Getting Things Done When your in a Space of Resistance.

Take a moment to open yourself up to possibilities. Allow your body to relax, your heart to soften and your shoulders to loosen. You are going to relax and release the tension you are holding onto. I want you now to bring into your mind the emotions you feel, the pain, fatigue, struggle or resistance you feel in your body. Bring your awareness into your hands.

Using your mind you are going to energetically channel all your tension, pain and emotion into the palms of your hands. Imagine now that you can suck out the discomfort or fatigue in your body as it travels through the veins, muscles, nerves and tissue of your body. You are drawing all negativity from the tips of your toes, up through your legs, knees and towards your hips. Your mind is strong and powerful. You have intense focus and desire to achieve positive results. You can heal yourself, bring your energy into this moment, let go and become effective. This is possible.

You connect with your eyes and any feelings of discomfort or fatigue in this area. You allow your eyes to rest and calm. You relax the tension in your eyes and bring calm and peace to your heart. Visualise drawing the negativity from your eyes, providing them with release. You feel the energies channeling through your body as you allow it to return to a positive state of being.

Your mind is focused, your heart is relaxed. You are open and receptive to the possibility of release and of healing. You allow your hips to relax as your mind draws the energy through this space, sucking out all the negativity, heaviness, illness, sickness, tightness, disease and tension is sucked from the bones, nerves, veins, muscles and tissue of your body. Your body relaxes and returns to health.

In this moment the past is irrelevant. You bring your attention to the moment, right here right now and this is where your power lies. You place your faith in your practice. You believe it is effective. You believe it will produce a positive outcome and that is why you apply yourself in this way. Your body is going to heal. Your emotions are going to release, your day will be successful.

You draw the energy up through your hips and down from the top of your head. The energies travel towards the chest, passing through the stomach, flowing down through the throat. You continue to focus your mind with absolute intention to release the stored and built up negativity. You are going to let go. You are willing to let go, you are going to release and move forwards. You can do this, you are able. You believe in the power of the moment and the power of your intentions. You are going to heal your body. You are going to fill with energy life and enthusiasm for the day ahead. Life is good. Your ready to embrace it.

As you feel these energies drawing and centring into your heart, you feel the power return to your legs, the life awaken in your eyes and a smile begin to spread across your beautiful face. You begin to feel positive, you embrace hop and optimism. You can feel the freedom and life returning to your body. You feel alive! Imagine now your body filling with a warm orange yellow light, travelling from the tips of your toes, up through your legs, int your knees, through your thighs and absorbing into your pelvis and hips. This light enriches and nourishes these area of your body, bringing warmth, energy and life. You allow yourself to transform. You believe in transformation. You believe in the power of your mind and positive intention. You have absolute faith in your actions and choices. You know you will feel healthy and be healthy and you can imagine the day unfolding wonderful possibilities in front of you. Your smile deepens.

Now you focus your mind and all that energy is drawn into your heart. Everything is sucked away from your organs and tissues towards the centre of your heart. You feel this happening. You feel the release from your brain and your eyes as relief spreads through your entire body.

You body now fills with sweetness and light as the orange, yellow light enriches every cell, from the tips of your hair, down through the veins and tissue in your brain, ebcircling and absorbing deep into your eyes, awakening your soul and your desire to fulfill your potential of the day ahead.

Now feel all that you have sucked into your heart, feel it with passion and with energy. Now transmute it, change it and transform it to loving acceptance. Your perception is going to change, your values and beliefs will alter as you focus your mind on the power of unconditional love which resides naturally in your heart. You are unconditional love, you can accept, you can choose love and you believe in your power and willingness to do this. You have everything to gain trough this process and so you dedicate and commit to applying your mind in this way.

You allow your heart centre to fill with love and deep feelings of peace. You imagine and visualise in order to generate these emotions. You have great power and are able and willing to do this. You apply yourself because you want results. You want to feel good, you want to move forwards. You fill this centre with love and allow this love to flow through your heart, filling all the tissue and the veins connected. You are going to heal your heart, you are going to feel good. You are healing. You are feeling good. You are raising your vibration and your power and willingness to heal. You are able to heal the body and to set yourself free. You are powerful, able and wiling.

You feel your heart expanding and the debris flowing down your arms into the palms of your hands. Here it builds until it has all been released from your body and heart into your hands. You allow time for your hands to fill with the debris as the orange, yellow light now absorbs into your heart. You feel the warmth, love and peace that resides their. You feel good. You allow yourself to feel good. You allow your positive intentions to manifest from your heart. Your heart expands and glows, lighting up your chest and the space around your body. You feel soooooo good. You want to embrace the day. You can relax, you can feel good. You rest and allow your body time to heal and repair. There is no rush, no pressure, nothing upon you to do.

You know open up the fists of your hands allowing the palms to fall flat and the debris to float free. As you release the debris it transform into a rainbow f colour and movement as the pieces swirl together producing butterflies. You visualise the energy leaving your palm as positive as, as love and beauty flying free into the open space around you. Life is beautiful. You are a good person. You relax. You are free.

Now relax and allow the day to unfold. apply yourself in whatever way you choose from this place of peace and willingness. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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