Healing the Back

Visualise a white light flowing down your spinal cord – out into all the nerves that spread across your back. Your back is healthy and strong and you have the ability to support yourself financially and emotionally – always standing in your personal power. You imagine yourself now as a powerful and strong individual. You are always able to act upon that which you want to achieve. You are able to move through obstacles and fear without resistance or doubt. You can see now how clear and focused your mind has become and what a powerful and creative individual you are. Imagine this, visualise what it feels like to be this kind of person. How are you interacting with your world? You are ABLE! you can do anything. Allow this idea to absorb into you mind changing and altering your perception of self. You allow your perception of self to be altered. You CAN see yourself in a new light as a powerful strong and able bodied person.

See the light now flow through the muscles in the upper back – imagine all these muscles releasing and wobbling like jelly. Feel the energy move freely in this area – shaking things up. Now SMILE! let this smile spread across your face. Allow the warmth it generates to warm your face, brighten your eyes and flow into the depths of your heart. You are happy. You can be happy! you feel good. Life is good. Your heart generates a bright golden light with each and every beat. the light fills your heart with lightness and freedom. You imagine letting go of seeing things so seriously. All is well. You even have the ability to laugh and smile at the difficulties you face. Everything becomes simple and easy. Your chest loosens and relaxes as this golden light continues its never ending flow. It fills your chest and as you breathe in you can feel the energy spreading through your chest which is now opening up to receive. You feel sooooo good. You allow yourself to feel good.

You know and believe that today will bring good things. Imagine what you feel like in this state of knowing that good things are now unfolding. Your heart is opening. your chest is opening. You are safe. You trust that it is safe to open your heart and share of yourself. You are ready and willing to receive. Imagine this – feel this – visualise it! You are ready to have your life showered in many many blessings. You like it here. This world is a happy place. You feel so good.

The life generated by your heart now travels deep into your back, turning red and burning brightly. This red light removes any discomfort, fear or tears and you feel the energy flowing deep into the spinal cord and vertebrae of your upper back. You love your back. You feel emotionally supported by your own thinking patterns. You are completely free to think and feel whatever you want. You allow love to flow. You allow yourself to feel good. You support yourself with generous and loving thoughts. You feel positive about the present and most certainly about the future. Life is good. Your back is healthy and strong. You are powerful. You have the ability to keep your heart open – you are able and willing to receive. You like it here! Life is easy!!! You are safe!

Now imagine this deep red glow tickling its way down the rest of your spine. You imagine this as a funny sensation that makes you want to chuckle and smile. You are loosening up. You are freeing the tension. You allow your power to shine out into the world as you show your happy face to the whole world. You imagine that whoever you are with, whatever you are doing you are generating happiness and this happiness is being mirrored back to you by those around you. This builds a circle of happiness, a constant cycle that keeps coming back to you, the more you allow to flow through though you, the happier you become. Oh you do like it here. You can imagine yourself glowing, skipping and jumping about, feeling light and free and full of joy! Oh My! ;o)

This red light burns white and intensifies its energy as it flows deep into the center of your lower back. Here it brings peace and feelings of security. You are safe! You allow yourself to feel safe. You trust that you are safe. You get into the feeling of being secure. What does it feel like to feel secure. It is safe for you to let go. It is safe for you to be open. It is safe – you can trust! You begin to feel totally supported in this area. You imagine that the universe fully supports you. How does this feel to be totally supported? You can relax! You can let go! You can allow things to unfold. There is no rush or hurry to solve or fix anything at all. This white light travels through each and every vertebra, now absorbing deep into the spinal cord. Everything is healed. All is well. Your body realigns into its perfect position. You feel this happening.

You feel yourself filling with strength as this burning light fills your coccyx. Your coccyx fills with a deep purple light and now you have the vision to see what is stored in this area and release it. You feel the soothing purple light flowing through the bone, removing pain from your past. All sorrow, negativity, grief and stuck old beliefs that no longer serve you are cleansed so your body can return to health. This purple light fills you with wisdom and knowing. You are now inspired to supports this part of your body with wise thought actions and choices. This area of your body is now completely protected safe and secure. The purple light continues to flow through your pelvic bones which are solid, perfectly aligned and fixed in their correct position. You feel good about this part of your body. 

Your spine is healthy and flexible. Imagine how this feels to feel totally supported by your spine and able to move it with great flexibility. You see your back as strong! You feel totally supported. You allow yourself to be supported by your own thoughts. You imagine what it feels like to be totally supported by the universe. The people in your life recognise and honour your needs. You allow others to support you by letting them in. You begin to perceive those around you as considerate, kind, caring and supportive. You see that the people around you ARE considerate, kind, caring and supportive. You feel that the people around you make your life easy. They care about you. They love you. They want you to be happy. They understand what you need and how best they can support you. You imagine how this feels to receive this level of care and support from those close to you. People make space for you to heal. People lighten your load with their attitude and their actions. You feel like everything lightens and loosens. The pressures that you feel are upon you are released. As you imagine white light flowing through the base of your spine you think how secure you would feel if everyone around you was behaving in a kind and loving manner, being generous and supporting you, carrying you through any fears you may have. You feel encouraged by those around you to make positive changes that lead you closer to your personal power.

You now apply your willpower to moving through the fears that are stuck in your lower back. You imagine feeling secure and safe when faced with situations that bring fear into your mind. You now apply your will and focus your whole mind on feeling secure – knowing that you are safe, trusting that you ARE supported. Trusting that the things you need will come to you.

You imagine your financially situation and any insecurity you feel in this area. You now apply the full strength of your will into this situation and you now focus your mind upon knowing, trusting and believing that you WILL be supported, that money WIll be provided. That you are supported, that you have enough money and that money always IS provided. You are able to stand in a space of knowing, in absolute faith, in absolute trust.

You now act upon this faith, upon this trust!

Simply because you believe you are and will continue to be supported. You are safe! x


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