Journey to Financial Freedom – Part 3

Take a moment to sit in silence and reconnect with your centre. Free your mind from distractions, limiting thoughts and set expectations. You are going to receive! You are going to focus upon receiving and upon receptivity. You are going to open your heart and let life in. You are going to allow the future to unfold effortlessly providing wonderful opportunities, whilst you focus upon returning to your centre.

As you breathe inwards you imagine the world around you falling away, you detach from all the externals of your life as you focus your attention inwards. With each breath out you are letting go and releasing your fears, worries and set financial arrangements. Again breath in and feel your attention focusing internally upon you. There is only you and only this moment right here right now. In this moment you need for nothing but stillness. So you are able to relax and let go of all your financial ties. Visualise now yourself surrounded by images of your financial commitments – the bills, the wages, the commitments, the expectations, the plans that cost money, future arrangements and past experiences. Imagine these images swirling around you, each one attached to you by a cord. You are going to cut yourself free, so that you can feel free in this moment.

You bring your awareness now to your hips and see a purple light swirling around this area, it flows deep into your skin, veins, tissue, bones and muscle. It removes the ties that are attached here and sets you free. As the energy swirls through and around your hips, your hips begin to loosen and relax, your energy softens, the future feels bright. The purple light detaches these cords and swirls them back towards their owners. You are now free from these ties in this moment. In this moment you need for nothing but stillness. You embrace that stillness. You embrace detachment. You let things go from your thoughts so that you can feel free and act from a space of stillness, quiet and calm.

The purple light transforms into orange and swirls its way towards your heart. Here their lies a huge cord that seems to be sucking and puling the very life out of you. Here you now connect with your feelings of worry, of lack, of greed, tension and need for fulfillment.  Here you see that your heart is being pulled at by all the things you are wanting for, it is draining your life and disconnecting you from your soul and your wisdom. You are going to let go. You are going to choose to feel fulfilled within your present circumstances. You are going to release your heart and allow space for yourself to breathe. You set the intention to do this and take the time you need in order for this realignment to occur.

You are going to set yourself free. You imagine now the orange light flowing towards you, into your heart. The light travels down the huge tight thick cord and you can gradually, slowly feel the pull diminish, loosen and relax. The flow of life returns to you. You are allowing yourself to receice, to become full, to be fulfilled. Your attention is not upon reaching, grasping and wanting. Instead your intention lies upon receptivity, upon recognising that which you have, upon enjoying and appreciation of that which comes to you. You are accepting your current circumstances in a state of grace – choosing fulfillment over suffering. You are able now to relax and see things more clearly. You are creating a space for your life to be nourished, nurtured and to grow more rapidly and organically.

You are letting go and choosing freedom. You feel your heart relax and warm. You feel your body loosen and calm. You feel the pleasure of an empty mind, open to possibilities. You are open. You heart feels open. This area is now free, where there lies an open space awaiting to be filled with gifts.

You are ready to receive! xxxx


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