax your body, centre your mind and release attachments. All things are possible. You draw your vision closer. You see very clearly what it is that you truly want and you feel that moment is here in this moment now.

You allow your mind to truly expand to include the possibility of miracles. What would constitute a miracle for you? Allow your mind to conceive it, allow yourself to believe it! Let it happen! 

The future is full of possibility! x Let the Magic Begin!!! x

Opening your Eyes to See what is Really there!

Focus your awareness upon your eyes and relax the muscles on your face. Allow your lips to loosen and relax. Let your mind calm and still as you focus your awareness upon your eyes. Loosen the back of your neck and allow the energy to flow freely through your throat. You mind begins to calm, your muscles begin to relax. Bring your awareness to the space between your eyes and allow this area to calm, soften, loosen and relax. You are going to see things clearly. Your vision and sight will be returned to you. You are now finding clarity within a space of confusion and fog. Life is going to become simple. Life is going to become easy. Life is abundant. There is no need for stress, tension, anxiety or worry. You are going to see this and become able and willing to relax and let go.

Visualise a white light spreading across your forehead. This light is now clearing all the clutter and junk from your mind, creating space between your thoughts. You are going to relax your mind. You are now relaxing your mind. Your mind is relaxed! This light flows through the skin, into the tissue before penetrating your skull and absorbing into the brain. It feels good. You allow your tension and fear to be be released.

There is nothing to fear. You must not fear the future or dwell upon the past. You must now place your attention upon the present moment. Upon the here and now. You are ready and willing to do this. You allow your mind to centre in the present moment, detaching yourself from expectations and memories, becoming aware of this minute right here right now. 

All is well! xxx


Journey to Financial Freedom – Part 3

Take a moment to sit in silence and reconnect with your centre. Free your mind from distractions, limiting thoughts and set expectations. You are going to receive! You are going to focus upon receiving and upon receptivity. You are going to open your heart and let life in. You are going to allow the future to unfold effortlessly providing wonderful opportunities, whilst you focus upon returning to your centre.

As you breathe inwards you imagine the world around you falling away, you detach from all the externals of your life as you focus your attention inwards. With each breath out you are letting go and releasing your fears, worries and set financial arrangements. Again breath in and feel your attention focusing internally upon you. There is only you and only this moment right here right now. In this moment you need for nothing but stillness. So you are able to relax and let go of all your financial ties. Visualise now yourself surrounded by images of your financial commitments – the bills, the wages, the commitments, the expectations, the plans that cost money, future arrangements and past experiences. Imagine these images swirling around you, each one attached to you by a cord. You are going to cut yourself free, so that you can feel free in this moment.

You bring your awareness now to your hips and see a purple light swirling around this area, it flows deep into your skin, veins, tissue, bones and muscle. It removes the ties that are attached here and sets you free. As the energy swirls through and around your hips, your hips begin to loosen and relax, your energy softens, the future feels bright. The purple light detaches these cords and swirls them back towards their owners. You are now free from these ties in this moment. In this moment you need for nothing but stillness. You embrace that stillness. You embrace detachment. You let things go from your thoughts so that you can feel free and act from a space of stillness, quiet and calm.

The purple light transforms into orange and swirls its way towards your heart. Here their lies a huge cord that seems to be sucking and puling the very life out of you. Here you now connect with your feelings of worry, of lack, of greed, tension and need for fulfillment.  Here you see that your heart is being pulled at by all the things you are wanting for, it is draining your life and disconnecting you from your soul and your wisdom. You are going to let go. You are going to choose to feel fulfilled within your present circumstances. You are going to release your heart and allow space for yourself to breathe. You set the intention to do this and take the time you need in order for this realignment to occur.

You are going to set yourself free. You imagine now the orange light flowing towards you, into your heart. The light travels down the huge tight thick cord and you can gradually, slowly feel the pull diminish, loosen and relax. The flow of life returns to you. You are allowing yourself to receice, to become full, to be fulfilled. Your attention is not upon reaching, grasping and wanting. Instead your intention lies upon receptivity, upon recognising that which you have, upon enjoying and appreciation of that which comes to you. You are accepting your current circumstances in a state of grace – choosing fulfillment over suffering. You are able now to relax and see things more clearly. You are creating a space for your life to be nourished, nurtured and to grow more rapidly and organically.

You are letting go and choosing freedom. You feel your heart relax and warm. You feel your body loosen and calm. You feel the pleasure of an empty mind, open to possibilities. You are open. You heart feels open. This area is now free, where there lies an open space awaiting to be filled with gifts.

