The Possibility of Miracles!

Today is a new day. Each day follows on from the next and yet each day is individual in itself. Today does not determine and define tomorrow.Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is full of possibilities. Anything could happen. You set the intention to open your mind to new possibilities, the possibility of adventure and magic. You relax your mind now and allow your self to smile as you let your mind dream…

As you allow your mind to rest it’s attention on new possibilities, you let go of what is set out in your mind as your day tomorrow.You think for a moment of your emotional expectations, of your actual commitments and responsibilities,of plans you have made and definitions you have set. In your mind now you are going to let go of this and allow this part of your mind to empty and fill with space.

You now think of the day you have just experienced, all the actions and expressions that you and those around you have taken, you think of the days previous and decide that the way things have been do not define the way things will be. You realise that you can start afresh. You can let go. You can be free and you can expect your deepest dreams to materialise. 

Tomorrow is full of possibilities. Now imagine what those possibilities could be! Stretch your mind and explore your senses as you focus your vision upon creating an image of your desires. You are visualising that which you want to attract into your life without expectation of how it will arrive. You are simply exploring the possibility. You visualise every detail. You let time fall away. You allow your past and your present to detach as you focus your full attention upon the moment of your desire. You enjoy being in that moment. You enjoy receiving that moment. That moment is this moment. It is here and now – you feel this deeply,strongly, perfectly!

Tomorrow is a new day full of possibility! 

You are in this moment completely free of all restrictions and limitations. There is space all around you as you relax your body, centre your mind and release attachments. All things are possible. You draw your vision closer. You see very clearly what it is that you truly want and you feel that moment is here in this moment now.

You allow your mind to truly expand to include the possibility of miracles. What would constitute a miracle for you? Allow your mind to conceive it, allow yourself to believe it! Let it happen! 

The future is full of possibility! x Let the Magic Begin!!! x


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