Projecting Positive Thought onto a Chosen Person in your Life.

Choose someone in your minds eye. Imagine this person with you now. See them as strong confident and assertive. See that this person is able and willing to stand up for them self and ‘take no s**t’. This person has very clear boundaries and commands respect from those around them. You see this person like that. This person knows when to give, when to share and when to say no. This person thinks about their health and their body and makes every decision upon the basis of being safe and well. You see that this person’s main priority is to be safe and maintain their health. You see this person being very disciplined with their food and their sleep. They go to sleep when they need to and they sleep well. You can see them sleeping well. You can see them relaxing, letting go and allowing themselves to fall into a deep sleep that nurtures and nourishes their soul.

You are happy because you trust that they are well. You see they are making choices and decisions that serve them. You believe in them and their ability to make good choices that serve them and you. This person decides only to do things that nurture their health. They look after their self very very well. You can imagine and see them doing so. You believe in this person. You believe they are capable and all knowing. You see they are connected to their inner guidance and truth and are able and willing to act upon this connection.

When they wake in the morning, they make healthy breakfast a top priority. You see them in your minds eye, making time to eat, loving their body by providing it with nourishing food that sets them up for the day. You are happy that they are well. It makes you smile to know that they are in control of their life, making good choices that serve and nourish their soul, making them shine with brilliant confidence. You see them relaxing into their day, allowing themselves to slow down and take it easy. They are able to open up, share their truth and be strong. This person has the strength to deal with whatever is set before them in a relaxed and confident manner. You see these attributes in this person – you believe what you see.

You see this person as totally protected and completely safe. You see them surrounded by a protective glow of white light that deflects all negativity. This person is going to be safe and well. You are happy and confident in this knowledge. How peaceful you feel to know that this person is so safe, so guided and divinely protected – all is well. You have absolute faith and confidence in this person – All is well! xxx


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