Communication to increase Connection and Abundance.

What is communication? 

Wikipedia says:

Communication (from Latin “communis“, meaning to share) is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior.

Communication requires a sender, a message, and a recipient.

We communicate with people, our environment and the things in our life. How fluid is your communication. Ask yourself this. Are you holding back? Do you feel that things are held back from you? What messages are you sending to your environment and the people and things in it with your behaviour, words and feelings? Are you in a state of sharing?

Every action and reaction is a form of communication. Your actions arise from your feelings, so how you are feeling is the message you are internally sending to the people in your life.

Lets first look at communication between people.

Draw someone from your life into your mind, now think about how you are with them – what messages are you sending them with your feelings, thoughts and behaviour? Does the energy flow fluidly between you or do you both block and fight either energetically or actually?

Let us imagine the perfect picture! You are with this person now and your energy is completely relaxed. You allow your self to relax and to feel. You open your ears and you intend to listen. You intend to listen to how this person feels and to what they have to say. You are open and receptive to receive their information in whatever form it comes in acceptance. You focus now upon yourself, upon allowing the other person to be exactly as they are and to communicate exactly what they want. You now notice their actions, behaviour, body language and connect with their feelings. Do you like what this person is communicating with you? How does it feel?

Because you care about this person you allow whatever they are communicating to flow. You are strong and powerful as you accept and feel their energetic release – whatever that may be – positive or negative. You are open to witnessing what they are communicating to you. You experience every level of their communication by watching, feeling and listening with intent to accept and allow this person space to ‘get their message across’ (whatever that may be).

Once you have received their message in full it is now your turn to respond. Be aware of how you communicate with this person. Be aware of the feelings behind your words, your intentions, the tone of your voice, the beahaviour and body language you play out around them. What exactly are you communicating to them. What message are you sending to them?

Be aware of this process and interaction between yourself and others.

Now let us focus upon Money

Think about money in your life. What message is it conveying to you? What does money think of you? How does it feel about you? Does it like you? How does it behave around you? What is your perception of its energy? Is it full of life and energy bouncing unheeded into your life, encircling you, surrounding you affirming it’s presence and its desire to be with you or is it scarce, diminished, low on life energy, falling away and hiding from you? Is it open to you or not talking to you? running away from you or laughing at you? Does it play games with you – coming and going as it pleases? Is it controlling you or allowing you in in a state of trust and acceptance? Is it ignoring you or is it listening to you?

Listen to its message!!!

When you feel you have a clear understanding of what it is conveying to you, then you can form your honest response and send out a new message to money in relation to what you just received and understood.


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