Attracting Money – Financial Freedom – Part 2

Take a moment to let go of all external pressures and focus your awareness inwards upon the heart. Sit in quiet as you feel your heart and connect with the energy held there. With each breath in, draw your breath in your minds eye into your heart, feel your heart fill with warmth, with energy and with life.

Now relax your eyes and your brain and allow a peaceful energy to flow across your forehead into your skin, through your skull and into the core of your brain, through the veins and tissue, relaxing, bringing fluidity and grace to your thinking processes. Your going to change the way you see things. Your going to think differently. You going to change your perception of reality, your perception of life, the way it works and the way you are. You are now creating new pathways and chemical reactions in your brain as you make a commitment to becoming a new person, to seeing things different and to being different.

What is Financial Freedom!

You are going to cut the ties of worry, guilt, resentment and fear that you attach to money and the things that money can buy. You are going to be able and willing to meet all your responsibilities without feelings of pressure, resentment or greed. You are going to relax into your creativity, recognising and allowing freedom of expression. You are going to feel free within your life experiences, trusting that all your needs will be met, feeling supported by life and receptive to that which life has to offer.


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