The People in your Life!

You now look at the people in your life as capable able and willing. You see that the people around you are strong, capable of change, able to grow and making good decisions. You recognise their strengths and see their power. You see the worth and value in their actions and choices. You see them as capable, willing and strong. The people around you are able to let go, able to set boundaries, able to speak and hear the truth. They are capable, strong and powerful. You see their bodies are healthy and well. They are not week or needy or insecure. They feel totally secure within themselves and you expect and see the best within them. You see that people are able to deal with negative emotions, circumstances and situations. You see that they have a sharp and focused mind. You see that they focus their intentions positively and are willing to change, adapt and bend. The people around you are smiling happy and sure of themselves. They stand firm in their convictions and feel totally relaxed within themselves. There energy is good. You recognise how nice their energy is and what a pleasure it is to be around them. You see the people around you express themselves freely. They are spontaneous and willing to move forward, willing to change, grow and adapt. The people around you are strong and you feel comfortable in this power. You feel comfortable with the people around you standing in their truth as you accept yourself within yours. Energy flows freely. All expectations are released and everything is fluid. Their is great power in your voice, in your body and in your heart. You feel passion, strength and the ability to be yourself. You completely accept others as they are and allow them to step into their power. You do not feel intimidated by the success, power and strength of others. You are able to accept when people are right. 

You respect their choices and allow them to stand up for themselves asserting their own power and freedom. They feel comfortable and willing to do this as they open their ears listenb and become worthy to receive. This is a time of truth and you stand within your truth, within your power and you express yourself freely and openly. You do not allow yourself to be surpressed and you allow others to express themselves and find their own path within your life. You accept the decisions and choices as well as the ‘mistakes’ that others make. 

You allow yourself to make mistakes and you learn to laugh at yourself when you do so. You look around you and see that all is well, everything is as it should be and that people are confident, willing, able and moving forwards in their own way. The people around you are powerful wise and intuitive. You recognise this! xxx


Cash – Stepping out of Survival Mode!

If you have a bank note – take it now in your hands. If you dont – use the power of your mind and visualise every detail. Feel the texture of the paper in your hands. Notice the colour and the designs printed upon the paper. Now ask yourself, how do you feel about this money? Be honest with yourself about what arises. Notice it. Honour these feelings – even if they are not in line with how you think you should fel ro you would like to feel. Just recognise the feelings and then ‘let them go’

You now open your heart and appreciate everything about this note. You appreciate the very fact that it is in your hands. You appreciate the shape, the designs and the colour. Generate as much love as you can for this note that you now have in your hand. Fill it with love and appreciation. Hold it to your chest. Be grateful for it. Tell it how wonderful it is, how much you appreciate it and how delighted you are to be connected with it!

Money is an energy of exchange. It is who is ‘in control’ of that energy that defines your perspective of the money itself. You are going to see money as a ‘good thing’ as something that can suport nourish and nurture you. Something that can enable you to stand taller, to be more and to do better. You imagine now feeding this energy of money into all your foundations. Your home, bills and health. You visualise money going into all these areas of your life effortlessly.

You now imagine yourself standing on a platform, below the platform you visualise all the foundations that support your life and enable you to live! You imagine these foundations are all ‘taken care of’ and money flows effortlessly into these areas continuously filling up and space that is created. These removes you out of ‘survival mode’ and into ‘casting a vote’. When you step out of financial survival mode you are then able to channel your money into whatever you choose.

In your mind what does your platform look and feel like? Is it stable or a bit wobbly? Is it solid or filled with holes? Can you focus your financial vote out into the world are you continually distracted by the platform you stand upon? If your platform needs attention – then focus upon it! Focus upon your roots – your foundations! How can you better support yourself. You will start simply by apply your mind energy into this area and then allowing external circumstance to unfold to respond to the mental investment you have made. Visualise these platform stabilising, becoming rock solid. Imagine yourself standing on solid ground. Beneath you the earth is unshakable and your legs feel strong and totally supported. This feels good.

You take a moment to appreciate this foundation – to appreciate the money you have for your home, your bills and your health. You love this foundation. You love the gas and electric that runs your home and practice gratitude for these services. Thank you! You appreciate the water that runs from your tap and you make time to feel grateful for this service. You are fortunate and lucky to be provided with these services and to have the money to pay for them. You focus on this being enough and recognise that in many parts of the world, these necesseties are classed as a ‘luxury’! So you recognise how fortunate your are and with humility generate this feeling of appreciation. These are your foundations that you stand upon and you make time to invest your gratitude for that which you receive. Each time you invest this energy, you nurture and feed your foundations.

