Money Guide.

Take yourself now into a virtual reality. In your minds eye you walk into an office. There is a desk and a leather booth. Imagine every detail of the booth. The texture and colour of the booth as you gentle lower yourself onto the seat. The feel of the wooden table before you, the lighting, the smells in the room. Imagine the clothes you are wearing and imagine yourself in this situation being comfortable  at ease and open to possibilities unfolding.

You hear the door open as a person enters. This person is here to guide you. You notice the clothes that they wear, how they sit upon the person as they walk towards you. You look at their posture and notice how they hold themselves as they cross the room. You hear the sound of their footsteps upon the hard floor. You pay attention to your guides face, notice the colour of their eyes and skin, the expression they wear upon there face and how their hair sits upon their head or falls across their face.

You feel instantly relaxed as this person walks towards you and takes a seat at the booth you now share. You like it here.You feel comfortable and open. You are willing to be open and honest with this person as you trust them wholeheartedly. Your guide smiles. You feel their warmth and genuity. They want to help you. You look into this persons eyes and say – Please give me guidance in the area of money?

You relax, listen and watch. What happens next is going to be personal and individual to you. Listen to your heart, open your ears and mind and be receptive to guidance.

At this point imagine that your guide has very clear answers upon the course of action you can take, see yourself receiving this inspiration and guidance and being willing to act upon it. You feel a deep connection with this person and trust and believe in what they are telling you. Because of this you are willing to act upon their guidance without hesitation. You see yourself as having a deep understanding of your financial situation and how to make the most of it.


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