Projecting Positive Expectations into a Space of Fear.

Bring someone into your mind that you worry about or fear the worst for. Now completely erase your negative expectations and fears and decide never to put your mind upon these thoughts again. It does not serve or support them!

You are now going to write a new story in your mind for this person and you are going to believe it, because there is no reason why this person’s future should not be bright and beautiful.

From this day onward, this person’s life is going to get better and better. Their health is improving day by day and you can see them as incredibly happy, healthy and well. You expect the best for this person. They are filling with happiness and light, able to look back to the past with a smile on their face, noticing and appreciating all the good things that happened. You recognise what a wonderful future they have ahead of them. How positive things look and how many wonderful blessings they will receive! You see that they are going to receive blessings every day that will support them at moving forwards into a space of optimism and positivity. You expect things to go well for this person. You expect them to be provided for financially, receiving all the money support and help they need. You see them experiencing the emotional support they so deserve and need. You see them having the courage to open up and share their emotions freely. You expect their health to improve day by day. In fact you see that this person IS well. They are already perfectly healthy. They are strong, capable and willing to change. You see that this person is open and receptive. You have a deep and meaning full connection with this person and all is well. You see that they are safe and that they have a long and happy future ahead of them. This person is filled with sunshine, light and life. This person is filled with abundant light and the energy of choices. They are able to choose their life path with understanding of what is truly important. They are able to let go of the situations that do not serve them in order to serve their higher good and that of others. This person is deeply connected to their soul and chooses to follow the path of their soul. You see this in them and believe it!

They know how to make sure they are safe and well and how to make the most out of life. This person is going to be a great success in everything they do. They are able to acheive great things! x


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