You appreciate your home and the rooms that offer many different aspects of life and provide you with space and the ability to store your belongings. You send feelings of love and gratitude into your home. You are feeding energy into your foundations. Each investment of gratitude and appreciation and focus on receptivity in this area, solidifies the foundations that support you.

You visualise now the note in your palm held to your chest, multiplying in quantity. You see your hands filling with notes and the space between your hands and your chest overflowing with cash. You can hear the sound of paper on paper and feel the texture in the palms of your hands. You visualise these notes overflowing onto your lap and continuing to build. You connect now with your heart and notice that with each beat, a new note appears. And so, the supply is endless.

Every beat of your heart generates a fresh new bank note. You allow yourself to receive this money, because you are going to use it to fill your foundations, to invest in good services that we are fortunate to have. You accept this money as you deserve to be and to feel supported. You accept this money as you recognise that it is being used sensibly and wisely to support and nurture yourself.

You appreciate that your foundations are full and this feels good. You can move forwards out of survival mode and begin to cast your vote upon the world without being pulled backwards. Your foundations are taken care of. You imagine this, you connect with what it feels like to have this solid base that is continuously regenerated. All of these basic essentials are always taken care of. This feels good. You can relax. You feel relaxed. It feels good to know that you are supported. You recognise that you are supported, you are stable and you are secure. You feel secure because you know you have everything you need!

You understand that anything on top of this is not a need but a pleasure – a luxury – a vote that your casting into the world about how you would like it to be. Think here what kind of world would you like to live in? Next blog post will focus upon this… x

Deflecting Negative Expectations of You!

It can be incredibly frustrating if you are trying to move forwards and make positive changes within yourself and yet the people around you wont support you by believing in the best in you. Instead they insist you are a certain way either unconsciously or subconsciously – they have labelled you and send out negativity into your energy through thought and action (or inaction).

These people have most probably been hurt by your actions in the past or by others like you and are afraid to open up and let you in – even when your being nice, kind and caring. For them you are perceived as a ‘risk’! If they put you in a box, they can manage and perhaps even control you and more importantly manage this’aspect’ in you that makes them uneasy, uncertain and perhaps even suffer pain.

First step – If you have behaved badly in the past – you must humbly take responsibility for your choices, however much struggle or pain you were suffering at that time, your actions were still your choices and if they hurt those around you, you must accept this. Here you are accepting your role in ‘the conflict’.

Second Step – Recognise that the other person is afraid, hurt and uncertain. Even if they behave in arrogance or act confidently to suppress you, their choices are coming from a place of fear. They expect to be hurt by you and so they are preparing for the attack by instigating their defense mechanisms, before you have the chance to attack. So choose to feel compassion for this person. They need your support, not your indignation!

Third Step – Show strength of Character – Do not slip into their expectations of you as this simply confirms their beliefs and proves to them, that they were ‘right about you’ all along! This here is your challenge to overcome your own personal demons as they send in the energy that you have worked soooooo hard to overcome. They are adding more fuel into your own fears and weaknesses, affirming that you are weak, you are this or that – you must choose to believe in yourself. If you cant – your going to have to do what they are doing and put up your own defenses and slip into old patterns – the cycle perpetuates!!!

Fourth Step – Listen! If this person is willing to communicate their feelings – Bingo – A door to understanding has opened and you have a way in – a way through this negativity the perceive in you. Recognise this massive opportunity to move forwards to a place of understanding and positively relating. This person wants to share with you their feelings so that you can understand why they react to you in a negative manner – They want to release the pain they hold in order to move forwards to a place where they can begin to see you in a positive light. If your not willing to listen and take on board what they have to say – You don’t really care about this person or their feelings and it’s hardly surpirsing they have their fences up in protection! You are only vested in your own interest and getting from them what you want for yourself. This is not to say you aren’t entitled to receiving but that you need to work towards this in a positive and constructive manner and if your not willing to do the work – you simply cannot expect the results. If you struggle to listen because your own pain is so great, then work on yourself to strengthen yourself. Work on looking after your body and soul and apply yourself in your own life in a way that improves your self esteem. Work on improving your confidence and upon feeling secure enough to listen to other people’s pain. Relating is a two way process and to achieve a successful relationship with anyone in your life you have to be willing to invest as much as you would like to receive.
If this person is not willing to share their truth or reasons with you, then listen with your heart – try and understand with compassion what is happening here.

Fifth Step – Acceptance. Accept how this other person feels. Accept their pain and their fear. Accept that this person is free to choose their emotions, thoughts and actions and you are not here to control or fix them in anyway. Accept them fully and allow them the freedom to make their choices based upon their perception of reality.

