Lighten Up!

You take a deep breath in, focus your mind and set the intention to put your whole mind into enjoying yourself and doing things that inspire passion within. Look at yourself in the following light, create the image, feel what this experience is like and then believe it!

You are the kind of person that follows there passions avidly without distraction. You always focus positively and keep your mind on the things that feed pleasure into your soul. You expect good things. You feel good things and when your perspective rests upon something that troubles you, you see beyond it to the truth and reality beneath. You see light!!! You expect light and you receive light! 

You set the intention to move forwards with fire in your heart, drive in your body and focus in your mind. You like the way you feel. You feel good. You feel alive and yu feel free, now totally inspired as to what fun the future and present moment holds for you. You see your world and those in it through bright and cheery eyes. You expect the best from others and let their failings go!

To you, life looks good. It looks fun and easy.  You see yourself as incredibly optimistic and willing to let go. Letting go is easy. You are able to look at the obstacles that arise with a light and free attitude, this enables you to move through them effortlessly in a state of acceptance. You remain unattached and open to all possibilities.

You like the way you feel. You allow yourself to feel good and simply enjoy life. Your eyes are bright. Your skin is clear and you are fluid in your actions and responses to others. Other people see that your eyes are shining with the bright thoughts that are running through your mind. You have positive expectations about the day and week ahead and the people you come into contact with. 

You like who you are. You like your life. All is well. You are happy, content and filled with light – All is well. You are so able to let go as you see things in the light. xxxx


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