How not to Feel Like your Damned if you do and Damned if you Don’t!

Bring your awareness into your heart and recognise how you feel in this area. Don’t think about it too much, simply center your awareness in your heart. Calm your mind and focus upon your heart. Listen to every beat and focus your attention upon the blood that is pumped through the veins by the power of your heart. 

Imagine now that with every beat your heart is filled with light and recognise that with every beat new life is generated for your body. Now imagine that each beat is a source of love and this supply of love is never ending. You have the power to keep your heart open as this flow of love is ever providing.

Keep your mind centered upon your heart and now imagine and generate the emotion of love. How does it feel to love. Rest your mind upon things and people that trigger this particular emotion. What do you love? Who do you love? What do you love about the people you love? What do you love about you, about your life, your job, the world. Focus your mind without distraction upon all the things you love dearly. 

Think first about yourself, what do you like about you? Think of the loving actions that you do for others, the energy and the time that you put into caring and supporting those in your life. Now think of things you like to do for yourself. What sports or hobbies do you love? Imagine yourself doing these things and really enjoying them. You see and feel a smile spreading across your face as you enter into full enjoyment of these activities. You love doing these things. You feel inspired, you feel fulfilled, you feel well. Life is Good. Your heart is swelling as you allow yourself to receive pleasure through either sport or creative activities. Your mind is centered upon enjoyment and creative motion in action. What do you enjoy? What do you love to do?

You are not thinking about anything else in your life at present, your commitments, responsibilities or concerns for others or self. You are solely putting your attention upon the things you love in your life. Your going to put some energy into you and everything else will fall simply into place as your heart opens to the possibilities of enjoyment and pleasure. As you fill yourself up you are more able to see clearly, be less reactive, feel more content and choose your actions from a place of inner peace and fulfillment as opposed to fear, doubt or insecurity.

It is often necessary to step away from things in order to get a clear picture. Things are never black and white and there are never only two options. In every moment there is an infinite number of possibilities spreading out before you, ways of doing things and seeing things. Taking time to put energy and care into nurturing ones own needs in a healthy and constructive manner helps us to see clearly, let go and see things from a new inspired perspective.

Often an internal ‘letting go’ is what is needed to heal any situation and bring in the light. Letting go is not giving up. Letting go is a state of surrender within action or inaction. Sometimes no action is required, but an internal shift is needed. Often, It is more important how you feel and how you perceive things than what you say or do. It is the energy behind our actions that determines what we receive in return.  


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