Listening to your Body

Take a moment to relax your mind and still your thoughts. Your body tals to you. It communicates messages to you with its reactions and processes. It tells you how you feel and what you need. Are you listening? Take a deep breath in and focus upon your ears. Allow your jaw to relax and with each breath out relax your throat and your neck. Now visualise a white light flowing through your ears, it flows throught the skin and the bone before entering the ear canal, passing throught he hairs, the drum and the cochlea. 

Your ears are cleansed and open. You are willing to listen. You are now going to open up communication with your body. Not through talking to it and telling it how you want it to, but by listening to its needs. What does it need. You take another breath in and allow this breath to travel deep down into your tummy. You relax your stomach muscles and your chest begins to open.

You are listening to your body, by connecting with it, feeling how it feels, allowing your senses to open and feel. You make time to do this on a regular basis. You allow yourself to be with your body and connect with how it feels. with your next breath in, you focus upon your heart and allow this space to fill with light and warmth. You allow your heart to open. 

Choose an area of your body now and focus your mind upon relaxing this area. With each breath in, breathe energy and light into this area. Visualise all the cells being filled with light and with energy. Connect with how this part of the body feels. Id their tightness, restriction, limitation, grasping, seperartion or stuckness? Imagine now space surrounding this area of your body.Imagine it feeling freedom, togetherness, relaxation, openness, love, passion, healing. 

Your body will tell you what it needs you to be thinking and feeling and then you can go about taking the right actions that will begin to generate these feelings and thus heal your body. xx


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