Cash – Stepping out of Survival Mode!

If you have a bank note – take it now in your hands. If you dont – use the power of your mind and visualise every detail. Feel the texture of the paper in your hands. Notice the colour and the designs printed upon the paper. Now ask yourself, how do you feel about this money? Be honest with yourself about what arises. Notice it. Honour these feelings – even if they are not in line with how you think you should fel ro you would like to feel. Just recognise the feelings and then ‘let them go’

You now open your heart and appreciate everything about this note. You appreciate the very fact that it is in your hands. You appreciate the shape, the designs and the colour. Generate as much love as you can for this note that you now have in your hand. Fill it with love and appreciation. Hold it to your chest. Be grateful for it. Tell it how wonderful it is, how much you appreciate it and how delighted you are to be connected with it!

Money is an energy of exchange. It is who is ‘in control’ of that energy that defines your perspective of the money itself. You are going to see money as a ‘good thing’ as something that can suport nourish and nurture you. Something that can enable you to stand taller, to be more and to do better. You imagine now feeding this energy of money into all your foundations. Your home, bills and health. You visualise money going into all these areas of your life effortlessly.

You now imagine yourself standing on a platform, below the platform you visualise all the foundations that support your life and enable you to live! You imagine these foundations are all ‘taken care of’ and money flows effortlessly into these areas continuously filling up and space that is created. These removes you out of ‘survival mode’ and into ‘casting a vote’. When you step out of financial survival mode you are then able to channel your money into whatever you choose.

In your mind what does your platform look and feel like? Is it stable or a bit wobbly? Is it solid or filled with holes? Can you focus your financial vote out into the world are you continually distracted by the platform you stand upon? If your platform needs attention – then focus upon it! Focus upon your roots – your foundations! How can you better support yourself. You will start simply by apply your mind energy into this area and then allowing external circumstance to unfold to respond to the mental investment you have made. Visualise these platform stabilising, becoming rock solid. Imagine yourself standing on solid ground. Beneath you the earth is unshakable and your legs feel strong and totally supported. This feels good.

You take a moment to appreciate this foundation – to appreciate the money you have for your home, your bills and your health. You love this foundation. You love the gas and electric that runs your home and practice gratitude for these services. Thank you! You appreciate the water that runs from your tap and you make time to feel grateful for this service. You are fortunate and lucky to be provided with these services and to have the money to pay for them. You focus on this being enough and recognise that in many parts of the world, these necesseties are classed as a ‘luxury’! So you recognise how fortunate your are and with humility generate this feeling of appreciation. These are your foundations that you stand upon and you make time to invest your gratitude for that which you receive. Each time you invest this energy, you nurture and feed your foundations.

You appreciate your home and the rooms that offer many different aspects of life and provide you with space and the ability to store your belongings. You send feelings of love and gratitude into your home. You are feeding energy into your foundations. Each investment of gratitude and appreciation and focus on receptivity in this area, solidifies the foundations that support you.

You visualise now the note in your palm held to your chest, multiplying in quantity. You see your hands filling with notes and the space between your hands and your chest overflowing with cash. You can hear the sound of paper on paper and feel the texture in the palms of your hands. You visualise these notes overflowing onto your lap and continuing to build. You connect now with your heart and notice that with each beat, a new note appears. And so, the supply is endless.

Every beat of your heart generates a fresh new bank note. You allow yourself to receive this money, because you are going to use it to fill your foundations, to invest in good services that we are fortunate to have. You accept this money as you deserve to be and to feel supported. You accept this money as you recognise that it is being used sensibly and wisely to support and nurture yourself.

You appreciate that your foundations are full and this feels good. You can move forwards out of survival mode and begin to cast your vote upon the world without being pulled backwards. Your foundations are taken care of. You imagine this, you connect with what it feels like to have this solid base that is continuously regenerated. All of these basic essentials are always taken care of. This feels good. You can relax. You feel relaxed. It feels good to know that you are supported. You recognise that you are supported, you are stable and you are secure. You feel secure because you know you have everything you need!

You understand that anything on top of this is not a need but a pleasure – a luxury – a vote that your casting into the world about how you would like it to be. Think here what kind of world would you like to live in? Next blog post will focus upon this… x


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