Recognising your Needs

Take a moment to recenter yourself by bringing your awareness into the present moment. As you draw your breath in become conscious of your skin. Draw your awareness into your skin. You mind is focused inwards upon yourself. As you breath out you relax your shoulders, loosen the muscles on your face and back and let go of your thoughts. Your mind becomes calm as you continue this process of drawing your awareness into yourself with each inward breath and letting go and releasing areas of your body as your breath out. Work through your body, relaxing your legs, arms and chest. You are going to relax, you are relaxing. Your mind is focused inwards upon your body and upon yourself.

How are you? How do you feel and what do you need? Lets let go of all external thoughts, pressures, demands and responsibilities and take some time out to be still peaceful, quiet and reconnect with who you are and what you want and need. Lets inspire ourselves into positive action taking care of your most fundamental needs and what this moment requires.

Lets put a smile upon our faces and imagine your eyes opening and brightening up, see yourself smiling – actually physically smile – Let the warmth generated from this smile spread across your face into your eyes, lighting up your soul and bringing warmth into your heart. You like it here in this moment. You appreciate the stillness the lack of anything to do or think. You are quiet, calm and peaceful within.

The warmth continues to spread through your body and intensifies with each breath. You focus your awareness upon you and ask yourself again… What do you need. What does your body need? Bring your awareness now to any areas of your body that cause you trouble or discomfort. Imagine feel visualise warmth spreading through this area bringing comfort and relaxation. See a yellow glow spreading through this area of your body loosening, relaxing and assisting you at letting go. You are able to connect with how you feel. You are able to connect with any feelings trapped within this area of your body. You imagine blowing your breath into this area of your body and being able to see clearly what you need.

You relax deeply and see this area clear and infront of you images begin to swirl, thoughts rise to the surface of your mind. You are going to know exactly what to do. You are able to recognise what you need. You are going to understand and see clearly. You recognise your needs. You see what your body needs. you connect with what your body mind, heart and soul need. You are able to do this. You are able to see clearly what your needs are. You make time for you. You listen to you, to your body, heart and soul.

You now understand what it is you need. You connect with yourself. You connect deeply with how you feel and what you truly want and desire. You understand. You strengthen this connection by allowing any feelings you connect with to flow and release. You relax your legs. You let every muscle in your legs loosen and relax. You allow your body to heal in deep relaxation as you learn to connect deeper with your true self. You feel energy flowing thorugh your legs as you surrender them. You let go of any tightness in your legs and allow them to relax deeply.

You consciously relax other areas of your body, your heart and chest soften and your breath falls into a natural pattern. Your shoulders loosen as you learn – to let go! You are calm still and quiet. You feel energy surging through your legs. You allow them to relax. Here you connect with your legs. You listen to them. What do they want? What do they need? Hello legs! You bring your awareness deep into your legs, being aware of the veins, the bones, the nerves and the muscles. You become aware of the feelings that are stored in this area. You allow these thoughts and feelings to flow into your awareness.

You focus your awareness now on the nerves and take your conscious deep into this area. You move energy through the nerves in your legs loosening, freeing and removing that which is stored there. What do your legs need? What do you need for your legs to function at their optimum? You now allow information to flow through you and you imagine a continuous flow of inspiration flowing into you, inspiring you, providing you with the answers. You know exactly what your legs need. You know exactly how to move forwards and what to do that will nurture your existence. You focus your mind upon how it feels to know exaclty what you need and what you need to do! You feel powerful. You feel confident. You are clear and function perfectly. In each moment you are aware of your needs and willing to act upon the information provided. This enables you to move forwards effortly. As in each moment you know what your needs are and as each moment, situation and environment changes, you change with it, still recognising your needs, honoring your needs and allowing energy to flow freely.

You now place your basic survival needs above all else. You make sure you r body is nurtured in the correct way. This makes you feel good. Your body becomes strong and healthy. Your body is strong and healthy. You channel your entire focus into your basic needs. Your mind is 100% focused upon building form foundations that will support your future and every area of your life.

You are now able to look at your life, see the areas that are interfering with your basic needs and prioritise your actions. You see yourself now taking actions upon the priority of your basic needs. You place your basic needs first. You look after yourself well. You make time for you. You take time to connect with yourself, to listen to yourself, to understand acknowledge and process your emotions. You make time to feed and nurture your body in the correct way that leads to emotional stability. You always know what you need and always take action upon this as a major priority. You let no thing, person or event stand in the way of you honoring your true needs.

And this does not involve being selfish and needy and demanding from others, but a firm resolve to listen to yourself, connect with yourself and take positive constructive action towards recognising and fulfilling your needs. This leads you to becoming a more stable, understanding and supportive person who is more able and willing to give to others.


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