Appreciating your partner, spouse, lover!

You look upon your partner with eyes of love and care. You are now going to appreciate everything that you love about your partner. Bring this person into your mind and lay your eyes upon them. Appreciate what you like about the way they look and dress. You notice and recognise how attractive and desirable you find them. Let these thoughts make you feel good. You like the way this person looks.

You now rest your eyes and mind upon all the attractive aspects of their personality and think about their qualities gifts and talents. What do you like so much about them – Focus upon this now. Focus upon feeling good whilst being around them because you are seeing all the things you like about this person. Your looking to all their positive attributes and recognising the good that is within them.

You have chosen to be with this person and you are going to believe in the best in them, see the best and attract the best from them. You think about all the things that inspire romance and love within you. What does this person say or do that makes you feel all warm and tingly inside. How do they make you giggle and smile and go weak at the knees. You allow yourself to receive, to be loved and to be open. You are receptive to teir gestures of love and you believe in their words when they say kind things. You have faith in this person. You feel this sense of faith and certainty as you look to all their strengths and positive traits. You love this person. In your mind you shower this person with your love and thoughts of appreciation.

You are 100 percent focused upon the things you like about this person. You run through your mind and focus upon each aspect, connecting with it emotionally, feeling it in your heart and allowing it to inspire that warm light in your chest. Your feeling romantic. You feeling generous and giving, You want to give your love freely and abundantly to this person. You feel as though this person deserves to receive, they deserve to be valued, loved and appreciated. You cherish this person as being precious to you. You are gentle with their heart and kind with your words.

You imagine surrounding them in a bubble of love and of light. You see they have great value and worth and you honor this in your actions, choices and words. You allow your self to fall in love, or deeper in love. You imagine now your eyes glazing over as you dream about the romance and love between you. This feels good, so you allow yourself to fall deeper. You trust this person. You see this person is trustworthy, honorable and deeply lovable. You cannot help but love this person, you cannot help but appreciate and desire them.

Your love for them washes over anything that stands in between you. You become blind to their faults and you feed energy into their strengths, choosing in this moment to simply love and appreciate them fully. You feel great passion and care for this person. You want them to feel loved and you enjoy sharing your love with them. This feels good.

You stand in the faith of your love for them and their love for you. Passion is ignited between you and you feel fortunate and happy to be together, to be sharing your life and to be connected. You allow love to open all doors inside and outside your relationship. You allow this love to spread into all areas of your life to inspire joy, connection and positive experiences. You enjoy being in love. When your in love, you feel good. When your appreciating this person, recognising their strengths and adoring their actions, you feel good. So you choose to feel good!

Stay connected!


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