The Power of Yellow in your Happy Feet.

Visualise the colour yellow trickling into the tips of your toes. You feel it’s bright cheerful energy as it enters the skin and travels through the tissue, nerves and veins into your bones. Your toes feel tingly and alive. You take a breath in and as you breathe out you relax your mind and loosen your shoulders.

With the next breath in you consciously draw the yellow energy into your feet. Your feet feel good. You stand in a good space, a happy place. Your feet loosen and begin to relax. You like your feet and take a moment to appreciate them. Ah the good times you and your feet have had! You begin to smile as you connect with your beautiful feet. Again you consciously take a breath in and now relax even deeper. You are beginning to feel calm, safe and able to relax. All is well and as it should be.

You bring your awareness back to your feet as the yellow light fills them from toe to heel. All parts of your beautiful feet are now filled with a rich yellow glow. Your feet begin to feel wonderful and appreciative of the attention. You visualise your feet in their best light. The skin that covers them is smooth, soft and healthy in colour. They feel good.

You like your feet. Yellow light flows freely, travelling deep into the tissue beneath. It journeys patiently, calmly through the veins and nerves. It wisps, curls and twists as it dances through the bones, bringing a sense of lightness, joy and freedom. You love your feet and with the next breath in you meditate on how much you love your feet. You let your mind drift to happy times you have shared with your feet. The times you have danced, enjoyed comfortable shoes and walked barefoot near the ocean or on the grass. You can feel your feet smile!

Yellow light glows vibrantly in every cell of your feet and they feel warm and bright. Ah happy times, happy feet, you relax deeply into wonderful memories. You remember yourself as a child and the freedom and joy you felt as you explored your world. The yellow light bursts through your ankles swirling upwards in a cyclone of energy. You feel the rush of movement and warmth as it travels up through your lower legs, coursing a path through your bones and reaching out through the tissue towards the skin.

Your lower legs are now warm and full of life and energy. Your knees begin to tingle at the prospect of this new pleasure! Your mind is filled with happy memories of playing outdoors, running freely in the elements and sharing your heart with your family and friends.

Life is good. You step into happiness and stand firmly in Joy! Keep Smiling! xxxx


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