Opening your Eyes to See what is Really there!

Focus your awareness upon your eyes and relax the muscles on your face. Allow your lips to loosen and relax. Let your mind calm and still as you focus your awareness upon your eyes. Loosen the back of your neck and allow the energy to flow freely through your throat. You mind begins to calm, your muscles begin to relax. Bring your awareness to the space between your eyes and allow this area to calm, soften, loosen and relax. You are going to see things clearly. Your vision and sight will be returned to you. You are now finding clarity within a space of confusion and fog. Life is going to become simple. Life is going to become easy. Life is abundant. There is no need for stress, tension, anxiety or worry. You are going to see this and become able and willing to relax and let go.

Visualise a white light spreading across your forehead. This light is now clearing all the clutter and junk from your mind, creating space between your thoughts. You are going to relax your mind. You are now relaxing your mind. Your mind is relaxed! This light flows through the skin, into the tissue before penetrating your skull and absorbing into the brain. It feels good. You allow your tension and fear to be be released.

There is nothing to fear. You must not fear the future or dwell upon the past. You must now place your attention upon the present moment. Upon the here and now. You are ready and willing to do this. You allow your mind to centre in the present moment, detaching yourself from expectations and memories, becoming aware of this minute right here right now. 

All is well! xxx



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