Wake Up!

Take a deep breath in. Relax and loosen your shoulders as you breathe out. Now imagine a white light flowing through your eyes. your eyes biggin to brighten as the light flows through every part of them. this light flows over and into the skin of your eyelids. You begin to feel your eys relaxing. Another breath and with your exhale you strengthen your posture by straightening your spine, opening your chest and rolling back those shoulders. Now the light is flowing into your eyelashes and as the energy around your eyes begins to brighten you can feel a smile begin to waken upon your lips. You like the weay this feels. It feels good. So you relax deeper. You let your thoughts go and allow your body to relax and your mind become receptive. With the next breath in you imagine energy pulling up[ through your legs strengthening your connection to the earth, bringing in feelings of stability and security. You feel strength rising through your body and as you breathe out this energy that is rising touches your heart. Your heart opens and you feel alive. the feeling of a smile again touches your lips. You feel warmth in your heart and a bright energy entering your lips as you feel the desire to smile and express and share this brightness with your body.

The light now having slipped through your beautiful lashes now reaches the skin and flows deep into your eyelid which begins to feel light and wants to be open. You wish to see your world. You wish to be here, to feel awake and be involved. You like it here! the light touches your eyeballs and as it does you feel the energy and life force it brings with it. Your eyeballs are nurtured by this light and you can almost feel them giggling with pleasure as they become drenched in the wash of light that emerses them. You have bright eyes!

Your body is now relaxing and yet strengthening. as you take your next breath in you again feel a surge of power rise through your legs and into your body. again you allow your heart to open, to be filled with energy, heat and love. You want to give your love away. You want to be open to be free. You like this feeling of warmnt and openess. You allow the energy to flow freely through your heart. You imagine now energy swirling around your heart as your whole body relaxes becoming open and receptive. You like the way this feels. You relax your jaw and loosen the back of your neck. you allow yourself to relax and to be open. You like it here.

The white light flows through every part of your eyeball, enriching the white, nurturing the veins, repairing the retina, brightening the iris. Your eyes feel good. They feel full of energy and life. You have bright eyes that wish to look upon the world and see what is there with warmth, compassion and deep feeling. Your looking, your seeing clearly and yet your heart remains open and warm as you embrace the energy of freedom.

It’s time to wake up, to see what is really going on and yet to find peace within that space, to not hide your eyes or resist the suffering, but to let things and people be as they are while you choose inner freedom over external control and manipulation. You want to be free. You want to feel this freedom and you can do this. You can embrace this idea of freedom through acceptance, through love, through compassion and inner healing.

Choose Freedom and take responsibility for yourself! xxxx


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