Creating Space from Others.

There are times in your life when you need to withdraw, be alone, find solitude, protect your body, your energy and your personal space. How do you do this without retreating or offending others.

Only you know what it is you need and when you attempt to set your boundaries and others don’t notice, don’t care or simply cannot understand, then you may feel frustrated, unaccepted, disrespected or misunderstood.

Don’t worry about creating space and how your going to do this, simply set the intention right now for what it is you require. Connect with your heart and just for a moment close your eyes. Relax and accept your weakness, vulnerability and need for rest and rejuvenation. There are times when to move through a space you need to let go and relax through it as opposed to pushing and forcing your way through.

Bring your awareness into your heart and again close your eyes for a moment and feel a little peace and calm. Ask for what you want and need. Ask for it with sincerity, with conviction and with hope of fulfillment. Put your heart into your request and really ask for whatever it is you need. Ask for some time alone without ties or worries. Ask for some time to reflect, rejenerate and fill yourself up back to full. Ask for your needs to be nurtured and recognised. Imagine those in your life feeling compassion and understanding and allowing you the space and time you need. Visualise being respected and honoured and emotionally understood.

It’s ok to be you – whoever you are in this moment. It’s ok to express your needs and allow them to be fulfilled. You let go for a short time of all your responsibilities and allow a little peace and calm. You feel this calm in your heart. You accept and embrace some time alone, believing that as you let go – everything in your world shall be taken care of wile you rest and repair. Its ok to take time for you. You feel good about this. You feel worthy of time alone, of space for healing to occur. You know that once full you will be able to be more and to give more.

You are going to feel better and so you will be able to do better and give more. You make time to withdraw and channel your energy into activities that genuinely nurture your soul and feed your heart with self love. You don’t have to be anything for anyone. If people become offended by your withdrawal, it is their own ability to understand and respect your emotional needs and may be part of the reason you need to step back in the first place. Make some time for you. You do deserve it and you can receive.

There are times in your life when your boundaries can melt and you can share of yourself freely and openly and there are times when boundaries need to be firm, when you need to regenerate a positive outlook and peaceful accepting perspective. There are times when you don’t want to share your space, your time or your body. And that is OK. You can set whatever boundaries you require and this will lead to less frustration and increased self awareness.

You see yourself communicating your needs to those in your life. It is wonderful if your needs are understood by those around you and helpful to them for you to openly share and discuss your needs. However, this is often not the case – If your reasons are not accepted and more pressures are placed upon you, you must honor yourself in a respectable fashion and nurture yourself in a way that will support you emotionally and physically and allow you, after your recuperation, to give more to those people who demand of you.

Ask now to be supported, to be allowed some time away from the stress and the pressures you feel in relation to others and life. Allow yourself the space and the time you need in order to alter your perspective to one of care and understanding of others. You need this time – Take it, enjoy it and regain a positive perspective! xxxxxx


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