You are ready to receive! xxxx

Listening to your Body

Take a moment to relax your mind and still your thoughts. Your body tals to you. It communicates messages to you with its reactions and processes. It tells you how you feel and what you need. Are you listening? Take a deep breath in and focus upon your ears. Allow your jaw to relax and with each breath out relax your throat and your neck. Now visualise a white light flowing through your ears, it flows throught the skin and the bone before entering the ear canal, passing throught he hairs, the drum and the cochlea. 

Your ears are cleansed and open. You are willing to listen. You are now going to open up communication with your body. Not through talking to it and telling it how you want it to, but by listening to its needs. What does it need. You take another breath in and allow this breath to travel deep down into your tummy. You relax your stomach muscles and your chest begins to open.

You are listening to your body, by connecting with it, feeling how it feels, allowing your senses to open and feel. You make time to do this on a regular basis. You allow yourself to be with your body and connect with how it feels. with your next breath in, you focus upon your heart and allow this space to fill with light and warmth. You allow your heart to open. 

Choose an area of your body now and focus your mind upon relaxing this area. With each breath in, breathe energy and light into this area. Visualise all the cells being filled with light and with energy. Connect with how this part of the body feels. Id their tightness, restriction, limitation, grasping, seperartion or stuckness? Imagine now space surrounding this area of your body.Imagine it feeling freedom, togetherness, relaxation, openness, love, passion, healing. 

Your body will tell you what it needs you to be thinking and feeling and then you can go about taking the right actions that will begin to generate these feelings and thus heal your body. xx

How to Make a Decision!

Centre your awareness in your solar plexus. Draw all of your energy and awareness into this space. This is your centre of power. You want to make your decisions from a place of power as opposed to one of fear. Before making your decision you are going to draw yourself into your power and focus upon your strength. You are a powerful and strong individual. See yourself in this light. Visualise yourself in great strength acting with great purpose and conviction. You believe in yourself and believe in the choices you make.

Place your hand over your solar plexus and begin to breathe. With the first breath visualise a yellow light filling this space, flowing through the skin and muscle into the nerves and tissue beneath. You are going to centre yourself, your mind begins to focus. You begin to feel centred, firm and secure. You like the way you feel. As you breathe out you set the intention to remove all fear. You imagine letting your fears, worries and insecurities go with each outward breath.

Again you breathe in and with each inward breathe, you draw in your strength and your personal power. You feel confident, sure and certain of yourself and your abilities to handle and deal with anything that arises. You are going to make your decision from this space of power and certainty. You are a powerful, strong and capable person who has the courage to be free and to face your life situations standing in a space of personal power and strength. You believe in your strengths!

As you breathe out, you visualise letting go of all the weaker aspects and perceptions of yourself, viewed in the past by you or those around you. You are going to let go of this internal perception and let go of how others have previously perceived you in your weaker moments.

You now take a powerful breath in and you see yourself as strong, capable and able. You have the ability to handle and deal with everything that arises with integrity and maturity. You are able to pass through spaces of difficulty or challenge effortlessly, standing in your strength, full of life and personal power. You are able to feel and accept your emotions allowing them to flow through you in a state of grace and acceptance. You feel peaceful in this state pf confidence. You are relaxed, honest and open. You stand up for yourself, speak your truth and allow compassion and kindness to fill your heart.

The people around you see that you are strong, they feel your energy and your presence. They respect you as they sense your personal power, strength and integrity. They recognise your wisdom and respect your confidence. You are going to make your decisions from this space of personal power.

Again you breathe out and you release any remnanats of weakness that have affected you in the past. Now when you breathe out, all you feel is peace, stillness and calm. You have clarity of mind. Your mind comes into absolute focus, centring upon your target, upon your answers, upon clarity and truth. You begin to feel a sense of certainty in your actions and decisions. All doubt dissapears as the truth unveils itself before your very eyes.

You are now ready to make your decision. With the next breath in you breath in this truth into your solar plexus and allow this peaceful calm energy to swirl deep into your nerves, centreing and calming your body and mind. You feel certain of yourself and the actions and choices you make. You are going to make a clear and definite decision and you are willing to follow through upon your decision in a state of commitment. You are wise, perceptive, honest and open.

You are calm, your mind is clear and you reside in a space of confidence.

You make your decision and move forward without hesitation! xxxx Peace! x

What to do when people F**K you Off!

