Feeling Safe!

Imagine a situation that you are fearful of. Take yourself with your mind into this place – imagine every detail. You are now going to relax. There is no need for you to protect yourself. There is nothing to protect yourself from. You are safe. Imagine yourself feeling safe. What does this feel like. Your whole body relaxes into a state of trust, opening up to receive and experience whatever the universe is providing. You are able to open. You are able to trust because you know that you are safe. You feel safe. No harm can come to you in this situation. You focus your awareness on relaxing into this situation in trust. When fear arises, you focus on the feeling of trust, of feeling absolutely safe and permanently secure. You believe that you are safe – how does this feel?

Can you connect with this feeling? Does it bring emotions up to the surface? How do you feel? Do you feel like running away or closing up? Or do you feel tears or anger? Allow whatever emotions that arise to flow naturally to the surface for release. Its OK to have these feelings. As you focus upon relaxing into these feelings you now have an opportunity to understand your fear. Why are you afraid of this situation? What emotions does it trigger beneath the fear? What exactly are you afraid of? Don’t worry too much about analysing or understanding your emotions. Simply allow them to surface, let them flow and then release them. Can you imagine feeling safe and secure within your chosen environment. Who are you with, what is around you? What do you need, to move through the fear?

Can you moved through the fear that you feel? Do you want to? Can you imagine what it will be like on the other side of your fear? Life will be so much easier. You will feel so much more free, so much more able, positive, optimistic and pleasing to be around. See yourself now standing in your fears. You can be strong. You are strong. You can see beyond the fear. You can see that the fear is not real but created by your own mind. You believe that you are safe! You are safe!

When the feeling of fear arises you set the intention to move through it in the firm belief that you are protected – that you are safe! You affirm to yourself that all is well, that you are strong enough, able and it’s OK for things to be this way. You now support yourself with loving and encouraging thoughts, telling yourself that you can change, that you can see things differently, that you can feel different, that you can believe yourself to be safe, that you can relax, you can let go and of course you are able and willing to trust those around you.

You see yourself now as a trusting person. You imagine yourself as being able and willing to trust. Notice how you behave and hold yourself in this state of trust. How do you now see yourself? You are a very powerful and confident person because you have so much faith behind you. You believe yourself to be safe in every situation. You believe yourself to be safe around others. Imagine yourself feeling safe around other people, being in a state of absolute relaxation and openness  How does this feel, to be so safe around others? You feel totally relaxed in their presence which makes you feel good – knowing that you are absolutely safe. Because you feel safe you can allow others to be themselves. You feel no need to control or order others to your way of thinking or being. You are completely relaxed around them knowing that all is well and everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

This feels amazing, so you take yourself deeper into this visualisation imagining every detail. How great it feels to allow others freedom from your place of trust and acceptance. You imagine how pleasing this is for those around you to be trusted and accepted in such a relaxed and open space. You become a support and a strength for those around you. You visualise this and recognise yourself as the kind of person who stands so firmly in a place of trust that those around you can let go of their need to protect and defend. Can you imagine being this kind of person? Can you imagine being a tower of strength, standing in all your fears, shining out a feeling of absolute faith and feelings of security?

Imagine yourself as you go about your day tomorrow. Whenever you feel any temptation to control or manipulate a situation or person, instead you are going to see yourself, standing strong, being firm, standing in absolute faith that all is well and as it should be. You have no need to change or order anything. You allow things to flow. You allow others to act upon their own guidance as you relax into their way of doing things. You allow yourself to act upon your inner guidance as you allow yourself to do things a different way. You open up your mind to new possibilities, new ways of seeing and doing things. You are completely safe. You are able to let go because you do trust and you are safe. It is this certainty of your safety that allows you to change into a stronger wiser more stable person, which is an absolute possibility!

You now know that you can and will move through anything that arises, because beneath any resistance or helplessness is fear and as you learn to move forwards transforming that fear into faith and trust, you become confident and willing. You are willing because you trust. You are confident because you trust. You see yourself as the kind of person who is consistently filled with trust.

Imagine your day today or yesterday. Run your mind over all the situations that arose. Now imagine yourself as a person who stands in absolute trust. How would you have acted differently during this day? Imagine your interactions with others, see yourself as deeply relaxed open and willing to share. Imagine your interactions with your environment. See yourself as relaxed, willing and able to let go, feeling totally safe and secure.

All is well – You are safe! This brings you so much inner freedom that the more you practice feeling safe, the more you are willing to let go, the more freedom you feel. The cycle perpetuates! You are safe – You are free!!! xxx


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