Feeling Secure within Ourselves! x

Bring your awareness inwards, feel and connect with your body. Place your awareness on your skin, connect wit the whole surface area. Now draw your attention inwards again – connect with the muscles. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out – relax! With each breath out draw your awareness deeper into your body. Your awareness penetrates the muscles and falls upon your veins and nerves, travels into the bones. You can feel your mind travelling through your whole body. You are drawing your attention and awareness into yourself! Your focus is turning inwards. You are now directing your attention upon you! Your whole mind is centered upon that which is important – You! 
As you turn your attention upon you, you attract energy towards you! You keep your attention upon your body – allowing your mind to run through every vein in your body, into each blood cell and nucleus. Through the nervous system, up and down the spine and deep into the core of your brain. You allow your attention to travel through and explore your entire body. In this way, you get to know yourself. You reconnect with your own body, enjoying being present within it. You like it here. What a wonderful body you have. You feel comfortable within this space and travelling through this space.

You take your mind into your skeletal system and journey through the bones, taking a look at every bone in your body. You enjoy this inner journey and make time to connect with and feel every part of YOU! Your attention is within you, upon yourself. You think of noting else. You draw your whole attention into your body and into yourself.

You focus now upon your whole self!


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