Draw the person who is causing you grief into your mind. Rest your mind upon the situation that is aggravating you. You see how this person may have acted thoughtlessly, selfishly, mindlessly, how they may have hurt you, inconvenienced you, taken advantage of you, judged, condemned or punished you, bullied or mistreated you or pushed you beyond your limits. Focus your whole mind upon this person, upon this life experience and connect with your feelings. Feel your anger, feel your hurt, resentment pain or tears – Let your feelings flow. Do not deny or push your feelings away. Let them rise to the surface for recognition, understanding and release.

Why do you feel like this? What do you feel? Why can’t you let go? Do you hate them or want to punish them in return? It’s OK to have these feelings. Having these feelings is perfectly normal. Let them flow. You are not a bad person for having these feelings, however the next step is what makes all the difference…

Taking Responsibility. 

These feelings are all yours and belong to no one else. They are your choice of emotional reaction. Yes this person may have behaved badly, trampled all over you and ignored your boundaries, however a negative emotional reaction is not going to help you move forwards. You need to take positive, constructive action to improve your relationships. And yes this may take time and yes often the learning process is frustrating and time consuming, but if you focus forwards you are making an investment in your future to avoid the repetition of this suffering. If you lay fault and blame in others, you are denying your own power to resolve and succeed within these life experiences. Perhaps this has happened a thousand times before and your frustration is through the roof – you’ve had enough!!! Regardless, taking responsibility and letting go is your ticket out. If you’ve let things get quite out of control then it will take some practice and control to realign yourself, but it WILL happen. 

So the first step is understanding how you feel and why you feel that way. You recognise your feelings. Do you understand the other person? Can you see behind their actions and choices to the insecurities, fears and lack of awareness that lies beneath? Can you feel their pain, their need and their cry for help? If so, good! Second step acheived. If not, try and connect, try and feel and attempt to understood. Practice feeling and listening empathically. Attempt to understand before moving onto the next step.

The second step is dealing with the situation. If this is a close relationship, the chances are you are going to come up against this situation again, so lets tackle it NOW! If it is not, then you can still move forwards and avoid future suffering. This person has needs, however you are not put upon this earth to sacrifice yourself and deny your own needs. How is this person’s needs interfering with your own? 

Which needs are they denying you? Here you are going to recognise your needs. What are you being deprived or denied of. Look carefully at this point. Are you sacrificing your need to be nurtured, accepted  or your need for freedom or love? Are you sacrificing your need to be heard or valued? Are being deprived of your finances or being controlled and restricted? When you have evaluated what element of your life they are impinging upon, you can move onto the next step.

Let us choose an example. Lets say they are stopping you from being able to nurture yourself correctly. There are two valid points to make here. The first one is about taking responsibility for yourself. Recognise that you need to nurture yourself. Look at your life and honestly notice where you are making choices that are not in line with this idea, where are you careless with this aspect? Where do you trample and disrespect yourself? Look at your thoughts and notice where your thoughts are not focused upon this idea. Look at your interactions with others and notice where you deny the needs of others in this area? Getting the picture? Seeing things clearly! Now make a commitment to taking positive action to balance this area of your life!!! – Already doing this? Keep at it! Don’t give up! Recognise it’s a process and that you will experience your results gradually over a period of time in relation to the effort you are investing. Don’t try too hard – Be patient! It will come!

The second point that is vaild and worthy of recognition is that whatever need the other person is denying you of, is something they are not recognising and allowing for themselves. Thus, they need your guidance, support, care and understanding – not your blame, critisicm and revenge! 

So if this person needs to be nurtured, invest this energy into them,, if they need to feel more freedom then allow it for them, show them that it is OK to receive these things without guilt or sacrifice. Give to them whatever you wish to receive for yourself. I would add here, that you don’t need to set out on a mission to sort out this person’s life but simply be aware of this need and to honour it when the opportunity arises. To make an effort to make sure these needs are met when you have the opportunity to provide. Do not force yourself upon them, this is instead about altering and improving your energetic interaction with them, whilst sepereately building your own energies so you are able to give without feeling like it is a sacrifice.

As they learn to recognise their needs and receive more in this way, they begin to see and honour your needs to the same extent they honour their own…. life improves – we’re all happy! 

If you don’t know how to improve those needs, I recommend manifesting them through visualisation. Visualisaing yourself and the other person as being nurtured, experiencing freedom and forgiveness, and then acting upon your intentions. Recognise that the pain this person brings to you is that which they experience within themselves. Let them go, set them free and rise above it – Guide people – not punish them! xxx