Attracting Money – Part 1.

Allow your body to relax and your mind to become open and receptive to guidance. allow your intuition to come to the forefront of your mind. You are going to receive financial abundance. You are going to receive money, positive connections, opportunities and investments. You are going to receive money and the opportunities that create money.

You see yourself as open to opportunities, open to connection and open to receiving. You are open to possibilities and little miracles. You allow yourself to be and to feel open. you focus upon your heart, upon opening your heart and receiving love in your life. you are now going to visualise yourself as a wealthy person, inside and out.

Firstly you focus upon the recources you need and require. You imagine yourself as someone who always has enough money to pay their bills without worry or stress. There is always money there for the foundations of your life. You imagine yourself as someone who is always provided for.

Gas Bill

You imagine how much your gas bill is this month and you see that you have the money for this bill. You are grateful that the money is there, that you can afford to heat your home, to dry your clothes and cook your food. You are grateful for this recourse, for the warmth in the winter months and the fluidity having this servfice brings to your life. You are able to function and manage your life easily due to this service, so you are very grateful for this service and willing to invest money in paying for the service provided. You recognise the value in what you are receiving and you honour the agreement you have made with the company. Here we are removing all resistance and resentment that you may feel towards this bill and replacing it with positive appreciation in recognition of how much you receive. You want to pay this bill, you are committed to paying this bill and you will apply your will to making sure that you always have enough money to honour this commitment. Here you apreciate yourself, your ability to create money and to honour your responsibilities. You recognise your maturity and your acceptance of the responsibilities that create the foundations for your life and your future. There is no need to worry or stress because you are able to provide. Here you are going to see yourself as someone who is capable of honouring your financial comittments with grace.

At this present moment you are focusing on this one bill, but what about the rest of your life? The other bills – the things you want to do – the clothes you want to buy – the things you need for your home, your life or your business. You are not going to worry or stress because you are going to put energy into all areas in equal balance. You can ‘have it all’. You can live the life you desire by recognising that you are capable, able and willing!

Your life is not a win/loose situation. You can create a win/win situation where you can afford ALL elements of your life by recognising and honouring your needs in a balanced way. By recognising that all elements are just as important and valuable as others. That it is not selfish to have more and to be more, but that you simply must apply your mind, your heart and your body in a a way that supports all aspects of your being, bringing creative fulfillment.

Through the previous visualisation and following mediations we are going to focus on our financial foundations. Upon our desire and willingness to pay for the basic bills that support our life. We are going to visualise and place our mind on each and every part one by one, altering the energy in that area. After this we will move onto other aspects, creativity, business, health, home.

Some areas you will have already mastered, some you will need to practice. The idea will be to create the feeling of financial freedom within all areas of your life, removing the stress, the pressure and the limitations. So go with it. Be in the moment and visualise each exercise as it arises allowing the energy to then unfold into your life through the Law of Attraction.

Please join me on this journey of visualisation over the coming week and please share the results you experience.

Blessings xxxx


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