Sixth Step – By going through the previous steps in your mind, you have probably come to an understanding that this persons expectations and negativity actually has nothing to do with you – is their path and their reality. You are not one person. You are your own person and you can choose to be whoever you want to be – act! Don’t react. Let them go from your energy and make a choice from a space of conscious choice. Choose who you want to be despite what those around you think or feel. If you do want the other person to change their opinion of you, then you cannot force it. you have to simply be the best of yourself and then let them make their own mind up from what they perceive. If you have stopped playing into their little thought drama’s and continually choose positive behaviours, then they will most probably change their perception of you. Also you create success for yourself because it was never really about them anyway! If you slip into old patterns and show them what they expect, you are giving away your power over to them to decide who you are!!! This is not going to help your cause at all really! If this person is consistently negative towards you and you feel weak, step away until you are stronger! If someone insists on feeding negativity into you and their mind is more strongly focused than yours then you must step away or focus your mind with clear intention….. the next blog post will be upon how to focus your mind within this space of negativity to turn things around! xxxx

Creating Space from Others.

There are times in your life when you need to withdraw, be alone, find solitude, protect your body, your energy and your personal space. How do you do this without retreating or offending others.

Only you know what it is you need and when you attempt to set your boundaries and others don’t notice, don’t care or simply cannot understand, then you may feel frustrated, unaccepted, disrespected or misunderstood.

Don’t worry about creating space and how your going to do this, simply set the intention right now for what it is you require. Connect with your heart and just for a moment close your eyes. Relax and accept your weakness, vulnerability and need for rest and rejuvenation. There are times when to move through a space you need to let go and relax through it as opposed to pushing and forcing your way through.

Bring your awareness into your heart and again close your eyes for a moment and feel a little peace and calm. Ask for what you want and need. Ask for it with sincerity, with conviction and with hope of fulfillment. Put your heart into your request and really ask for whatever it is you need. Ask for some time alone without ties or worries. Ask for some time to reflect, rejenerate and fill yourself up back to full. Ask for your needs to be nurtured and recognised. Imagine those in your life feeling compassion and understanding and allowing you the space and time you need. Visualise being respected and honoured and emotionally understood.

It’s ok to be you – whoever you are in this moment. It’s ok to express your needs and allow them to be fulfilled. You let go for a short time of all your responsibilities and allow a little peace and calm. You feel this calm in your heart. You accept and embrace some time alone, believing that as you let go – everything in your world shall be taken care of wile you rest and repair. Its ok to take time for you. You feel good about this. You feel worthy of time alone, of space for healing to occur. You know that once full you will be able to be more and to give more.

You are going to feel better and so you will be able to do better and give more. You make time to withdraw and channel your energy into activities that genuinely nurture your soul and feed your heart with self love. You don’t have to be anything for anyone. If people become offended by your withdrawal, it is their own ability to understand and respect your emotional needs and may be part of the reason you need to step back in the first place. Make some time for you. You do deserve it and you can receive.

There are times in your life when your boundaries can melt and you can share of yourself freely and openly and there are times when boundaries need to be firm, when you need to regenerate a positive outlook and peaceful accepting perspective. There are times when you don’t want to share your space, your time or your body. And that is OK. You can set whatever boundaries you require and this will lead to less frustration and increased self awareness.

You see yourself communicating your needs to those in your life. It is wonderful if your needs are understood by those around you and helpful to them for you to openly share and discuss your needs. However, this is often not the case – If your reasons are not accepted and more pressures are placed upon you, you must honor yourself in a respectable fashion and nurture yourself in a way that will support you emotionally and physically and allow you, after your recuperation, to give more to those people who demand of you.

Ask now to be supported, to be allowed some time away from the stress and the pressures you feel in relation to others and life. Allow yourself the space and the time you need in order to alter your perspective to one of care and understanding of others. You need this time – Take it, enjoy it and regain a positive perspective! xxxxxx

Getting Things Done When your in a Space of Resistance.

Take a moment to open yourself up to possibilities. Allow your body to relax, your heart to soften and your shoulders to loosen. You are going to relax and release the tension you are holding onto. I want you now to bring into your mind the emotions you feel, the pain, fatigue, struggle or resistance you feel in your body. Bring your awareness into your hands.

Using your mind you are going to energetically channel all your tension, pain and emotion into the palms of your hands. Imagine now that you can suck out the discomfort or fatigue in your body as it travels through the veins, muscles, nerves and tissue of your body. You are drawing all negativity from the tips of your toes, up through your legs, knees and towards your hips. Your mind is strong and powerful. You have intense focus and desire to achieve positive results. You can heal yourself, bring your energy into this moment, let go and become effective. This is possible.

