How to Make a Decision!

Centre your awareness in your solar plexus. Draw all of your energy and awareness into this space. This is your centre of power. You want to make your decisions from a place of power as opposed to one of fear. Before making your decision you are going to draw yourself into your power and focus upon your strength. You are a powerful and strong individual. See yourself in this light. Visualise yourself in great strength acting with great purpose and conviction. You believe in yourself and believe in the choices you make.

Place your hand over your solar plexus and begin to breathe. With the first breath visualise a yellow light filling this space, flowing through the skin and muscle into the nerves and tissue beneath. You are going to centre yourself, your mind begins to focus. You begin to feel centred, firm and secure. You like the way you feel. As you breathe out you set the intention to remove all fear. You imagine letting your fears, worries and insecurities go with each outward breath.

Again you breathe in and with each inward breathe, you draw in your strength and your personal power. You feel confident, sure and certain of yourself and your abilities to handle and deal with anything that arises. You are going to make your decision from this space of power and certainty. You are a powerful, strong and capable person who has the courage to be free and to face your life situations standing in a space of personal power and strength. You believe in your strengths!

As you breathe out, you visualise letting go of all the weaker aspects and perceptions of yourself, viewed in the past by you or those around you. You are going to let go of this internal perception and let go of how others have previously perceived you in your weaker moments.

You now take a powerful breath in and you see yourself as strong, capable and able. You have the ability to handle and deal with everything that arises with integrity and maturity. You are able to pass through spaces of difficulty or challenge effortlessly, standing in your strength, full of life and personal power. You are able to feel and accept your emotions allowing them to flow through you in a state of grace and acceptance. You feel peaceful in this state pf confidence. You are relaxed, honest and open. You stand up for yourself, speak your truth and allow compassion and kindness to fill your heart.

The people around you see that you are strong, they feel your energy and your presence. They respect you as they sense your personal power, strength and integrity. They recognise your wisdom and respect your confidence. You are going to make your decisions from this space of personal power.

Again you breathe out and you release any remnanats of weakness that have affected you in the past. Now when you breathe out, all you feel is peace, stillness and calm. You have clarity of mind. Your mind comes into absolute focus, centring upon your target, upon your answers, upon clarity and truth. You begin to feel a sense of certainty in your actions and decisions. All doubt dissapears as the truth unveils itself before your very eyes.

You are now ready to make your decision. With the next breath in you breath in this truth into your solar plexus and allow this peaceful calm energy to swirl deep into your nerves, centreing and calming your body and mind. You feel certain of yourself and the actions and choices you make. You are going to make a clear and definite decision and you are willing to follow through upon your decision in a state of commitment. You are wise, perceptive, honest and open.

You are calm, your mind is clear and you reside in a space of confidence.

You make your decision and move forward without hesitation! xxxx Peace! x


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