You connect with your eyes and any feelings of discomfort or fatigue in this area. You allow your eyes to rest and calm. You relax the tension in your eyes and bring calm and peace to your heart. Visualise drawing the negativity from your eyes, providing them with release. You feel the energies channeling through your body as you allow it to return to a positive state of being.

Your mind is focused, your heart is relaxed. You are open and receptive to the possibility of release and of healing. You allow your hips to relax as your mind draws the energy through this space, sucking out all the negativity, heaviness, illness, sickness, tightness, disease and tension is sucked from the bones, nerves, veins, muscles and tissue of your body. Your body relaxes and returns to health.

In this moment the past is irrelevant. You bring your attention to the moment, right here right now and this is where your power lies. You place your faith in your practice. You believe it is effective. You believe it will produce a positive outcome and that is why you apply yourself in this way. Your body is going to heal. Your emotions are going to release, your day will be successful.

You draw the energy up through your hips and down from the top of your head. The energies travel towards the chest, passing through the stomach, flowing down through the throat. You continue to focus your mind with absolute intention to release the stored and built up negativity. You are going to let go. You are willing to let go, you are going to release and move forwards. You can do this, you are able. You believe in the power of the moment and the power of your intentions. You are going to heal your body. You are going to fill with energy life and enthusiasm for the day ahead. Life is good. Your ready to embrace it.

As you feel these energies drawing and centring into your heart, you feel the power return to your legs, the life awaken in your eyes and a smile begin to spread across your beautiful face. You begin to feel positive, you embrace hop and optimism. You can feel the freedom and life returning to your body. You feel alive! Imagine now your body filling with a warm orange yellow light, travelling from the tips of your toes, up through your legs, int your knees, through your thighs and absorbing into your pelvis and hips. This light enriches and nourishes these area of your body, bringing warmth, energy and life. You allow yourself to transform. You believe in transformation. You believe in the power of your mind and positive intention. You have absolute faith in your actions and choices. You know you will feel healthy and be healthy and you can imagine the day unfolding wonderful possibilities in front of you. Your smile deepens.

Now you focus your mind and all that energy is drawn into your heart. Everything is sucked away from your organs and tissues towards the centre of your heart. You feel this happening. You feel the release from your brain and your eyes as relief spreads through your entire body.

You body now fills with sweetness and light as the orange, yellow light enriches every cell, from the tips of your hair, down through the veins and tissue in your brain, ebcircling and absorbing deep into your eyes, awakening your soul and your desire to fulfill your potential of the day ahead.

Now feel all that you have sucked into your heart, feel it with passion and with energy. Now transmute it, change it and transform it to loving acceptance. Your perception is going to change, your values and beliefs will alter as you focus your mind on the power of unconditional love which resides naturally in your heart. You are unconditional love, you can accept, you can choose love and you believe in your power and willingness to do this. You have everything to gain trough this process and so you dedicate and commit to applying your mind in this way.

You allow your heart centre to fill with love and deep feelings of peace. You imagine and visualise in order to generate these emotions. You have great power and are able and willing to do this. You apply yourself because you want results. You want to feel good, you want to move forwards. You fill this centre with love and allow this love to flow through your heart, filling all the tissue and the veins connected. You are going to heal your heart, you are going to feel good. You are healing. You are feeling good. You are raising your vibration and your power and willingness to heal. You are able to heal the body and to set yourself free. You are powerful, able and wiling.

You feel your heart expanding and the debris flowing down your arms into the palms of your hands. Here it builds until it has all been released from your body and heart into your hands. You allow time for your hands to fill with the debris as the orange, yellow light now absorbs into your heart. You feel the warmth, love and peace that resides their. You feel good. You allow yourself to feel good. You allow your positive intentions to manifest from your heart. Your heart expands and glows, lighting up your chest and the space around your body. You feel soooooo good. You want to embrace the day. You can relax, you can feel good. You rest and allow your body time to heal and repair. There is no rush, no pressure, nothing upon you to do.

You know open up the fists of your hands allowing the palms to fall flat and the debris to float free. As you release the debris it transform into a rainbow f colour and movement as the pieces swirl together producing butterflies. You visualise the energy leaving your palm as positive as, as love and beauty flying free into the open space around you. Life is beautiful. You are a good person. You relax. You are free.

Now relax and allow the day to unfold. apply yourself in whatever way you choose from this place of peace and willingness. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx